The Signing of Nnamdi: A Skip Bayless Illustrative Story

Here is the the story of Nnamdi signing with the Eagles, this time focusing on Skip Bayless, the "1st and 10" co-host with immense no sports knowledge.

Skip Bayless is sitting on the set of "1st and 10," about to go on air. He checks his phone, and calls over his assistant, Bill.

Skip: The Jets are out of the running for Nnamdi! He's coming to Dallas, baby!

Bill: I thought...I thought you said he was overrated and you didn't want him?

Skip: What? No I didn't. I've always loved Nnamdi! I was going to name my first-born son after him! Now that we got him, it's smooth sailing to the Super Bowl for us, Cowboys. No-one will be able to stop us. Give me a hug, Bill.


Skip: We got Nnamdi! We got Nnamdi! We got Nnamdi!


We got the best cornerback in the league! Super Bowl! Super Bowl! I need to write a letter to Jerry Jones:


        Dear Jerry,

It's me, Skip, again. I haven't heard from you forever. Literally, ever. You must not be getting my gift's because you have yet to contact me about them. It's OK, I'm sure you're really busy. I hope you enjoyed the chocolate strawberries I sent you last week. Well, anyways, I just wanted to thank you for signing Nnamdi Asomugha, and congratulate the Cowboys on being the 2012 Superbowl Champions.
P.S. I am including a picture of me for you to hang up in your office.

Bill: Uh, Mr. Bayless, ESPN is saying Asomugha signed with the Eagles, not the Cowboys.

Skip: Huh?


Bill: is saying it too.

Skip: Asomugha...NOT coming... to the Cowboys?

Bill: Mr. Bayless, are you crying?


Skip: What?... No I'm not crying! I didn't really even want Nnamdi that much anyway. I knew all along some team would come in and overpay. I'm sure the Eagles overpaid for him. Jerry Jones is too smart for that. There's no way he's spending over $15 million per year on a cornerback.

TV in background: It's official. The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to a 5-year, $60 million contract with Nnamdi Asomugha, paying him significantly less money than most people thought Nnamdi would require.

Skip: Only $12 Million??...I mean..$12 MILLION?!! They overpaid THAT much to get him? He's not even that good. He only has three interceptions in the past four years! Just 3 picks!!! I can't believe people think he's the best cornerback in the league. Overrated, for sure.

Bill: That's probably because he's only been targete-           



Bill: QB's never throw his w-



Bill: OK, whatever you say.

Skip: I'm not crying.

Bill: I didn't say you were cr-

Skip: Bill, I'm NOT CRYING!


Later that night at Skip's house. . .


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