At 1-2, Is the Season Over ?

When you lose, you lose.  There's no way to sugercoat it.  So let's not even try.  We got beat, our Qb broke his non-throwing hand and the team as a whole looked out of sync.  We gotta give credit to the Giants for coming in to Philly, in the home opener, and leaving with the W. 

But let's remember one thing Andy always stresses, you're not as good as you think and neither are you as bad when you lose.  Going into half-time, I thought we did a good job of getting the score to 14-13.  And you're not gonna have miracle wins/comebacks all the time.  Giants came out in the 2nd half and stuck to their game plan and pulled out the victory with some big plays.  At one point, the game was pretty close and we were up 16-14 going into the 4th quarter.  Back-to-back weeks we've lost the game in the 4th quarter with our starting Qb going out of the game with an injury. 

Hmmm, there seems to be a pattern developing here.  Vick is not the same Qb he was last year, he's not running as much and is not as big of a playmaker, but this is not about him.  They might be trying to mold him as a pocket passer like they did with McNabb, and that takes the running element out of the game.  They might be afraid that he might get hurt if he runs around too much, but he can get hurt sitting for too long in the pocket as well, as we've witnessed for two straight weeks.  I'm definitely seeing some regression with Vick compared to last year.  Maybe he was more hungry then, because he didn't have his big contract and now doesn't have that edge to him since he's secure financially.  I don't know if that is the case, but that's something to take into consideration.  Maybe they are feeding him too much and giving him too many responsibilities, or maybe the teams have just caught up to him after last year and are following the Vikings blueprint from last year.  Whatever the case is, he might not be seeing action for at least a week or two.  It might be good for him to sit and get some perspective on things and come back fresh.  Maybe Reid and Co. can also figure out a way to balance his natural abilities with their expectations from a Qb.  It's just a thought.  But who knows, maybe Vince Young will come in next week and light it up like Vick did in Kolb's absence.  After all, Young is hoping to hit it rich with a few great outings and this might be his best chance.  I really don't want to see Kafka (please God... No). 

Other then that, problems still continue with the defense.  I'm not sure if the d-line is ineffective with two of the d-ends out and not getting that rotation going or if it's something else.  I still have hope for the d-line once everyone returns healthy.  Until then, you can't expect Cole and Babin to go 100 mph for the whole game and not get tired by the 3rd quarter or so.  The d-line is the only bright spot, after that it gets a little scary.  Our LB's are non-existent and safeties look out of position and unable to bring anyone down.  Now CB's, one of our strengths, look lost at best.  I know Nnamdi is still learning the system and is used to playing one-on-one, but he's gotta stop those big plays.  We're not paying him $12 mill to goof around and not tackle anybody.  Asante Samuel had better hits and tackles then Nnamdi did today.  I don't think it's all Nnamdi's fault.  They should just let him play man and free up that safety to help in other areas.  That is solely on the coaching staff and hopefully they'll change that up at some point. 

Overall though, there's something missing with this team, I'm not sure if it's because of so many changes, lack of time to jell or still figuring out their identity.  They still have lots of time to get their act together.  We knew this was going to be a tough game with the Giants wanting revenge from what we did to them last year.  So they got it, and now they're smiling and feeling good about themselves.  We'll see them at their place later in the season, but for now, we gotta just re-group and get a couple of wins while we're still trying to figure it all out.  The season is in no way over, there's a lot of football to play, maybe a humbling loss like this early in the season can be a wake-up call for a team, and might be just what is needed to get them to come together.  We'll see in the next couple of weeks. 

Until then, just relax, we've seen this before, they'll get it together.  We have the 49ers coming up next at home, let's get that one and we'll be back in the swing of things.  Let's get Desean playing out of his mind, let's keep building on that running game, and let's keep our Qb's healthy and clean.  If we can do that and if the defense can step it up, then we should be okay this year, not Super Bowl contenders, but at least a playoff team.  And that's all we can ask for with all the changes this year.  Reid's got a couple more years left in his contract, he's earned at least that window to get us over the top, even though the play-calling leaves a lot to be desired at times...

I'm moving on from this week and getting ready for San Fran and hopefully our first home win of the year.

Go Birds !!!  Keep the faith !!!  Cry it out if you need to, but be ready for San Fran once the tears dry up !

E - A - G - L - E - S  ----- EAGLES !!!

We'll get the G-Men at the Meadowlands, better believe it !

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