Mr.Electric's Take on the Eagles Offseason and 2011-2012 Preview

Hey everyone, hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I havent been on here as much as I wanted but once the season starts I will be here a lot more. Like most of you I am thrilled with the offeason and cant wait for the season to start. After the jump I will look at each move and how it will affect the eagles next year and in the future. 

QB: Vince Young: I am a big fan of this signing. As great as Michael Vick is and as much as we want to believe he is indestructible that isnt the case. Vick's ability to create plays with his legs is one of his greatest assets but also leads ot more hits and as a result more injuries.  Vince Young is more than capable to start the games Vick misses and give the eagles a good chance to win. What do John Beck, Travis Jackson, Alex Smith, Donovan Mcnabb, Cam Newton, Jason Campbell, Andy Dalton and Colt McCoy have in common? They are all starting quarters that IMO are worse than VY. To put this in perspective 25% of NFL Starting QBs are worse than our backup. Thats incredible. 

RB: Ronnie Brown: Another great get. I am not as high on Brown as others but he is a terrific backup that should fill in very well god forbid McCoy gets hurt. To me, Brown impact is as a 3rd down back. First off, Ronnie Brown has good hands and get make people miss in space both of which are great in a 3rd down back. But most importantly to me is Brown's size. The average height of an NFL RB is 5'11.2" and 220lbs. Lesean McCoy is 5'11 but only 208lbs. Ronnie Brown on the other hand is 6'0 and 230Ibs. Those numbers make him a better pass blocker and allow him to give McCoy rest especially in passing situations. 

RT: Ryan Harris: IMO the second best signing of the offseason. We need a top flight RT to  protect Vick's blindside and that is exactly what we got. When healthy Ryan Harris is a top 5 RT if not higher. He is very quick and athletic which should allow him to stop the speed edge rushers that Justice couldnt handle (Winfield and Woodson anyone). The only knock on Harris is his health. In 4 years in the NFL he has only played 34 games. However, if he can find a way to stay healthy I believe that we found our RT of the future.

G/C Evan Mathis: I dont know much about him to be completely honest. From what I have read here and other places is that he has a good amount of talent yet for whatever reason he didnt play a lot as a bengal. Here is a more in-depth look at Mathis by Jason B.  

DE: Jason Babin: The first of many studs added to the now vaunted Eagles D. Too many people have been calling him a 1 year wonder. Listen, if we didnt have the same D-Line coach that made him amazing I would agree with that statement but I believe that Washburn knows exactly what hes doing and Jason will continue his dominance here. Most importantly, IMO is that the eagles finally have another elite lineman to take the pressure off Cole. Dont be surprised if Trent Cole has the best year of his career now that he cant be doubled or tripled teamed.

DT/DE: Cullen Jenkins: Another stud for the D-Line. With the addition of Jenkins the Eagles D-Line that was once considered a weakness has 3 pro-bowlers and top tier players. Jenkins is one of the best interior rushers in the NFL and should thrive under the teaching of Jim Washburn. 

CB: Nnamdi Asomugha: I am still in shock about his one. I remember when I first got the text message that the Nnamdi was coming here and I went nuts. Its been almost a week already and I'm still going nuts. The fact that we added the consensus #1 Free Agent shows that his Front Office is really going all-in and this could be our year. As for how Nnamdi fits our system. I think he said it best when he said hes a cornerback and hes gonna do whatever the coaching staff asks of him. Not only is he a world-class player after listening to him speak he is clearly very intelligent and a great overall human being.  

CB: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: I was thrilled when I thought it was him and Asante playing opposite each other. DRC is one of the top young players in the game and should gain a lot by playing with superstars like Asante and Nnamdi. His future is so bright and he will be a cornerstone of the Defense for years to come. Also, I have been so impressed by everything he has said about the 3 CBs situation he seems like a great person who should fit very well with the organization.

Other Signings: Jarrod Page S, Derek Landri DT and Anthony Hargrove DT.

I dont know a lot about any of these guys so I'm just going to link the posts by Jason and Route 36 on them.


Landri and Hargrove

Season Preview: I think the Eagles are a favorite to win it all this year after all the moves we made. However, I think the shortened season will be a big disadvantage and their will be some instances where it is clear the team doesnt have perfect chemistry. WIth that being said I still think the Eagles win the division with a 11-5 record however early in the year especially I wouldn't be shocked if we lost to teams we should beat easily (Opener at STL worries me a bit could easily start 0-2). Once we reach the playoffs its another story. I think this team is focused determined and to be honest most talented and the combination of the three lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl Win! Go Birds and I cant wait for the season to start

Bart Scott - Can't Wait! (via Hondavtec21)


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