Giants @ Eagles - Pregame Analysis

I had some technical difficulties this week and was not able to post my video right away.  I know Michael Vick has been cleared to play, but that was not known during the time I did this recording.  Please take this into account and hopefully you enjoy the video. You can also check out my previous videos and pics at

Vlog  7 - Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants

- Eagles will be hosting our first division game against the Giants this Sunday.

-We will be looking to come back strong from a tough loss against the Atlanta Falcons last week.

- Looking at the history of this match up, it's been a great rivalry. And The last time the Giants beat the Eagles was back in 2008. Which means we've gone 2 full seasons undefeated, Hell yeah! And we all remember the last time we faced the Giants....ahhh Miracle at the Meadowlands #2 ring a bell? Oohh yeah!

- Looking at this record it's real easy to say we got this in the bag. But I will remain objective for now, and consider the fact that we have had a lot of close games that could have gone either way.

- We know the Giants like to run the ball, and lately that's been our biggest weakness and I'm sure they know that.

- They know us well enough, where they could successfully run all over us. I'm sure Jacobs and Bradsaw are just licking their chops. And Eli's probably just staring blankly with that stupid expression on his face. I read today that We have made some adjustments in our Linebacker situation (Casey Matthews moves to weak side and Jamar Chaney slides back to middle)

- I don't know how affective the Giants will be passing over the middle like the falcons did. But I'm sure they'll have a scheme for that. I know they wanna attack the middle of our defense, but they lost Kevin boss last year, we stole Steve Smith, and their replacement for Steve Smith, Dominique Hixon, got injured last week so it will be interesting to see how they will attempt exploit our linebackers and safetys in the pass game.

- The New York Giants have a good group of defensive line men and we have had some interesting struggles with that. They've had success against us in the past but this year the O-line has new starters, a new coach, and a new scheme. Hopefully we won't have any missed assignments like last week. ("fumble in the red zone")

- It will be interesting to see Steve Smith's deput against his former team mates. I wonder if he's taught us any of their secrets, like Eli's tendencies or how to fake injuries so GOOD, lol.

- Coach Coughlin stated that the New York Giants are preparing for Michael Vick this week. So in the case that Michael Vick is not ready to come back, Playing Mike Kafka could actually work out to our advantage. Our quarterback situation is up in the air, and Andy Reid was very vague in his press conference, which will make it more difficult for the New York Giants to game plan against us.

- This is a division game in the NFC east, which means it will be a hard fought, bloody match up. Even though we have a winning streak against the Giants. This will be a very intense game, and we barely pulled it off last. But we all know that Eli is hit or hopefully our defense can apply pressure right out the gate forcing Eli Manning to make those key mistakes.

If Michael Vick plays he'll be too much for the New York Giants and all their injuries to handle.

If Michael Vick doesn't play IT..will be interesting. Regardless of the quarterback, I have faith that my Eagles will be adding another victory to their winning streak against the New York Giants.



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