LeSean McCoy, The best offensive player we have.

The loss was bad, that's all I'm going to say. Moving on now.

McCoy is an absolute animal so far this season, I decided that it's worth talking about him on a night of doom and gloom, he's single handedly keeping drives alive and making something out of nothing. So after the jump I'll continue...

McCoy looks like great there's no doubt about that. He's running with power, he's lowering his shoulder into people and he's making cuts that only a few back in the NFL can make (Peterson comes to mind when I see the cuts). McCoy's the one that's making this offense tick and he's the one that's going to carry us. And the scary thing is that he seems to be faster than everybody on the field, he's found some whole new gear and he's using it.

The numbers:

3 games into the season McCoy has:

57 carries, 345 yards, 6.1 average and 4 TD's on the ground. He also has 9 catches for 49 yards and a TD.


The projections:

At this rate McCoy (if playing in all 16 games) keeps going he'd have:


304 carries for 1840 yards and 21 TD's..

Wow, if McCoy puts up these types of numbers I'd be amazed, however I think that 1800 yards is a bit much and I'd rather him be around 250 carries. And I do think that 13 TD's on the ground is entirely possible.


48 catches, 261 yards and 5 TD's.

Looking at these numbers I don't think he'll end up with 48 catches, I think he'll likely have closer to 60-70 by the end of the season and will post close to 500 yards on the ground with 5 scores.. However even if he has the "projected numbers" I'd be very happy because that means he's doing a ton of damage.


My thoughts on his performance so far this season:

McCoy has me excited, the Eagles are finally running the ball more and they're giving him chances to make plays. His blocking isn't ideal but it's still good. He's been our best player this season on offense and we need to look for ways to get him the ball more often because he seems to be the guy everybody forgets about when they gameplan for us. McCoy has the ability to carry this team through tough games and if Vick's out for any length of time I expect for him to be the focal point of our offense.

Now McCoy has done a lot of good this year but I have to weigh in on the fact that his blocking is still a little suspect, there are times when he's needed in pass protection and he gets overpowered or beaten, this isn't something that can happen but he's clearly gotten better since last season and he'll continue to work and improve as the season goes on.

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