My thoughts on the game, some notes and I admit was wrong

I just want to let you guys know I had a looong night last night, I may not have everything spelled right and my grammar may be off. Was with my buddy in the ER from like 1030 last night til 6am and haven't had the opportunity to sleep yet because seeing the first Eagles action was more important than my health, mental stability and thought process.

So please bare with me if it get to hard to read.

(Note, this was started at like 6pm on 9/11 so I still haven't slept now that I'm finishing it at 4 am.)

Micheal Vick:

I said yesterday that I thought Vick would explode today. He threw for 187 yards but also had 2 TD's and added 10 runs for 98 yards. I'd consider that exploding especially for the first game of the season. Early on Vick didn't get very good protection, there certainly were some moments where he got hit and there were moments where he made some brilliant moves to get away from the pressure. He masked the Early troubles of the OL.

If this is what we can expect from Vick this year I'm very excited, he was hard to stop and the way he was playing the Rams were almost forced to lay off the blitz some.



I have been saying that McCoy would benefit greatly from the new offensive system and I was right. He hit holes hard, he killed the Rams when it mattered most and he kept the chains moving. I felt that 15 carries wasn't enough for McCoy but he did get 122 yards and a TD with just 15 carries.  McCoy also had 2 catches for 15 yards and a TD.

McCoy was a killer late in the game, he had some big runs, he had his 49 yard TD run late and he kept the clock running, he trusted his OL and took what was there when he needed to. I think that McCoy looked unstoppable at times and will really prove to be one, if not THE, best player on our team.


Wide Receivers/Tight Ends:

I feel like our WR's did pretty good. They had a few drops, more than I like, but they really did give the Rams fits. Desean looks fast, Maclin looks good and Avant looks like he's ready to have a very big year, Celek seemed to run good routes and got open once for a very nice first down but Vick just doesn't look the TE's way. Let's go over them individually:

Desean Jackson- Desean had 2 drops that probably would've been scores, so that's something that needs to be fixed, the one where he had a step on 2 Rams defenders really irked me because I know how he accelerates once he makes the catch and I knew that one would have been a score. But Jackson finished with 6 catches for 102 yards and a score, he really had a good game aside from those drops.

Jeremy Maclin- Maclin only had 1 catch for 20 yards but that came on a 3rd in long and he made a beautiful catch. I thought he looked good out there, he looked very fast and ran good routes, I don't know why there weren't more passes going his way but I'm sure next week he's going to have a very good game.

Jason Avant- Avant's catches were some nice ones and I believe all but 1 went for a first down. He looks amazing out there.


Offensive Line:

This was a tale of two stories in my eyes. The first quarter was rough, the second quarter was better but the 2nd half was absolutely amazing in my eyes. I think the whole line did good, a few mistakes were made but for a line that's debuting a new acquisition at RG, a rookie Center, a guy they brought in this TC and a very good player they moved from LG to RT they did great. Let's take a look at them individually.

Jason Peters- Absolutely no issue with Peters, he remains one of the best LT's in the NFL even though he's no protecting his QB's blind side. Far and away our best offensive lineman.

Evan Mathis- This guy excites me. He did very good in pass protection and he was better than advertised with his run blocking. Late in the game he made some very good blocks for McCoy to kill some time and I especially like when he lit up that LB when Vick had that huge run in the 3rd. As far as the level of play from Herremans to Mathis it's not as big as people make/made it seem. The guy's nasty too, which I like.

Jason Kelce- A rookie getting his first start, in a very loud dome against a blitz happy defense and only had a few mistakes which were mostly delay of game penalties where I don't think he could hear Vick.. He did great, I didn't see any missed blocks or bad line calls, for those of you who were freaking out about Kelce you can cool your britches for now because the kid played extremely well. Also his block on Laurentis on that first TD was amazing, that's why he's starting over Jackson in case you were still wondering.

Kyle Devan- Everyone was worried about him coming in without much practice and starting, I was a little worried myself but I have seen him in Mudds system in the past. He was nothing special but he was solid in both the run and the passing game and didn't really do anything to hurt the team. He was by far our least impressive OLmen in my eyes but he's solid and that's all we need til Watkins gets in there.. Because when Watkins starts playing I'm demanding excellence after his first 3-4 games.

Todd Herremans- Todd struggled early one, he gave up some pressures on Vick and he looked out of place going into the 2nd quarter. I saw about halfway through the 2nd something seemed to click with Todd because after that point I didn't see 1 mistake and I didn't see his guy make 1 play. The 2nd half was a good one for him, I honestly think if he plays like he did in the 2nd have we have a franchise blindside RT.


Defensive Line:

My favorite thing to talk about (right up there with the OL). And all I gotta say is wow, 5 sacks this game is very good, and it means we're well on our way to my 42 sack prediction (from just our DL). The line played decent against the run and absolutely killed in the pass rush... I'll go over the individuals below because there's just to much to go on about here.

Babin- He's back and he's looking for blood. I have to say that the thing that impressed me the most about Babin tonight wasn't his 2 sacks, the 4 tackles he had or the fact he had constant pressure when he was in.. It was the fact that when Williams grabbed Coleman's facemask on the play Coleman drove him out of bounds that he came to the aid of a teammate, to see at DE head over there to back his boy up like that is great, not saying nobody else would've stepped in but still the first guy there... Anyway, Babin was amazing today and hopefully he makes me look like an idiot for only predicting 5 sacks from him this season..

Trent Cole- I noticed he was very effective, he was getting a lot of pressure and he was still making plays against the run. Cole has a hard job going against LT's and trying to get pressure but he looked very good. He added a sack to our total and everything. Cole's not a guy I worry about.

Cullen Jenkins- I think by the end of the season (assuming he stays healthy) he will be touted as our best FA acquisition this year. The man was a monster in the middle, he had a few holding calls (not against him, the Rams had to) and he recorded a sack. With Cullen there in the middle it obviously made Babins life a lot easier. Teams will have to account for him in the middle. Also I don't think he did to bad in run support especially when you take into account Washburns system. This is the man I'm most excited to see this season.

Mike Patterson- You know he had a quiet night as usual but I saw some good things from him. He was solid in the run, he got pressure and he was good at what he does. I think him even having 2 tackles after what he's gone through up to this point is great, I would've loved to see him get his first sack today, but when he does I'm going to be very excited. Him and Jenkins compliment each other perfectly which is something we need.

Darryl Tapp- Last season I saw him as Mr. Clutch for us, he was always in the right place at the right time and he really just made plays for us.. This didn't change going into 2011, Tapp caused the fumble which was returned by Parker. I'm actually glad he's taking some snaps in place of Cole because I feel that Tapp brings a lot to the table and helps us a boat load and Cole does need to get more breaks considering he's been a workhorse most of his career. 

Juqua Parker- See below on Parker please.



I must admit, they curbed my worrying a bit today. I'm still worrying but they really did have a good showing for what most of us expected. They clearly played a lot better than they did in the preseason and we just need to remember they're young, they're inexperienced and they're very talented. I'm sure by the end of the year they will be one of our strong points and we're going to be pissing joy over having the three of them together. So let's go over each one and what I thought (doing starters only).

Moise Fokou- Fokou impressed me, I said all offseason he was our best LB in 2010 and I stood by it, and he clearly didn't let me down. There were some plays he should have made but honestly when it counted he did what needed to be done. He was good in coverage and made tackles against the run, he was everywhere on the field. He had 5 tackles today and a few good hits.

Casey Matthews- I don't think Matthews did bad. He had just 4 tackles and in his rookie debut that's not bad. There were some times where he didn't get off blocks and that led to some big runs but for the most part he looked much better than his preseason did. I thought he also did very good in coverage, I mean superstar Kendricks only had 1 catch.

Jamar Chaney- Led our team (well tied the lead) with 6 tackles. He was everywhere. He made some good plays against the run and also helped hold super hall of famer (sarcasm) Kendricks in check. He's looking very good.


The Cornerstones:

All I have to say is wow... Our DB's kept shit on lockdown only giving up 188 yards isn't terrible considering I think most of Amendola's and Gibson's came against Cromartie or a LB. Still just wow. Let's take a look at the 3 big guys..

Asante Samuel- He dropped a sure pick but hey if that's all I have to complain about with him then tickle me fugly. He pretty much played just like he did last season and you can tell he was having a great time out there.. Oh and the tackle on that screen play he took the legs out from under the guy was beautiful... Oh and for a CB that "can't tackle" or "won't tackle" he finished with 5 tackles which makes me happy.

Nnamdi Asomugha- 1 tackle. But he did give up a penalty but our defense came through and prevented the TD. Aside from that did anybody notice Bradford didn't even look his way? Great stuff.

DRC- He played pretty good but he did give up some plays. But as the nickel CB and as the 3rd part of our Cornerstones he did well. I have no complaints really. 



I think our safety's played well. I was very impressed with Page who tied for a team leading 6 tackles and who was making plays everywhere, his near pick was a nice play even though he dropped it. Coleman was pretty good, he was making some great tackles and played smart. No other safety's played today so this one's short. I'm just going to say that I'm not as worried about Safety anymore.


(Now onto some notes and extra things)


Thoughts on the Team as a whole:

There's some things that need to be fixed, there are some things that need to be tweaked. But overall they played very good for a team that's been working together for just about 2 months now. Juan needs some time to adjust still there were some moments where I felt he should've blitzed but hey he had a good first showing. As far as the offense they looked very good.


Time to admit I was wrong:

This is the part about Juqua Parker. I said all offseason he was gone, he was done and he was worthless. But I have to take the shit now and just admit that he made a play that turned the entire momentum of the game in our favor and I do need to just man up and admit he's a good player for us. I was wrong. Sorry JP.


On the "Dream Team" garbage:

We're not going to hear the end of it. We're going to get flak for it... I think it's time for us to embrace it and just get use to it. It's not going anywhere and the more we get pissed off about it the more it's going to happen.


Final important note:

I wish I finished this earlier but I've been dealing with my buddy and trying not to lose it on the guy who attacked him... But I want to pay my respects to those who died on 9/11 and their families. I would also like to thank those who have fought the war that followed it and made great sacrificed for our Freedom.

I'm not good at this kinda stuff but I needed to at least mention it and say something no matter how poorly said or late it was.

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