Skip Bayless is a gift from God

Actually Skip Bayless is a jackass. I didn't say it first, we all know who did but he was right no the money.

Skip Bayless works for ESPN on 1st and 10 I believe and also does radio spots as well. He gets paid to take completley different views on everything in sports and is a shock jock, which therefore doesn't make him a qualified journalist.

I love the setup of 1st and 10 but can't watch it for more than 2 minutes without being driven to insanity with Bayless's stupdity and ignorance. He is Rush Limbaugh, not as ballsy but probably just as ignorant. At least Rush means everything he says, even if most of his viewpoints are about 150 years old.

The latest bomb dropped from Bayless' jackass was that Albert Haynesworth was a better pickup than Nnamdi Asomugha. So for the sack of me needing to get this off my chest, here is my breakdown of this shock jock's latest "brilliant" statement.


First off, I wanted the Eagles to get Albert Haynesoworth. He would of been his old self, reuniting with his mentor and former d-line coach Jim Washburn. It would of been great to see him destory the Skins right in front of the most egotistical coach in football, Mike Shanahan. Of course the Redskins didn't want that to happen, rightfully so, that is why they traded him for peanuts and half of a sandwich to the New England Patriots. Quick note, unless Albert is willing to take less money in a 3-4 defense that he hates, the Pats will have to release him in 2013 as he is set to make over $20  million that year.


Okay, back to the breakdown. First, you look at what each player means to his team both in the locker room and in the community. Nnamdi takes kids that live in the urban area that probably havn't been much further than their inner city and takes them on college tours to some of the best schools nation wide. He pays for the entire trip, arranges the entire trip and takes part in the entire trip. Albert Haynesworth stepped on guys head with his cleates still on while the dude was on his back on the ground. I could take more about Nnamdi's work in the community and all the incredibly self-less things he does for orphans and widows in Nigeria, but I think I have made my point. Oh yeah, fat Albert sexual harrassed a waitress, allegedly, which is set to go to court this month.

Of course, some people don't care about those kind of things as what you do on the football field is all that matters. One player can't divide a locker room and ruin a season can it? Why does the 2005 season all of the sudden ring a bell? Anyways let's compare what each player meant for their team statisically.

Albert Haynesworth had whopping 13 solo tackles, 3 sacks and did the worm once in 2010(something Nnamdi Asomugha has yet to accomplish in his career). Nnamdi Asomugha was targeted just 31 times in 14 games giving up ZERO touchdowns. Quarterbacks have refused to throw to Nnamid's side in the last few seasons.

Nnamdi is already stating that he would like to play the slot and be used similarily to the way the Packers have been using Charles Woodson.  There's a scary thought, one play Nnamdi is shutting down your best wide out the next he is coming on a delay blitz that Eli didn't even see coming.

Skip Bayless is allowed to have his opinion as is anyone, but you have to both back your opinion up and be ready for the backlash/rebutal when you say asinine things like that on national radio. Mike Greenberg disagreed with him on Mike in Mike, and Skip's best response was "Is this becuase your a Jet's fan?"

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