We Beat the Rams

One number I heard during the game was that only 6 of our games during the season are against teams that were above .500 last year.  Hey, we'll take it.  Just our luck this year on our way to the Super Bowl.  And what a way to start the year then starting against the Rams.  Did you hear the announcers talk about what Steven Jackson wanted to do against our D in this game ??  Hey Steven, way to pull that hammy on the first play.  Maybe next time you'll last for at least one quarter. 

But on to the game, the most important thing is that we got the "W", 1-0 baby !!!  I don't care how we do it, as long as we win, that's all that really matters at the end of the day.  This keeps our chances of going undefeated, alive.  Hey if we take it one game at a time, and win that one specific game, guess what that'll add up to at the end of the season:  Undefeatedness.  I just have to interrupt my train of thought and say something about the brilliant Josh McDaniels:                     (silence is what you hear).  And here are my thoughts on Spags:                            (some more of the same).  Now for all the Rams fans that came over here and blasphemed our site by saying that the Rams had even a remote chance of winning, you need to boy up and come back in here and apologize.  Next time, know who you are playing before you start talking trash and are ultra confident about your team.  It's okay, apology accepted. 

Moving on, who do we play next ?  Oh, it's the falcons and their stable of receivers and Tina Turner.  Defense, you got this ??  Hell yeah Eagladelphia.  Alright then, no need to worry.  By the way, was it me or did our d-line actually create some pressure in a game.  Did anyone else catch that ?  Hmmm, I swear they were knocking down the Qb on every other pass and pressuring him all game long, but I can be wrong.  Love what Rory Segrest has done to put a fire under the d-line.  The award of the week for great play goes to our D-line and their leader Rory.  I mean, they were all just flying around:  Babin, Parker, Cole, Tapp, Cullen... they are a little light in the pants, but can they ever rush the passer.  The only thing I can nitpick on a little bit is the d-tackles doing a better job in the run D, it seemed like the Rb's had open lanes all game long.  But maybe that's not the D-lines' fault, a little bit of that has to go to the LB's.  But overall, I'm really excited for the d-line play and hopefully it continues into game 2 and we can rattle Matt Ryan as well. 

The next topic is, our d-line, did anyone watch them play, they were just amazing.  Oh wait, I already said that.  Didn't I ?  Just can't get over it, what we've been screaming for, for years, has finally arrived.  Those fastballs are finally getting to their target.  I know I gave a lot of credit to Rory earlier, but I would like to give an honorable mention to Jim Washburn, who is Rory's assistant this year, way to go Jim. 

Did anyone see that pass that Vick threw to DeSean down the sidelines, amazing pass.  I know DeSean would like to have that back, but I get impressed with Vick more and more every game.  I think we have yet to see the best of Vick.  DeSean had a a great game too, he's the one that makes this offense go, without the threat of his speed, the offense isn't as scary.  I hope the Eagles and DeSean's side come to their senses and meet at a happy medium that makes sense for both parties and get this deal done ASAP.  I credit DeSean for not letting the contract issue bother him, but just imagine how happy he'll be when he knows that he's got money in the bank for a few years to come.  Happiness = willingness to stretch out or dive for that pass on the sidelines and better concentration on the pass dropped in the endzone (Just saying). 

Other standout in the game was Mr. Shady himself, loved that he was patient all game long and took what he had, and broke it open in the 4th quarter.  Another player I'm amazed by every game and has yet to reach his potential.  I wish they would have run the ball more, but what do I know.  I'm glad they gave a couple of touches to Ronnie and Dion and hope they get incorporated into the offense more and more as the season goes along.  The more balanced their offense is, the harder it will be for teams to key in on Vick.  And no more stretch plays, horrible play-calling there from Smarty Morhnigweg.  I still don't trust that guy after he elected to kick-off in over time after winning the toss (see:  Detroit Lions head coaching tenure).     

Odds and Ends:  Run D, it's a problem.  Good thing we have the rest of the regular season to get it fixed, they'll definitely lose a game or two (or more) because of their inability to stop the run, but they should have it together for the playoffs.  It's unfair for Casey Matthews to be thrown in there as a rookie and expect great play, but he should get better as the season rolls along. 

New Acquisitions:  Babin and Cullen are already producing.  Nnamdi was only thrown at a couple of times, but I think he's being given a lot of responsibility in this secondary and is trying to get it all down.  No concern there for now (just don't get a pass interference call on the likes of Brandon Gibson next time).  We'll see what our corners are made up of in Week 2 against some great Wr's. 

Hit of the Game:  Came from Jarrad Page on Brandon Gibson, preventing a first down.  He also got his hands on a pass and almost came down with that interception.  Looking forward to seeing him play more and see what we have in him.

Superman Sighting:  Michael Vick, nuff said.  I mean, this guy is just like Superman on the field, he can get a first down with his legs whenever he needs to, he can throw all over the field, with his deep pass being my favorite.  It seems like the ball is gonna soar in the air forever, much like an Eagle, but when it lands, it's just orgasmic. 

Suckiest Player of the Game:  Mike Kafka, he didn't do anything all game long.  I'd love to be a 3rd string Qb on a team and make that money, beats the 9 to 5. 

Looking Pretty on the Sidelines:  Steven Jackson and his dreads, what were you gonna do to the Eagles D ???  Yeah, that's what I thought. 

Funniest Moment of the Game:  "They had some sex with the no huddle earlier, not sure if they don't want to do it again" (Brian Billick or Brian Bigdick as he's known in the no huddle offense).  Didn't believe it when I heard that, had to rewind, double check, and then posted it on the game thread, PhiladelphiaEagles didn't believe me, but The Legend has it up as a fan shot.  I knew Billick was a pervert...

Next Game:  On to Week 2 and ATL, Vick is going to kill it in this game.  As long as we get the W and no major injuries, I'll take it. 

How To Get Through the rest of the Week:  Keep coming back to BGN. 

By the Way:  Forgot to mention this but was anyone else proud of how the Eagles didn't let the crowd or the quick early score by the Rams affect their play.  They were so poised and focused on winning the game, it was amazing.  It's a sign of maturation as a team and can't wait to see how they respond to adversity for the rest of the season.

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