Week 1 observations - Random tidbits

  • Play calling twists and plays that should be junked

Reid just loves the shovel-pass down near the goal-line.  It has been a staple here since his earliest days.  Hell, I can remember Staley scoring a couple of TDs on it.  Liked the little wrinkle today where Vick pumped fake, threw it overhead to McCoy, and McCoy scampered into the end zone for their 1st TD.   It was a good call & a nice wrinkle.

What I don't understand is why Reid is so enamored with the delayed draw running plays that again have been a long-time staple in the Eagles' playbook under Reid.  Ever since Westbrook became the primary back, they love calling at least 2-3 of them a game.  Usually more. 

I hate them.  They take too long to develop, have too high of a possibility of downside in no gain or even a loss, and don't let McCoy find a hole & just go.  Don't expect the Eagles are going to run many conventional plays with 2 backs or almost every use a traditional running back set such as an I-formation or split backs behind the QB but I wish they would largely scrap this play.  Maybe if they had an experienced line this play would be effective but it seem to just backfire today.  Better to largely junk it until the line has a bit more cohesion together.

  • Too many blind-side shots and too many needless chances

Don't understand for the life of me why Vick  goes head-first at times instead of sliding, stays in bounds to get a few more yards instead of going out of bounds, or challenging guys in the open-field.  Needless risk with little upside pay out.  So he gets a few more yards on a carry.  Big deal.  He was better in the 2nd half today about that but man he took a bunch of largely needless risks in the 1st half. 

Shots Vicks took from guys blitzing untouched from his blindside today were tough to watch today.  I counted 3 times today a guy came from his blindside untouched to deliver a really hard hit Vick.  At best, he senses it at the last minute to escape.  At worst, he gets hit & fumbles the ball or winds up getting carted off the field.  If this keeps up, it is inevitable he gets injured and very possibly severely.

This was a real problem last year because McGlynn was poor at calling up protection schemes, MJG and Justice weren't able to protect him, and the Eagles struggled to scheme against it much of the 2nd half especially during the Minnesota game and afterwards. Eagles either fix this soon or Vick will starting do what he did last year which is running prematurely at times because he doesn't feel safe in the pocket.  Can't blame him either.

  • Throw at Samuel at your own risk

Rams don't exactly have the weapons nor did Bradford have much time to throw outside today.  Still, I was kind of baffled at how much the Rams were willing to challenge Samuel today.  Only counted 2 attempted passes against Ashmugha while I counted 5? attempted vs. Samuel.  Big mistake. 

Samuel came out to play today with a chip on his shoulder.  It was evident early.  He was on his guy all day.  No 7-yard cushions today from Samuel.  Hell, Samuel even made 2 unassisted, open-field tackles today that made me made think 'WTF, Samuel made that tackle?!'  

I can understand why teams don't want to challenge Ashmugha but teams are really going to try to challenge Samuel at least 5-6 times a game and maybe more.  If that is the case, Samuel is going to finish with a bunch of INTs.  Good change for even double digits and one or two pick-6s.

Love watching guys on special teams coverage especially on punts who just bust it to get down there to potentially deliver a big hit on the kick/punt returner.  Some people on here questioned why Anderson made the team.  I didn't. 

Clear a guy like April realizes the value in having a guy like Anderson on the roster.  One of the best Eagles' I have ever seen covering punts.  Anderson got away with not having a penalty called on him today but much rather have a penalty that is committed due too much aggression than not enough.  One of the guys on this team who I simply don't question his effort.   He gives you everything on every play he is in there.

  • Reid's clock management skills or lack therefor of

My friend bet me that Reid would blow all of the Eagles' timeouts in the 1st half by the end of the 1st quarter and lose at least one challenge during the game.    He was 1 for 2. Eagles lost a challenge on that Gibson catch that they should have know right away that there wasn't enough conclusive evidence to overturn.  Eagles did have a single timeout for the last drive of the 1st half which of course they burned after Vick completed an incomplete pass to stop the clock at 3:34 on 1st down.  

There is a lot of stuff that Reid gets unfairly criticized for and some stuff that is just ridiculous.  His ability to challenge plays and manage the game clock are simply woeful.  Yahoos on WIP are right to lampoon him time-and-time again because he always burnouts timeouts foolishly and loses his share of challenges.  Just have to learn to live with these two shortcomings from Reid.  

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