My thoughts on T.O and the NFC East Teams Week 1

As I sat and watched the Eagles Sunday afternoon I watched a team who has high expectations play. There was some good (McCoy, Vick, D-line), bad (run d by the LBs, a penalty on Nnamdi, delay of game penalties), and ugly (injuries, dropped passes).


But something I would like to address is the comments by none other than everyone's favorite loudmouth T.O and his thoughts about coming back to the Eagles, Desean not showing up to the game in pursuit of a new contract(how did that go anyway T.O?) and some observations that I and you all have as well.


T.O please, please, please, for the love of all things holy and unholy, be quiet. We do not want you, nor does any team want you, otherwise, I think you would not have to cry about no money on your show. I think it says something that even teams that have a dire need for receivers such as Jacksonville, and now the Rams(due to injury, which blows) will not call your wonderful agent.


With the success that Randy Moss had going to New England and being great there, do you Mr. Owens believe you could have that impact on any team in the NFL, CFL, or AFL? I don't, so again shut up. You spew garbage from your mouth most times you open it, we have enough problems with toxic emissions in the world already, so save us another source. You stated that you feel Deshean should not show up to the game in Week 1, logic would dictate that he should, would, and did show up, and had a nice game, so again stop talking.


In fact I have a little something for you T.O, a little reminder of your current situation:


Philadelphia Eagles Presents: Real Men of Genius
(real men of genius)
Today we salute you, Mr. Washed-up, injured, broke WR.
(Washed-up, injured, broke WR)
Any WR can rock a packed stadium but it takes real talent to keep the teams who might look at him away all season long.
(AFL) Perched on the stage of your penthouse, you tirelessly churn out tears about your money, and give advice to current WRs to stay home during the regular season.
(Keep on cryin')
Team mates? You don't need no stinking team mates.
(So awesome!)
And even though you've never had money saved, you have financial advice.
(Don't Show up!)
So crack open your hyperbolic chamber, Mr. WR, because every game day you go with no team, you're an injured, broke, old man.
(Mr. Washed-up, injured, broke WR)


As for observations I and and all of you have:


LBs: not fantastic, not superbad either. Casey Matthews is a rookie after all, what did everyone expect?


The Falcons: This will be a very dangerous game for the Eagles if the run d does not improve, the o-line protects better, and the WRs drop the balls they did on Sunday. The Falcons were embarrassed by da' Bears, and will want to show that Sunday was a bad game. I expect them to come out full blast early, the Eagles need to be prepared.


Cowboys: D'oh. And let's leave it at that shall we? I wonder what will happen against the 49ers given that the Cowboys had things in control and went down in a blaze of glory.


Giants: Oh my, where to start on this one. On second thought, all I will say is WTF? At least you have the Rams next week.....


Redskins: I know I was actually impressed by Mr. Doughnut Cannon and the defense they had. Mr. Kolb goes to Washington next week, and while I like Kolb and what he did for the Cardinals, I might believe Washington starts 2-0...did I just say that??

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