3 Keys for the Eagles/Rams Game

3 Keys for both teams to come out with a win on Sunday.




Offensive Line- Michael Vick can carve up any defense when he has time. The Rams don't have the players on defense to win this game without pressuring Vick all day long. We will be thin at receiver. Maclin is still getting back into top football shape coming back from his health scare. Steve Smith isn't quite 100% yet. We don't know what kind of an impact these players will have in Week 1. If the offensive line has a bad night, I don't know if the Eagles can win this game without a few turnovers.

Defensive Line- This is probably a key every single week for the Eagles. If the front four can get pressure on the quarterback and get after the run as well than team DNA can just focus on locking up receivers all day long. My expectation for the Eagles pass rush this season is somewhere around 45-50 sacks. They have the right players in the right scheme, they just need to make it happen. It's not fair when a defense that has 3 top notch corners plus the BEST SLOT CORNER in Joselio Hanson, can just sit back while the front four wreaks havoc all day long.

Red Zone- No more settling for field goals while our defense gives up touchdowns 95% of the time inside the 20. This area has to be better. Ronnie Brown, Riley Cooper and Steve Smith should have a huge impact down here along with Nnamdi Asomugha and LB unit that is built to cover backs and tight ends. Keep an eye on this stat, if this game is close the team that wins this area will win the game. Last year we nearly blow the Colts game because of earlier missed opportunities in the red zone.



Steven Jackson- The Rams are going to look to pound the ball with Jackson and Carnell Williams early on. If they can establish a running game then we have a ball game. The passing game doesn't appear to be good enough to beat the Eagles on their own. 100+ rushing yards is a must. What good is the leagues best secondary when you can just pound the rock for four quarters.

Limit the Big Plays- The Eagles are capable of blowing out anyone in the league when their offense gets going. Big plays by Jackson, McCoy and Maclin will spell dome early for the Rams. Make the Eagles drive down the field. The Bears did this and so did the Vikings. This has to be a fourth quarter effort(right Giants fans?).

Don't Leave Points on the Board- Red zone field goals and turnovers in Eagles territory will kill the Rams chances tomorrow. You can't beat a high powered offense if you leave points on the board. Rams have to play smart, efficient football to win this game.


Final score prection- Eagles 34 Rams 16. I'm not as impressed with the Rams as everyone else is. The Eagles aren't perfect but they match up very well with the Rams.



BTW- I know there's a lot of Notre Dame fans on here so I just want to say as a diehard Michigan Fan- HAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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