Week 2 Rant

With the rap up of a exciting week 2 in the books, I'd thought I'd make a quick fan-post just highlighting some of the most important stuff. Starting of course, with our Eagles.

Eagles vs Falcons

Overall thoughts: Felt we are a better team then how we played. We let the game slip through our fingers in the FIRST HALF, the fourth quarter was bull-shit. I'm not too angry with our teams performance, with Vick in we could have rallied and won, but shit happens. Should have challenged that pick, but I understand that Reid wanted to be careful. What was important was that we saw how our Eagles were beatable with the combo of the following elements: A strong rushing performance by the opponents, we shoot ourselves in the foot, and when we give opponents short fields. Which makes me really happy because I know the sloppiness on the Eagles offense won't happen too often. The Eagles defense was great, yeah we gave up a lot of yards, but every team has 1 or more weak-point. Look for Casey Matthews to grow into the MLB spot as the year progresses, and what you see is what we have at LB's, stop complaining so much.

And wow did that game get chippy! Dunta is definitely a punk and I hope that the commissioner makes him pay his full fine this time. Looks like we've started a new inter conference rivialry for the next couple years hahaha. 

Eagles Players:


  • Looks like I was right when I called Cullen Jenkins during the lockout being not only an Eagle but also a STUD. Great job. 
  • And Jim Washburn, you have birthed a monster at defensive end at Trent Cole, he will be a pro-bowler this season and won't be an after though when thinking of the current great DE's.
  • Great effort by DeSean Jackson on that tackle and solid performance, was very vital to Maclin's monster game.
  • Kafka played well, but if we play with him for an extended time, the defense MUST stop the run, can't be a shoot out game with Kafka in. Other than that, he can lead this team for a game or two.
  • Kurt Coleman is a beast, he deserves a starting spot on defense, is hands down the best safety on this team, and can play both FS and SS. The real future competition is between Jaquan Jarrett and Nate Allen for a starting spot.
  • Jason Peters and Evan Mathis is still a deadly combo with Herremans on the right side.
  • Bend and don't break run defense mentality should be Castillo's message to this defense.

Quick NFL thoughts after the jump...


  • Cam Newton is for real, has some growing pains, but the Panthers hit the jackpot.
  • LoLskins on top the division?!? No body thought this, however won't last for long ;). However, they are much better than expected, look for them to finish 8-8 or 7-9, they might not be in the Luck sweepstakes after all...(may or may not be such a good thing)
  • Lions will be a playoff team this year as I predicted earlier, and I am confident that they get there as the NFC North division champs, but they make a quick exit from the playoffs.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick is a franchise quarterback, they steal a wild card spot.
  • Raiders still look amazing, and Darren McFadden has removed any bust label, they win their division.
  • Are you kidding me Tennessee (more specifically Chris Johnson)?!? Such a weird team. The Texans HAVE to win this division.
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