Talk Me Off The Ledge


I'm really, really worried about the Eagles. Terribly worried actually. My mind is in apocalyptic mode. What does that mean? I researched head coaching candidates after the game today, it's that bad. I'm going to tell you why I'm on the ledge and I'm going to need you guys to talk me off of it. Keep in mind that I don't want to believe these things so don't go too hard on me. 

Reason #1 - The Past Two Drafts

I was the biggest supporters of both of these drafts but now the only draft pick I have faith in is Brandon Graham and he is coming off an ACL injury. Nate Allen looked incredible in his first couple weeks of his rookie year and he has crashed into a wall. What is wrong with him? He looks slow, he looks timid, he looks confused, he looks scared and he isn't playing physical at all. What the hell happened. Jamar Chaney is ankle diving all game and getting burnt in coverage after a good ending to his rookie year. Kurt Coleman is playing like shit, he is slow to support the run, he isn't finding the ball in the air, he is getting beat in coverage and he is not being a sound tackler, to this point all he has done well is pile jump. Danny Watkins could've been a HUGE asset to the Eagles on the goal line today and on that 4th down play but he is busy being inactive because he isn't ready to play. We sure as hell could use the best tackling safety in the draft right now but Jaiquawn Jarrett has dropped off the face of the earth. I can't even put into words how terrible Casey Matthews has been. Jason Kelce looked great in week one, mediocre in week 2 and terrible in week 3. Kelce was getting bullied at the point of attack and that was blatantly obvious on the goal line and on that 4th down play. He was even benched for Jamaal Jackson at the end of the game. I'm really worried about these draft classes because they're starting to look god awful and missing two years straight in drafts can really set a team back. 

Reason #2 - We're not losing because of communication issues

-We're not in disarray and lost on the field, we're just getting beat. No other way around it. I would be okay with there were guys just running down the field wide open because of communication issues but instead there are guys like Brandon Gibson and Victor Cruz who are beating Nnamdi. That just isn't okay. Our terrible run defense isn't a communication issue, our linebackers are being put on ice skates. 

Reason #3 - Coaching 

What. The. Hell. Was. That. Seriously Andy, what the shit were you doing on Sunday? Decisions that Andy has made have contributed to the Eagles losing the past two weeks. Going conservative against Atlanta was a huge mistake. All those gadget plays that weren't working were mistakes. The play calling on the goal line was a MONSTROUS disaster. The decision to run the ball on 4th and 1 at midfield when we're up, the defense is dealing, momentum was on our side and we had a chance to pin the Giants deep. That was a colossal mistake. The game plans have been garbage thus far and if they aren't garbage then the execution of them is which also falls on the coaches. Andy Reid said he was sorry that he went conservative against the Falcons with Mike Kafka, talk about an overcorrection against the Giants, jesus. We're missing tackles all over the place. We're turning the ball over. We're committing stupid ass penalties. All that stuff is on the coaching staff. The Coaching staff is majorly fucking up so far. 

And earlier today I said that Castillo has his guys in the right spot but his guys just aren't making plays. The more I thought about it the more I thought that was a stupid, stupid thing to say. Its his job to get guys in positions where they can make plays. If Jamar Chaney is incapable of covering Tony Gonzalez, don't fucking put him on Tony Gonzalez. He still hasn't gotten a knack for play calling yet either, he is losing the chess match to opposing coordinators. Juan isn't making good decisions. Of course Andy Reid's bad decisions and the offenses' turnovers aren't helping matters at all when they give offenses premier field position. 

Reason #4 - Nnamdi Asomugha 

-I am beyond disappointed in him. BEYOND. He gave up a long play to Brandon Gibson against the Rams. He gave up that HUGE PI penalty against the rams. He failed to pick up the TE against the Rams and Bajema had a big gainer. He mistakenly passed Roddy White off to Kurt Coleman and Roddy White scored (Kurt had good position though). He was beaten today by Victor Cruz. VICTOR CRUZ. Its to the point where I'm noticing teams are targeting his side of the field more than they are targeting Asante's. Plus Nnamdi is completely useless against the run. I'm really terrified because of his performance, he was given a big, fat contract and I can't help but have images of Dan Snyder running through my head at this point. 

Reason #5: Mr. Invisible

-Hey DeSean, I thought you wanted to get paid? You sure aren't playing like it. He has dropped 4 passes in 3 games, he isn't getting the ball and he isn't really doing all that well on punt returns either. The guy has 4 catches for 51 yards the past two games. Steve Smith, the #4 receiver has gotten more looks and has 4 catches for 56 yards. When the #4 WR is out producing the most explosive WR in the game, you've got a problem. I've got thoughts in my head that we should get rid of DeSean. I'm honestly starting to convince myself that if everyone is 100% healthy, DeSean is the third best receiver on this team. DeSean is just so maddeningly inconsistent and streaky that he can't be considered one of the best at what he does. And how much of his production is simply because of how Andy Reid uses him? I'm not sure that he can't be replaced. And I know these things are wrong and yet they creep in my head. 

Reason #6: Salary Cap

-If things do end up crashing and burning, what is our cap situation like? Can we recover quickly or are all the contracts we dished out going to cripple us moving forward? 

Reason #7: Michael Vick

-I'm terrified. I'm scared to death right now. Did we make a mistake? Did we stick with the wrong guy? Will we ever see the Vick we saw in 2010? Did we just commit 100 million to a flash in the pan? Did we just commit 100 million to a guy who can't stay healthy? Seriously guys, this is the thing that scares me the most. That we won't have a QB moving forward. 

Vick's brain is fucked. Just look at him grab his helmet numerous times during the game. He isn't over that concussion. He was very clearly still affected. And now in addition to the concussion he now has a broken hand and will miss 3-4 weeks. I'm telling you guys, I'm freaking terrified. 

And he just isn't the same guy we saw last year. He is making bad decisions, the deep ball isn't clicking and he isn't getting rid of the ball quickly. So far this year he has turned the ball over a whopping 5 times in 3 games (where he missed time). He has fumbled 7 times already. He is only completing 59% of his passes and his YPA is .8 lower than it was last year. 

You know what, lets put it this way. In the last 10 games, Vick has thrown 9 interceptions and fumbled the ball 17 times. We just gave that guy 100 million dollars. 

Reason #8: We're Not Physical Enough

-We're built from the outside in. Thats not how winning teams are made. You run the ball and stop the run. From there you expand on that. We can run the ball in space but in tight quarters we can't create movement. And we very clearly cannot stop the run. I think Howie Roseman fell asleep during football 101. In terms of physicality, we just cannot compete with the best teams in the league. 

And why is it that we look so emotionally flat? 

Talk me off the ledge. Talk me off it. Please.

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