Should Vick play this week?

As we all know by now Michael Vick has a contusion in his right hand (a contusion is a deep bone bruise and doesn't feel to good). Now the question going forward is should we start Vick against the 49ers this week? I decided to write a fanpost on this subject which will no doubt be a massive debate till probably 10am Sunday morning.

After the jump we'll move right into things.

When looking at if we should play Vick we need to take a look at what the 49ers have been doing so far this season:



  1. The 49ers are dead last in Yards per Game. (217 YPG)
  2. They are 14th in Points per game. (23.3 pts/G)
  3. They are 31st in Yards per Play (3.8 yards)
  4. They have a 33% conversation rate on 3rd Down which makes them 22nd in the League.
  5. The 49ers are 8th in the NFL for Time of Possession at 32:23 (Eagles have the same TOP actually)


  1. The 49ers are 25th in the League in Tackles (173)
  2. They're 15th in Sacks with 7.0 through 3 games.
  3. They're 2nd in the league in Pass defenses with 27.
  4. Tied for 2nd in INT's with 5.

Team Overview:
The 49ers seem like the same old 49ers, they have a stagnant offense for the most part and a decent defense that helps them win games against weaker opponents. They seem to me like an opportunistic bunch with 5 INT's through 3 games so the Eagles have to protect the ball and limit mistakes.


Also to take a look at if Vick should play we have to look at our own team:

The first question I ask myself is if Mike Kafka or Vince young (or both) can carry this team for a game?
My answer is simply I don't know. Mike showed some promise against the Falcons but then completely dashed that hope when needed against the Giants. Vince Young however is the wildcard here, he's a guy who's won a lot of games, brings a lot of experience to the table and has great athletic ability, he's the closest thing to Vick there is and would help a lot with his mobility.

Can the Eagles running game carry this team enough?
I think yes. LeSean McCoy's absolutely beasting right now. He's got 345 yards on 57 carries and 4 TD's in just 3 games, and if you read my fanpost on him you'll see how high I am on Shady. Now McCoy will have to carry more than his per game average of 19 times in order to truly cover for a suffering passing attack but there's no reason to think he wouldn't be effective on 25-30 carries for a game. 

Can the offensive line do good enough?
Once again I think the OL can do well enough to keep Kafka or VY clean enough to deliver passes and to open up holes for Shady. I think they'll have to be geared more towards running than passing but for the most part I think with a QB who'll get rid of the ball faster than Vick the OL will do fine.
In the running game however the Eagles OL must do a good job blocking and sealing off holes for McCoy, the 49ers are good at stopping the run with Willis inside (among others).


Now you have to look at Vick's injury...

Can Vick's injury get worse if he plays with it?
From what I have read about this injury it's possible that if he gets hit there hard or falls on it weird that he can injure it further or stall the healing process. Basically what happens is when the bones hit hard the cortex of the bone (or outer layer of the bone) gets small breaks and tears on it, repeated contact with the injured area can expand those breaks and tears.

How does this injury affect Vick?
Contusions hurt, and with Vick's being in his hand and with the injury being so painful his range of motion is now limited and his ability to grip something is hampered. This means that holding a football is both difficult and painful, and that's not something you want to deal with when you're playing QB because you need to be able to grip with both hands to handle a snap, and protect the ball if sacked.

How long will it take Vick to heal? And how do they treat the injury?
Basically the time it takes to heal depends on a few factors like how quickly the individual heals and their tolerance to pain. Some contusions last days while others can hurt for weeks, as of now I'd consider Vicks to be one that'd hurt for weeks just for worst case scenario, but I'm sure he'll be able to play as soon as the swelling goes down and he's able to grip the ball properly whether it hurts or not.
Basically you treat the injury how you would a break for the first day or two. You limit mobility, keep it propped up so the blood flow is headed down hill, you take standard pain medications and you ice it. Once the swelling goes down you continue the ice it while moving the area to help get your range of motion and strength back.


Now, would wild_eagle play Micheal Vick week 4 against the 49ers?

My answer as of right now (Monday) with the information that's available to me is no.
The 49ers are a struggling team, they're offense is stagnant but there defense is playing well but they've only faced Seattle, Dallas and Cincy who aren't exactly good teams. The Eagles have much more firepower than any team that the 49ers have faced so far and considering Frank Gore may be out this week I like our defenses chances against their offense. Long answer short, I think our team is strong enough even without Vick to beat the 49ers.
Add to all of that the opportunity to give Vick a week to heal up for when we go against some tough team in the weeks after, remember we have the 3-0 Bills who are playing extremely well and the Redskins who have some new found fight in them coming up, I'd rather have Vick healthy for those 2 games, then after the bye week when we take on the Cowboys.
*Note: If the the pain and swelling go down enough for Vick to grip a football and be able to play at a high level I'd definitely like for him to be out there, I just think we can handle this one without him.

I'm interested in what you all have to say and if you would play Vick on Sunday.

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