Things to watch while watching Eagles v. Falcons:

Some quick things to keep an eye on in this game...




  1. Do Andy and Marty provide help on Abraham (in the form of keeping in a TE or back to help chip). This was very successful last year with Kolb at the helm, as the Falcons really didn't have the horses to get to the QB without Abraham, and they had Dunlap starting on the left. If Peters plays, do they still give help, just to take Abraham out of his game?
  2. Do Andy and Marty chill on the unnecessary playaction, which exposes the QB to blindside hits?
  3. Do the Falcons continue the trend from the rest of the NFL since the latter part of last season and throw secondary blitzers at Vick?
  4. If they do, will the Eagles have hot routes built-in to their route design, or will they have slow-developing routes that break deep and pin it all on Vick to figure out how to stay upright and get the pass off?
  5. The Falcons are weak in the middle, and are missing one of their best interior linemen (Jason Babineux). Do the Eagles try to run at them and get Shady going early?
  6. Do the Eagles continue to use a lot of Tight Bunch formations, which can help receivers get off the line and create secondary matchup problems, but which also shorten the distance for the type of secondary pressure (Safety, CB, NB blitzes) that teams employ versus Vick?
  7. Do the Eagles spread the field and make ATL pick their poison, with 4 wides and Shady in single back to create matchup nightmares?



  1. Do the Eagles bring a Safety into the box on early, rushing downs, to help backstop their LB corps and prevent Turner from getting off to an early start? (trusting their corners and Chaney to play man and potentially give up a big play in the passing game on play action)
  2. Do the Falcons even try to go vertical or do they shorten the game up for Ryan to try and keep the Eagle's rush off of him?
  3. Do the Eagles play better gap control on the front line, to help protect their LBs some? (Or, do they get so much penetration, especially with ATL having some inexperience at C and RG (sound familiar)) that they also disrupt the running game of the Falcons?
  4. Can the Eagles get out to a 2 TD lead and force ATL to abandon the ground game? (Anything less than that and the Falcons would be insane to get out of grinding the clock)
  5. Can the Eagles continue what they've shown in improvement to red zone defense?
  6. Can the Eagles defense get off the field on 3rd and short situations versus tank personnel? (They had some good stops versus the Rams, which is a very good running team)




  1. Does Chaz Henry get more comfortable (in a familiar stadium) and get his avg up above 46?
  2. Does Henery continue to look good on FGs, extra points and kickoffs?
  3. How does our return game look? Will teams punt to Desean? If so, will he be at all tentative? (If teams consistently kick away from him, that's an advantage in and of itself)
  4. Can Lewis make some things happen (while taking less risks) in KR duty?
  5. Will some of our rookies start making plays along with Colt Anderson and Dorenbos in kick coverage?
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