A lot of people here at BGN came out of the closet and professed their man crush for Casey Matthews last spring, which is cool. Matthews was a good linebacker in college. He has great football instincts and his brothers is an absolute beast, Literally. I'm not as big of a fan of Matthews. I have my own man crush, Mike Friggin' Kafka.


Michael VIck's concussion doesn't sound as serious as either Kevin Kolb's or Stewart Bradley's was last year, but there is still a decent chance that he will miss one game. Vince Young may not be healthy enough yet nor does he have a good enough grasp of the offense.

Most people will be in panic mood if Mike Kafka gets the start in our home opener against a division rival that really wants to beat us, bad. The Giants have lost six straight to us and also lost out on their slot receiver, Steve Smith, mainly because they didn't get a change to counter our offer.

Will Kafka be ready for the big stage? The answer is yes, he will.

I love Kafka's game. it reminds me of what we thought Kevin Kolb would be for us. Kolb is a good player, don't get me wrong, but he holds the ball too long at times and makes poor decisions. Kafka gets rid of the ball quickly and is deadly accurate. Kafka was 7/9 Sunday night in relief with his only two incompletions coming on the dropped bass by Maclin and the hail mary on the final play.

Kafka was sacked just one in preseason in about 60 passing plays. That's a rate of 1.6 %. So far this season Vick has dropped back for a pass about 70 times and taken 3 sacks. Still a good rate at 4.2 % but blitz pick up is an area that Kafka is better at than Vick. I know he has to prove it for four quarter in a game that actually means something, but so far he has been great at reading the pressure and not only getting the ball out but completing the pass as well.

I really like the way the offense was run with Kafka in the game, especially on that final drive. More runs with LeSean McCoy and more short to medium routes that give the Eagles receivers a change to get yards after the catch. Kafka seems to always put the ball right where it needs to be. That is something that is incredibly underrated for a quarterback. When you can lead receivers like Maclin and Jackson on the majority of their receptions, it gives you a change for a lot of YAC every time.

The bottom line is that the Eagles are in good hands with Kafka out there. Vince Young is a great player but he isn't 100% yet and he doesn't have a handle of the offense like Kafka does.

By the way Miami, when your watching Kafka put up big numbers against the Giants on Sunday, we expect Vontae Davis and a second round draft pick in return for Kafka next season.

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