BGN Suicide Pool- Week 4

Out of the 84 that have participated, only 29 remain. So if you're one of those 29 pat yourselves on the back. 65% of the participants have been eliminated so far. 9 people were eliminated this week. 

These are the picks that you guys made. Let me know if I made any mistakes:

Udalango Arizona
10stride Arizona
EaglesandRavensFan Arizona
AnthroEagle Arizona
Jeff Sun Atlanta
dday Baltimore
Mapost1 Baltimore
NZeagle Baltimore
The Pied Piper Baltimore
The Legend Carolina
MV, add the P Carolina
Gulfport Nole Carolina
SGTSteve New England
Noble Psychopath NYJ
Rhayes Philadelphia
Rabbit T Philadelphia
Ralf E Chubbs Pittsburgh
NowWhat? Pittsburgh
Bleediots Pittsburgh
KByars San Diego
starship 007 San Diego
Mr.electric10 San Diego
mikequick23 San Diego
Rujasu San Diego
groot San Diego
trainwreq San Diego
Steag209 San Diego
ILL Eagle San Diego
goodfella46er San Diego
Shady is an Eagle! San Diego
NJBammer San Diego
ForeverVinceYoung San Diego
Gdog2009 San Diego
MightyJoeBanner San Fransisco
Snax Tennessee
RadioheadbeatlesEagles Tennessee
j-man Tennessee
The Joker Tennessee


These are the survivors and the teams that are no longer in play:

Bleediots Pittsburgh Arizona Detroit
dday Baltimore Houston Cleveland
ForeverVinceYoung San Diego Arizona Detroit
Gdog2009 San Diego Arizona Pittsburgh
goodfella46er San Diego Arizona Pittsburgh
groot San Diego Arizona Pittsburgh
Gulfport Nole Carolina Arizona Detroit
ILL Eagle San Diego Arizona Green Bay
j-man Tennessee Arizona Denver
KByars San Diego San Fran Cleveland
Mapost1 Baltimore NYJ Green Bay
MightyJoeBanner San Fransisco Arizona NYJ
mikequick23 San Diego Arizona Pittsburgh
Mr.electric10 San Diego Houston Pittsburgh
MV, add the P Carolina Houston NYG
NJBammer San Diego Arizona Pittsburgh
NowWhat? Pittsburgh San Diego Detroit
NZeagle Baltimore Arizona Pittsburgh
RadioheadbeatlesEagles Tennessee Houston Pittsburgh
Ralf E Chubbs Pittsburgh San Diego Green Bay
Rujasu San Diego Philadelphia Pittsburgh
Shady is an Eagle! San Diego Houston Pittsburgh
Snax Tennessee San Diego Tampa Bay
starship 007 San Diego New England Green Bay
Steag209 San Diego Philadelphia Pittsburgh
The Joker Tennessee Houston NYG
The Legend Carolina New England Detroit
The Pied Piper Baltimore Philadelphia Pittsburgh
trainwreq San Diego Arizona NYJ


These are the games for next week:

Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog
10/2 1:00 ET At Dallas -3 Detroit
10/2 1:00 ET New Orleans -7 At Jacksonville
10/2 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -5.5 San Francisco
10/2 1:00 ET At St. Louis -2 Washington
10/2 1:00 ET At Cleveland -1.5 Tennessee
10/2 1:00 ET Buffalo -3 At Cincinnati
10/2 1:00 ET Minnesota -1.5 At Kansas City
10/2 1:00 ET At Chicago -6.5 Carolina
10/2 1:00 ET At Houston -3 Pittsburgh
10/2 4:05 ET Atlanta -4.5 At Seattle
10/2 4:05 ET NY Giants -2 At Arizona
10/2 4:15 ET At San Diego -7.5 Miami
10/2 4:15 ET At Green Bay -13 Denver
10/2 4:15 ET New England -4.5 At Oakland
10/2 8:25 ET At Baltimore -3.5 NY Jets

10/3 8:35 ET
At Tampa Bay

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