This is truly sickening, if I may rant.

Wow. There's not much more that can be said about the game today.  If it weren't for LeSean McCoy, who I believe is the best player on this team, there wouldn't have been one thing we did right.  The first turnover by Steve Smith was frustrating, it basically took away atleast 3 points from us and added 7 to the Giants, so theres 10 points down the drain. Obviously it wasn't like the Giants were given great field position after the turnover but still frustrating. 

The first touchdown by Victor Cruz was god awful. Thanks a bunch Kurt Coleman, who I was very high on before the season started.  Not only did he have a horrible attempt at a tackle the first time, but he subsequently knocked down Nnamdi to allow Cruz to run in. Horrible horrible horrible.

Then the Eagles finally get down near the end zone, which is always just so fun isn't it??? Inside the 5 yard line we end up only getting 3, and with a mobile quarterback like Vick, I can not begin to understand why it's so hard.

By this point Shady has completely taken over, not only is he a fantasy stud for my team but he continued to make something out of nothing.  That 11 yard touchdown scamper was a thing of beauty.  He is an all around talent, and although I wasn't old enough to witness Barry Sanders and actually know what was happening, the comparison to him by the Fox announcer was interesting, and who knows maybe accurate.  McCoy can truly break off a big gain at any given time.

Right before the half I was happy to get that quick field goal, but during that drive is when i started to notice Vick differently. Did anyone see him gazing around when the field goal team was rushing out? Brent Celek had to push him away, which i found concerning. The Eagles may say he has recovered from the concussion but he looked a little weary.


The one thing that pissed me off throughout the whole game was the conservative play calling. The Giants secondary is depleted and the Eagles never really took advantage of that.  With Vick's arm strength, and Desean's speed how could they not throw it deep?? Was there one deep ball thrown. The media has been bashing the offensive lines protection but for the most part I thought Vick had plenty of time to throw.  It seemed like Andy Reid threw away the playbook for this week, and again, wow is it frustrating.

There's almost nothing left to say about the Eagles next goal line drive.  The half yard line, almost half foot line, and we couldn't pound it in.  I just don't understand why Vick couldn't get in, and also that playcall to give Owen Schmidt the ball on 3rd down, that play was ugly. Coming away with only 3 points there was a HUGE disappointment.

We fast forward to 4th and 1 for the eagles around midfield. Getting 1 yard is obviously impossible, and no surprise that we weren't able to get it. This gave the Giants great field position, and when on to score the go ahead points. Sickening.

With Vick out around this time in the game, I started to question his toughness. With his non throwing hand hurt I just feel if he wanted this game he could've stayed in.  Sure maybe he couldn't of been the same, so sitting him was best for the team, but the fact that he was sulking on the bench pissed the hell out of me. Be a leader Mike, step up, talk to Kafka and give him advice. He looked like the Atlanta Vick and i really didn't like it.

When the Giants lined up to take that 40 yard field goal, and we jumped offside, that is when I realized just how pathetic this team is. Not only did the Giants get a first down, they scored a touchdown.  Poorly coached, and just a complete meltdown. Wow.

And then Kafka looked horrible with his interceptions, he clearly does not have the arm strength to start in this league.

All in all it was a horrible game, and i am truly disappointed.  If Steve Smith had caught that, we converted inside the 2, didnnt go for it on 4th and 1, and didnt go offside on that field goal attempt? My math has the score at around 27-17. Shouldve been a win, but obviously we played horrible and got what we had coming for us.

Hopefully, if Vick isn't good to go next week against the Niners, that VY9 gets the start. And hopefully, all of you were able to understand my ranting and less than stellar grammar.  Feel free to rant in the comments I'll be right there with ya.

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