Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons - Pregame Analysis


Hey Eagles fans! I just launched my Philadelphia Eagles Blog  Focusing on weekly match-ups with pregame/postgame analysis and of course gotta have a little trash talk to the opposing teams :-) 

Would love to get feedback from all the hardcore Eagles fans, so please let me know what you think.  E-A-G-L-E-S  EAGLES!!



Video Text:

Vlog 5 – Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons


  • I'm gonna be talking about our Sunday Night game vs the Atlanta Falcons

  • So let's get a little background from the last time these 2 teams were matched up.

  • Philadelphia Eagles played Atlanta last year during week 6 and it was in Philadelphia

  • Eagles came out on top 31-17 Vick was injured and didn't play that game, and Kolb filled in and had a huge game, with 326yds passing and 3 touchdowns. So it will be interesting to see how Vick does in comparison to Kolb, plus this will be like a semi homecoming for Vick.

  • Falcons were hitting hard and this was the game when Desean Jackson was taken out with a concussion. Ouch, we all remember that hit!

  • I expect the Falcons to come really hard and aggressive this game. Atlanta Falcons are coming off of a tough loss, where the Chicago Bears defense dominated their offense. Atlanta folded under bears defense and will be looking for redemption, which means the Philadelphia Eagles are in for a tough four quarters.

  • Falcons have Michael the "Burner" Turner, just like Steven Jackson, he's a big guy tough to bring down

  • Once again, Eagles are facing another elite back and stopping the run will be crucial to beating this team.

  • If you put Casey Matthews and Michael Turner side by side who do you think is gonna win? Do u think our linebackers will be able to take down Turner consistently? I sure hope so.

  • Falcons have an incredible record at home. Within the last 2 regular seasons Falcons have only lost 3 out of 15 home games. The New Orleans Saints account for 2 of those losses and of course my Eagles had to account for that 3 loss.

  • Based on these stats we know that Atlanta performs really well at home, but are still beatable. Plus they are in a dome, which means it's loud and can cause false starts and delay of games. Sound familiar? We had problems last week with offensive line communications. So hopefully this won't be an issue and we will see some improvements this week.

  • So far Vick has been well received from Atlanta Falcons fans, and should be very comfortable on the field. Maybe he'll play more "light's out" than last week since this will be like a semi home game for him.

  • defense is going to have a long game trying to stop the run against Michael Turner

  • Our pass defense should be fine against Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and Julio Jones. Tony Gonzales TE is still clutch but he's lost a step at the age of 35

  • We'll see how Juan Castillo adjusts the defense to a running powered offense. The Rams did a lot of running and underneath passes to play away from our defensive strengths in the secondary. I anticipate that Falcons will have a similar approach

  • This is going to be a tough game, and we'll see if all these new pieces have built enough chemistry to work together and beat a playoff caliber team.

  • NFL records were set for passing around the league last week, so I'm hoping we get a piece of that pie! What do you think Vick for 518 yds, lol!

  • Last week we played against a "beast" RB and this week we are going up against a "steam roller."

  • Even though the falcons were destroyed by the bears, home-field advantage can make all the difference in team performance. I remember when we played in Chicago last year, their field was falling apart and our guys were slipping all over the place, which lead to a horrible performance. Therefore, I won't be overlooking the Atlanta Falcons, I think it's going to be an edge of your seat close game all the way through to the 4th quarter. With Eagles still coming out on top.   

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