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I've decided to retire number5. With the recent bashing of the Eagles and his move to Minnesota, I think its time. Been a great three years with this account and looking back I really grew as a writer because of BGN. I started posting my sophomore year of high-school and man did my early posts stink. My apologies to the new members of BGN, I was too critical on you looking back at my peices. They were like yours, short and mildly important. However the veterans here didn't O or post facepalm pictures in the threads. The vets ran with it and while I was here saw what a real posts were made of. So my appologies. If you stick around, the writing skills you currently possess with grow leaps and bounds. It's not your fault that our site has grown a lot with our "dream team", however if you can put much more effort than an hour and maybe comment a lot before fanposting to get a feel for the site, it be much appreciated. Now for your treat, a look back of my work.

"We're sorry"

The "Early Stuff" *Cringing* 

April 20th, 2009 "How to get Chad Ocho and Moreno"

I like Sheldon Brown. I think he is a extremly good CB, but if he should want to leave, we have Hanson. That said we can package him in a deal with a second rounder and I don't know....maybe a fifth rounder to the Bengals for Chad Ochco. The Bengals are very DB needed and it would give us a dominate reciever. Plus we would be able to pick Moreno with the twenty-first. And we cand pick up a CB in the later rounds of the draft. What do you guys think? I know this is very probable, but it sounds like a good idea.

April 22nd, 2009 "SOLID"

Our new offense already looks like a playoff claibur team. With a solid offensive line to protect one of the top ten quarter backs in the current leauge. A receving core that compliments itself nicely. A dominant FB. TE and RB still needs to play out. But If we get Knowshon we have a great running back crew that has even better blocking. Westbrook is one of the best RB. Knowshon will have that chage of tempo RB. Lorenzo still needs to proe himself, he had some flashes of brilliance in miami. I think that we have the guys to be the best in the NFC.

May 14th, 2009 "New Era"


I've been thinking about sports latley

Why are there so many big name free agents? It's because it time for a new generation. Edgerrin James, Deuce McAllister, Chris McAlister, Marvin Harrsion, Derick Brooks, Jon Runyan, Dre Bly, and Ty Law. Five years ago, if they were free agents, the other 31 TEAMS would offer them contracts, ALL ON THE FIRST DAY. But the stars that they where are the old gramps w/ the walking stick. Thats why we let Dawk go, the Broncos were ridiculos! That's a huge risk although he such a good player.  Thats why teams are valuing the draft more than free agency. And it not only football. Tim Duncan, Bruce Bowen, Jason Kidd, and more! I'm not so sure about baseball.

So what do you guys think about baseball? And of course football.

I didn't say Buress because he's probably moving in vick's old cell :)

June 2nd, 2009 "What WR will Jackson Resemble in the Future"



I loved Desean Jackson last year. And I think he can only do better this year. I think he can be our (yes)......#1 recevier. In fact he reminds me and I think he is the next Steve Smith (Panthers). Let's Compare. Stats from

 Steve's second season stats:


Steve's Height now: 5-9  

Steves Weight now: 185

Games played: 15

Games started: 13

Rec: 54

Yards: 872

Avg: 16.1

Longest rec: 69

TD's: 3

(I picked his second year b/c his rookie was crap)

Desean's rookie stats:

Height: 5-10  

Weight: 175

Games played: 16

Started: 15

rec: 62

yards: 912

avg: 14.7

longest catch: 60

TD's: 2

very similar in height, games played, logest reception, and TD's. HE can get some more weight. He had more rec and yds. Which is also why his avg is lower. But still amazing. Here's my predicted stats for next year.

(Hpefully) games: 16, started: 16

receptions: around 80's (a little less a little more)

yards: def. over 1,000 (around 1,500's)

avg: 16

longest: 80

TD's: 9 (b/c mac attack will get some pig skin too)

What do u guys think? (PLZ rec'd)


June 18th, 2009 "NFC EAST Rebound Players in 2009 (Eagles)"


The NFC east I think has the best division in the NFL because it's always so equally matched. That's unlike any division. But last year there there were some drop-offs in some of the positions in each ball club. Here are the Eagles.



Last Year: Kyle Eckel / Dan Klecko

Man....We were horrible last year at 3rd or 4th and short. 
We majorly improved this off season with Leonard Weaver. He would have been a big help against the Bears


I believe last year our WR's played unbelievable. But here's three that are bouncing back

Reggie_brown_medium Kevin_20curtis6_medium 18048-243x300_medium

Reggie Brown has too come back strong or he is out. His stats for 08 were 18 catches, 252 yards, averaging 14.0 yrds and 1 TD. He could have had another TD if he could get 1 MORE YARD TO WIN THE GAME AGAINST THE REDSKINS (the second meeting). But he only started 10 games this season. He has to show that he can be a productive option for McNabb before it's Maclin's turn. Hank Baskett last year blended into the crowed despite having his best year with 33 rec, 440 yrds, averaging 13.3, and with 3 TD. He needs to also prove himself. He's our biggest receiver at 6'4''. He needs to be a beast in the red zone. And Kevin Curtis was amazing during the Cardinals game and all of the regular season. I'm calling him a comeback player because he was injured last year and I expect even more. 





Short and simple, he was injured last season and he needs to protect McNabb this year. Will be one of our best on the line.




Victor Abiamir will be more active in the rotations this year. Playing only 10 games he got 11 tackles (solo and assists) and 2 sacks. He may even win the starting job (according to him)


Omar Gaither


Benched half way thought the season. I expect him to get his job back and with his 07 numbers with 102 tackles.



He unproven and on a short leash. Has to have a good year and even training camp to make the roster. Eagles have too much depth at DB 


Quintin Demps has to prove himself as a starter with Sean Jones at his heels. Especially with a Pro Bowl FS gone.

Who do you think will have a come back year?


July 16th, 2009 "The NFC East's Future (about 6 years) Quarterbacks"


The idea of the NFC East really got me thinking. Who do we have currently that looks promising and them compared to the rest of the NFC East teams. Today is the quarterback. Overall I'll be looking at players entering their 3rd year or younger.

EaglesKevin Kolb (3rd year)


As of now, he's our guy for the post McNabb era. In his short career he's made 50.0% completion rating. Ok. I see him being a Matt Cassel, with all the pieces in place for him.


CowboysStephen McGee (Rookie)


Here's some of the QB's NCAA stats. He has completed 485 passes out of 815, 28 TDs, 13 INTS, 5,475 yards, and college QB rating of 124.10. Not great. Probably might be in trouble without a OL when he starts in a couple years (after Romo).

Giants- Andre Woodson


6'4'' and 230 lb.  His athleticism reminds me of our own McNabb. Haven't seen much that will convince me about his passing game. But like Kevin, all the pieces will be in place.

Redskins- Colt Brennan


I know a lot about Colt. He led the WAC in passing yards his last NCAA year, with NO RUNNING GAME!. None. Led Hawaii to it's first big bowl, unfortunately he pulled a "Romo" in that game. And was a Heisman nominee. He was amazing in his first preseason game. Watch this.

I see him as the next  Drew Brees.

The Winner- Colt Brennan

It's close between Colt and Kevin. But Colt shows more potential. Kevin has some INT problems (4).

Loser- Andre Woodson

I don't think he can complete the cycle to become a passer. I see him like a Vick, not a McNair.


Note: Hahahahhahahahah none of these guys are in the NFC East anymore :P. Im skipping to my mid stuff.

Medieval number5

February 21st, 2010 "Why Youth is Overrated (Sort of..)"


Age, the professional athlete's nemesis. While some fade into the sunset, others show that age is just a number. And for the most part it should be.

The Eagles are one of the youngest teams in the NFL. Our average age is in the late 20's. We have 3 starting skill position players younger than 24 years of age (pictured below). Two more at the ages of 25 (Brent Celek) and 26 (Jason Avant). We have a OL age average of 26.8 years of age from last year starting OL (Jason Peters, Todd HerremansJamaal JacksonNick Cole, and Winston Justice). We are young and explosive. But we were also inexperienced. I am tired of hearing that the Eagles are always a contenders and how DeSean Jackson is gonna be a top 10 WR in the next 3-4 years. I WANNA WIN NOW. And to fix the situation is gain experience. Eff age, were gonna win anyway and now.

  Desean-jackson_medium Jeremymaclin5_mediumMccoy_20scores_medium

And that is through free agency and trades. While this year might be unrestricted in cap, it is super restricted to how players are UFA or RFA's and how many players teams can add to their squad. While this might be one of the worst FA classes in the history of the NFL, a new tactic will defiantly be added once again, trades. Trades, will be a huge new approach this off-season. We will defiantly see teams moving players that are a nuisance to their squad or money yet being extremely talented.


 I mean really what differance does it make if we are a little older. Andy always drafts a really good guy or two a draft, and that's how it always turns out in the NFL. We have studs like Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, Big Ben, Reggie Wayne, and Patrick Willis. But majority of the time you get guys like Freddie Mitchell (pic below)JaMarcus Russell, LaRon Landury, Jerome McDougle, etc.


Or you can sign guys who are experainced and proven superstars. That's why we chould go after the guys we need that can get us over the hump. We need S, LB, DE, OL, and RB. We have seen and even had two guys in the NFL that prove that age is just a number.


 Denver_broncos_v_kansas_city_chiefs_lhki-n4hooal_medium Brett-favre-vikings1_medium

Here are our options with our needs and the market.



Defensive End

PanthersJulius Peppers. Age: 30


The pro-bowler and superstar is a unhappy in Carolina and will likely test the market. Pending a franchise tag, the DE will have several suitors including the Eagles, GiantsBears, and Patriots. Although it has been recently reported from the Panthers that they feel that he is extremley inconsistant and he had a good year to attract suitors.

Green Bay: Aaron Kampman. Age: 30


Coming of a ACL tear is never good. But nethier was his 09 season. The talented DE switched to a 3-4 OLB with the Packers, serious hurting his stats. It is known that Kampman is unhappy with the 3-4 scheme and wont sign a contract with the Packers. The only obstacle is the franchise tag. If allowed to test the market the Eagles will definatley sign him pending a physical.

Titans: Kyle Van Den Bosch. Age: 31



Tony Agnone told The City Paper that Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt called him Wednesday about a contract extension for Vanden Bosch, who could become an unrestricted free agent March 5. However, Agnone called the talks very preliminary and exploratory.

The DE is another player with contract problems with his current team. The titans might relive him because of his age, while the Eagles could use him for the next 2-3 years winning superbowls.

Other Notable DE UFAJevon KearseDerrick Burgess (Note: Both ex-Eagles)


CardinalsKarlos Dansby. Age: 28


The free agent linebacker could easily cure the Eagles horrible linebacker woes. The Cardinals are letting him test the market. But other suitors include the New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals, looking to bolster their own linebacker corps. This is a free agent that is talented and young. He will not last long as a free agent.

SeahawksLofa Tatupu. Age: 27



While Tatupu might not be a free agent, the Seahawks Pete Carrol has to bring in a new regime. The emergance of David Hawthorne and futureAaron Curry could make the ILB expendable. The Eagles could certanly make a trade for the LB for a 3rd and a WR (Kevin Curtis or Reggie Brown).

RaidersThomas Howard Age: 26, Kirk Morrison Age: 28


The Raiders have some good players? Yes, their LB core is good with ILB Kirk Morrison and OLB Thomas Howard. We could easily get either in a trade for a 5th and Vick, AL Davis will easily accept.

Other Notable UFA LB: Pisa Tinoisamoa OLB, Larry Foote 3-4 ILB, Garry Brackett ILB, Mike Vrable OLB


TexansBrian Russell Age: 32

The FS will hit the free market after a season with the Texans. The long time Seahawk has 19 carrer INT's and is known for his hits. If the Eagles sign I see him maybe playing a Dawkins role or moving to SS.

SteelersRyan Clark Age: 30



The FS has had a decent carrer. Known for hard hits like the one above, the Eagles might also switch the S to SS. He has had 8 picks over 8 seasons.

Rams: Oj Atogwe Age: 28



After trading for Will Witherspoon week 6 with the Rams, the Eagles could also look back to trade again for their RFA Oj Atogwe. The Ram has 19 INTS and 1 TD over 5 years plus 14 FF. We could ship Vick and a 4rth for him.

ColtsAntoine Bethea Age: 25



While the Colts might resign Bethea, the Eagles could try to ship some draft picks to get the S. The 25 year old has 11 INTS in 4 seasons. But it would be extremly unlikely to get him.


Notable UFA Safteys: Mike Brown SS, Will Allen FS, Antrel Rolle FS (Reports/Rumors that he might get cut)

Offensive Tackle


Chargers: Marcus McNeil Age: 26


The young LT is going to be a RFA, but that might not stop the Eagles. They might be willing to give up picks for him, solitifing the RT spot and may rid the Eagles of one of the Andrews brothers.

JaguarsTra Thomas Age: 35


Cut by the Jaguars not to long ago, the long time Eagle might come back to Philidephia and serve as a mentor and a soild backup or at least compete with Winston Justice at RT.  

Notable UFA T's: Mike GandyJon JansenEphraim SalaamChad Clifton, Mark Taushcer


So Let's say we get a DE and LB in free agency without trading. I see that we might draft this way.

24. S Earl Thomas (Texas)

55. ILB Brandon Spikes (Florida)

70. DE Greg Hardy (Mississippi)

87. G John Jerry (Mississippi)

118. Legarrette Blount (Oregon)

124. ILB/OLB Jamar Chaney (Mississippi State)   

159. CB Stephan Virgil (Virginia Tech)

190. WR (?)


September 7th 2009 "2009 Eagles: Analyzing Strengths and Weakness (Offense)"


Yeah this was already done during the off-season but maybe it might be different this time around with the new 53 man roster.




Donovan McNabb has already been a top 10 quarterback for the past decade. 29,320 total yards, 58.9 completion rating, all time leader in passing TD's with 194, and 5 playoff appearances in the last 9 or 10 years. And one Superbowl appearance. Pretty darn good for 10 seasons. And the expectations for the 11th are nothing less than (at least) a Superbowl appearanceagain. We have been the closes team that still hasn't won the Superbowl of this decade. The to cap of the most talented roster in resent memory, we add the recently reinstatedMichael Vick. This act from the front O means that they are ready for the Superbowl to come this year to risk adding Vick, acknowledging the consequences. I believethathe is a decent passer, withincredible arm strength. In 6 years he's thrown 11,505 yards, a completion rating of 53.8, 71 TD's, and 52 INT's. What he is most notable for is his legs. Over 3,000 yards in 6 years and in 06 he rushed for the most a quarterback had 1,039. He has been seen as a ascent for the Eagles to add a dimension to their already stacked offense. He will probably run the expanding Wild Cat formation and other trick plays. This adds a dangerous new component to the Eagles and we shall see how impactful he and his plays will be on the road to the Superbowl.



Running Backs

P1Display_image_medium 3872863_medium

This team has 36 to thank for all it's success. He has been the guy every Sunday puting on the superman cape and playing at a pro-bowl level. But age has been catching up and has been less and less dependable. That's where 2nd round rookie LeSean McCoy jumps in. A "mini" Brian Westbrook. Has great speed and elusiveness, can catch, and is working on blocking. This kid has been a beats this preseason and looked like a quality starter. And then we have former Charger Eldra Buckley, supposedly a camp body turned into a fierce competitor for Lorenzo Booker, who eventually beat him out for a roster spot. Buckley has a speedy but power back style that separated him form Booker. I see an eventual three headed beast here.



Jason-peters_mediumIn_herremans_080619_medium Nyj-240jackson-071025_medium

Large_shawn_andrews_eagles_camp_medium  This years OL is the (on paper) best we have had and also the most hyped OL in Eagles history. We have pro-bowl LT Jason Peters that we have traded for. He is a very hyped player. No doubt he is good, probably top 10 LT, but I feel that his hype is bigger than his play. His year he can prove to be one of the best T's in the game today. We have LG Todd Heremans, a pro-bowl guy also, andprobably our solidest guy on the line. Hopefully we get him soon. The Center, Jamaal Jackson, is our second weakest guy on our OLright now. He is good, but inconsistency makes me wonder if it was worth trading Hank Frakley (I am big fan). He needs to step up and be that all star center we know he is. Then we have the "Andrews Wall", RG Stacy Andrews is a dominant force that has had some injury problems, hopefully he can jell with this OL . And lastly we have probably our strongest and weakest player pro-bowl Shawn Andrews. I am concerned (I called him our weakest) because he hasn't taken reps and it's bad when our offensive line hasn't played together yet. He has been a stellar guard, but lets see if he's still a pro-bowl player.


 Philadelphia_eagles_v_new_england_patriots_cm4pc7ac4lyl_medium Curtis_medium

Our only weakness. I don't think we can get it done with just these two. It an improvement from the time Ingram went down. We have two small receiving TE's right now. Maybe if we trade for more of a blocker like Ben Watson or Alge Crumpler (yeah he's old but he can block and catch and we only need him for 1-2 years) or pick up a guy like Leonard Pope or Alex Smith. Butt we need one more guy.

Solid (A strenght nor a weakness)




Yes, he could be considered a strength. But I have see very little from him in the preseason. He kinda disappeared at the start of traning camp. Plus with our OL out of commission for now  can he pick up all the blocks? I say yes, but he has to show me in green why I say yes. 


Sp-49ers_eagles_0499287974_medium 23456260799200-13191000_medium340x_medium

 The reason I don't consider our group a strenght is because the WR for the Cardinals are a strenght, the WR for the Patriots are a stregnth, WR for the San Deigo Chargers are a strenght. Our group is good none the less. DeSean Jackson will continue to be the main target, zipping by DB's.  Kevin Curtis will be more of our possession guy for our QB's. Avant will be the crucial slot guy in those 3rd and longs. I expect ethier Reggie Brown or Hank Baskett to be traded, so there will only be 6 WR's. Maclin will probably be in a rotation with Avant, and his responsibilities will slowly grow. I think DeSean of last year after preseason was more ahead of Maclin now, I dont know maybe I'm wrong. And here is rookie Brandon Gibson, expected to be cut until the last Jets game. Andy proobaly has a big role for this kid, otherwise I think we could make do with 5 WR's. But this kid has talent and upside, unlike Brown or Baskett (both have talent ).


March 12th 2010 "2004-Present: The Status of the Eagles"


With the way the current off-season is going has caused me to deeply analyze what has happened from when our beloved Eagles had gotten to the ultimate goal and came up a little short and our current status as of now. Although it is a uncapped year; the Eagles continue to do what they usually do; let most of the big names go by while focusing on the drafts to help the Eagles. But why? Why does it matter if you invest in a seasoned player with some issues that will ultimately help your club right now? The Eagles have one of the best coaches and staffs in the NFL; getting us to the playoffs 8 times since 2000 (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009). Although there are many more factors to the road to the Superbowl, why does it seem that the Eagles try to adjust too much to the roster every year.




2004, is arguably our best roster ever in the Andy Reid era. The reason why is because that team got us to the Superbowl, which no other 2000 Eagles have done. Until another team at least gets us back to the Superbowl , they are the best. Let's reminisce shall we?

QB- Donovan McNabbKoy Detmer, Jeff Blake

RB- Brian Westbrook, Dorsey Levens, Reno Mahe, Eric McCoo, Josh Parry

FB- Thomas Tapeth, Jon Ritchie

WR- Terrell Owens, Todd Pinkston, Freddie Mitchell, Greg LewisBilly McMullen

TE- Chad Lewis, L. Smith

T- Tra ThomasJon Runyan, Ian Allen, Jermane Mayberry

G- Artis Hicks, Steve Sciullo, Shawn AndrewsTrey Darilek

C- Hank FraleyAlonzo Ephraim

DE- Jevon KearseTrent ColeDerrick BurgessJerome McDougle, Jaamal Green, Hugh Douglas

DT- Corey Simon, Darwin WalkerHollis Thomas 

LB- Dhani JonesMark Simoneau, JerimiahTrotter, Keith AdamsIke Reese, Nate Wayne

DB- Sheldon BrownBrian Dawkins, Roderick Hood, Micheal Lewis, Qunitin Mikell, Lito Sheppard, Jr Reed, Matt Ware

K- David Akers

P- Dirk Johnson

LS- Mike Bartrum

The 2004 Eagles ranked 9th in total offense, ranked 8th in scoring per game at 24.1, averaging 248. 7 passing yards per game, and had the 10th ranked defense.

Their was huge amount promise for the Eagles in 2005 and it crashed down to earth, leaving the Eagles with a horrible record of 6-10. That year we lost many important Eagles. Derrick Burgess and Corey Simon were let go; TO was suspended and eventually released. Although TO deserved it; the Eagles lost to key defensive players; causing a huge problem on defense where pass rushing seem optional to the Eagles. The Eagles drooped to the 23rd ranked defense. The offense also suffered. Injuries to Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, TO, Todd Pinkston, Lito Sheppard, Hank Fraley, Tra Thomas, and Correll Thomas.

So we assume, we get over the injury bug and find ourselves to another Superbowl, right? 2006 the Eagles lost 28 players from the Superbowl roster from 2004. In two years, the Eagles started anew? Why? We were young, something Reid loves in a team with a average age of  26.8 in 04. Yes a horrible season came about a year ago but a lot of it could be blamed on the injuries and a TO meltdown. Yeah we do great with a 10-6 record and fell short at the divisional round vs the Saints, but the guys above got us all the way to the Superbowl.

2007 we lose 9 guys from the 2006 season; 7 of these guys apart of the 2004 season. And in 07 we go 8-8 and short of the playoffs. Why? An excuse cannot be for getting this result from a promising season ago is cutting age, because in 2006 our average age was only 26.9. So letting some age go is not a excuse.

The 2008 season only 9 players were on the Superbowl team. That year we do average in the regular season and kick ass in the postseason till the Cardinals beat us. And the rest is history.

It seems like when Andy tweaks it interfereswith some of our past success from the previous season; making the Eagles find new and innovating ways to win, which isn't always a bad thing.  But it makes it 10 times harder when we can'tcontinue some of the things that may have really worked for us a season ago.  That's why I was bitching earlier this month about adding several older pieces to win now instead of starting new and grooming rookies. Hopefully we can continue some the Eagles explosiveness of the offense last year and continue it next to get the city of Philadelphia and its fans a Superbowl. McNabb and Co. for 2010!


May 16th, 2010 "NFC East 2010 Outlook: An Eagle Preview"


With OTA'sunderway and training camp coming up, I felt it would be fun to recap the NFC East off-season to this point and what it means in the up and coming season, by analyzing new players and defining the needs of the teams to have a successful season.  I'll kick things off with theEagles.


(DeSean Jackson (above) returning a punt against the Giants for a Touchdown)




Key Additions in Offseason:Brandon Graham DE, Marlin Jackson CB, Nate Allen S, Erine Sims WLB, Mike Bell RB

Key Losses in Offseason: Donovan McNabb QB, Sheldon Brown CB, Brian Westbrook RB, Shawn Andrews OG/OT

Analysis: The Eagles revamped bothsides of the ball with youth by letting go of veteran Brian Westbrook and trading Sheldon Brown and Donovan McNabb. They also rid themselves of highly talented but troubled Shawn Andrews. However, they addressed defensive needs by adding CB/S Marlin Jackson in free agency and trading for LB ErineSims. They continued addressing the weak defense in the draft by drafting nine defensive players out of thirteen overall picks. The unusual draft by Andy Reid shows the faith in the personnel he already has, even in the offensive line, where he usually spends draft picks every year.

Impact Players of 2010 EaglesKevin Kolb QB, Nick Cole C/OG, Stacy Andrews OG, Brandon Graham DE, Steward Bradley MLB, Mosie Foku SLB, Joselio Hanson CB, Elllis Hobbs CB, Nate Allen FS, Marlin Jackson CB/FS

Kevin Kolb is easily an impact player of the 2010 season for the Eagles. He will be leading the young but talented offense at the most important position in the game, the quarterback. His good decisions and accuracy are key this year. However, his first season will also be significant as the evaluation of the Redskin trade is decided on the season of the quarterbacks (Kolb and McNabb).

Nick Cole and Stacy Andrews are impact players in two scenarios. The first one has Nick Cole directing the Eagles offensive line as usual starter Jamaal Jackson will likely not play in 2010 after a late season ACLinjury. If Nick is starting center, then the big acquisition from 2008, Stacy Andrews will likely start at right guard. Andrews was expected to start last year, but the new scheme added witha recovering knee surgery equated to little time seen on the field. There is major pressure to perform for Stacy, as he took a pay-cut early this off-season and his brother, longtime Eagle Shawn Andrews, was let go this off-season as football looked like a less likely career for the pro-bowl guard. In the second scenario, Nick and Stacy compete at right guard, as the Eagles have someone else plays center. The first seems more likely, but in either scenario, both will have a huge (no pun intended) impact on the offensive line, the running game, and Kolb's health.

Brandon Graham was a impact player in college, but that's not the full reason he's on this list. Graham was taken by the Eagles 13thoverall a month ago and is expected to play opposite Trent Cole during the season. However, many young DE's don't have a successful rookie season. There have been only three rookie DE's/3-4 OLB's to reach double digit sacks in their rookie season since 2006. Kamerion Wimbely, Brian Orakpo, and Clay Matthews. Those three are the only ones since 2006. That's one of the many reasons their is sucha high bust rate with DE's. Extra pressure is added to Graham, as Daniel Te'o-Neshiem (taken in the 3rd) and Ricky Sapp (taken in the 5th) were added in the draft as well as highly regarded Darryl Tapp was added in a trade.

Steward Bradley missed all of 2009 with a torn ACL during flight night. In 2009, the Eagles had 6 different starting middle linebackers. The poor linebacker play was one of the major reasons why this was one of the worst Eagles defenses in recent memory. Bradley, regarded to be on the brink of a pro-bowl, must show us why we thought that.

Mosie Foku stole Chris Gocong's job at the end of the year last year. Now GocongandBrown are with the Browns. Foku was a 7throundpick in 2009 and was not on many fans radar's. He is mostly remembered by solid play with the exception of penalties. Now it's just him, Keenan Clayton, and Rick Sapp. And he must continue to improve or these rookies could steal his job just as well as he did with Gocong.

Joselio Hanson and Ellis Hobbs are to battle it out for the starting right cornerback spot after Sheldon Brown and Chris Gocongwere shipped to the Browns. Hanson had a down year with a four game suspension over the substance abuse policy. Hobbs, saw little time at corner, but was decent in the kick return game until mid-season when he had a season ending neck injury. If Hanson returns to 2008 form and shows us and the coaches that he deserves his contract, he will start. If Hobbs shows comfortably in the system and outshines Hanson, he will start, recreating the Patriots secondary a little. A wild card in this competition is Marlin Jackson, who is currently competition at the free safety position, but has experienceat corner withthe Colts. But he has a history withknee injuries and has stiff competition with second rounder Nate Allen. Allen, is expected to greatly improve a huge need at safety, that was left two off-seasons ago by Brian Dawkins.

Biggest (pun intended) Factor of the Season:Andy Reid. The first year without McNabb at helm will take adjustments by Reid and Co. More balance is needed for Kolbto shine, as he doesn't have the arm strength of McNabb to blast the ball down-field like Reid likes nor has the mobility of McNabb, when defenses see the predictability of the offense and bring plenty of pressure. By giving second year running back LeSean McCoymorerushing attempts than Westbrook got, defenses will have to guess more with the Eagles and giving less of a load to Kolb. Game management will also be key with such a young offense. Timeouts at the right time give Kolb options during 2 min drills.

What can be expected on Offense:Kolb will provide accuracy so that worms can finally thrive at the Linc, as well as hitting play makers in stride. Brent Celek will have a record season as well as DeSean Jackson. McCoy will see more screen plays and develop into 36 2.0.

What needs to happen on Offense: Improved offensive line play needs to happen most of all. Kolb cannot see as much pressure as McNabbsaw during the last two meetings with the Cowboys. Otherwise, Kolb will become the next DaivdCarr in Houston. Short yardage plays must be easier than first and ten for the offense, as well as _ and goal. Balance in the running game withMcCoy and Weaver in needed more than ever. And smart plays need to be called with Vick in the game.

What can be expected on Defense:A much improved defense overall. We are taking a page out of the Giants Superbowlrun with the amazing defensiveline depth. With a strong rotation, even the best offensive lines.

What needs to happen on Defense: Better man and zone play throughout the secondary. We allowed 216.4 yards per game average! That is way to high for any team. Asante will improve the tackling, but I still worry about the double moves. Mikell had a down year overall. Linebacker stability and coverage also need to improve. Pressure from the two DT's Brodrick Bunkley and Mike Patterson on passing down need to happen to rise their sack numbers and open holes for blitzing linebackers.

With serious competition with all four teams this year, the best of the Eagles needs to be seen this year.


October 10th, 2010 "Make or Break Kevin Kolb"


Tonight for Kolb is make or break. With Vick on the sidelines with a rib related injury, the HAS TO prove that he can manage more than dink and dunk. Especially since this Niner's D allowed over 400 yards to the Chiefs offense just two weeks ago. 


And here's why. Let's say the Eagles lose 3-10. A real close and defensive game. If Kolb can't show that he can hit Maclin or Jackson deep or rather on a 7 yard slant, then he isn't the quarterback that we all fantasied about, with JimmyK showing game film on how great he is and if the receiver ran a better rout or the o-line just blocked for a second longer. Because capable quarterbacks make plays WHEN THERE IS PRESSURE. Yes, the o-line is playing very poorly lately, even for a usual Eagles o-line, but boo-hoo. He doesn't have to be Vick, heck just by yourself some time in the pocket. McNabb has slowed down significantly this season. He played with some sort of leg injury, but late in the second half, he bought himself some time and found Lance Armstrong for a 70+ touchdown. 

Heck, let's look at one of the best pocket passers today, Drew Brees

Two things we and Kolb should take away. One, Brees has his eyes down field, 99% of the time. Two, he makes time in the pocket HIMSELF. Not that many in this highlight reel, but the very first one shows him avoiding guys in the pocket, and look what happened. 


Kolb, show me a vertical passing game and buy yourself time in the pocket, and Eagles fans and I will be happy. You don't have to even carry the team on your shoulders for the win or even have a 3 TD performance. Heck, don't score a TD, but have a great completion percentage and get DeSean Jackson a big game, my fantasy team needs it. 


And Modern number5 (putting Links)

Is Micky D (McDermott) The Problem?

The Best and Efficient Way to Improve this Defense


3-4 in Midnight Green?

GM Number5's Eagles Off-Season 2011

Philadelphia's Defense, Taking Shape

#5's Off-Season Rant: A Blast From the Past, Gloxico Burress, Vietnam vs DRC, and More

Bye, ___ :(


I've grown so much :D. I look foward to seeing you soon my friends, it should be super obvious who I will become.

Thanks for reading, 


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