Lost in the hurt of the loss there were positives.

Everybody is focused on us losing, and all the bad but there was plenty to be excited about, it's not like we had a shitty game.

Jeremy Maclin:

There is no doubt in my mind who our best WR is, Jeremy absolutely took over the game with 13 catches for 171 yards and 2 TD's. That's fantastic production, if he can even put up half of that on a weekly bases we're set.

Now I know he had that drop that pretty much sealed the game, but that happens, you have to take the good with the bad with players and I'm sure if he's put in that situation again he'll catch the ball, I really think he catches that 9/10 times.


Lesean McCoy:

18 rushes for 95 yards and 2 TD's combined with 4 catches for 21 yards. McCoy's been producing like a top 5 RB so far this season, and he's on track for 1736 rushing yards this season if he keeps it up (though I seriously doubt he hits that mark).

With Vick potentially being out next week we have to get the ball into the hands of McCoy, we need to keep our defense off the field more than we did last week and we need to keep the Giants offense off the field as much as possible so we don't wear down by the 4th quarter.


Brent Celek finally getting involved?

While he only had 4 catches for 43 yards, his catches came when we needed them the most. I didn't see him make any stupid drops that plagued him a year ago and I did see the Eagles make an effort to get the ball to him. Celek could really be a weapon for Vick, he's a big target who is hard to take down.

Speaking of Celek did anybody see when he caught that in route and somebody hit him, then he kept standing then the Safety or CB came up and hit him pretty hard and he seriously didn't even budge?


Dion Lewis, potential as a KR?

I saw Dions big return, I don't however think it should've been called back because it's not like Anderson truly held him, his arms just kinda went past the guy. But still to show the burst to get us that big of a return I'm happy. Hopefully he continues to do stuff like that because we could really benefit from good field position every once in a while.


Offensive Line:

We didn't allow a sack the entire game. Go ahead check here.. Now we did have some issues here and there, but the big thing is that they improved from week 1 to week 2 and have shown a lot of promise. Peters was absolutely dominant, Mathis was all over the place making plays, Kelce turned in another good game, DeVan did nothing to stand out to me in a positive or negative light and Herremans did well against Abraham and Edwards even though he get beat a few times.

The OL has shown a lot of potential but there's a lot of room for improvement especially against a game against the Giants looming.


Defensive Line:

We had 4 sacks on Ryan. Cole blew up Baker all day, if I were a Falcon's fan I'd be ashamed at how poorly that man played, both Patterson and Jenkins blew up the middle of that OL, they were forcing Ryan to throw off his back foot and Babin really kept getting pressure right in Ryans face forcing him to hurry and throw. If we keep getting this much pressure without blitzing and our LB's can continue to grow we will be able to go toe to toe with anybody in the League.


The Eagles are a dominant running team:

Against the Rams we had 237 rushing yards and against the Falcons we had 133 yards. That combines for 370 yards rushing which puts us in 2nd only behind Buffalo (380). This is a very big aspect of our game and Andy really seems willing to run the ball this season with McCoy who now has 217 yards rushing and is 5th in the NFL in that category.

Between McCoy and Vick I really think we could put up 2k rushing.


We've been a balanced Offense through 2 weeks!

We ran the ball 30 times against the Falcons and threw 37 times.. Although some of those runs were Vick taking off when he needed to and Kafka running once when he needed too that balance really keeps the defense on it's toes and I hope the Coaching staff continues this trend, especially with the Giants coming up this week, they're weak in the secondary (praying Vick returns) and their running game struggled against the Redskins so I think McCoy could have a huge day against them.


Final Note:

On drives where Ryan was sacked the Falcons did not score a TD, against the Rams this was the same story... We must keep after the QB, I'm going to love watch Eli under pressure next week.

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