Does this make me a fraudulent fan?

Hi everyone. This is my first Fanpost, so I am sure many of you will complain or disagree or hate on it, but since I read this side about 15 times a day I feel like its time to contribute something regarding all of the craziness we have had the pleasure to witness over the past few weeks.

I love the Eagles. My first real memory as a kid was going to an Eagles game with my dad and grandfather. I think I was about 5 cause I had to take a nap during halftime cause I was tired. I also remember being the alcohol mule wearing a pair of BARnoculars through the gate cause who's going to frisk a little kid looking for flasks. We had season tickets at the Vet (Section 201) and up until the Eagles moved to the Linc, I didn't miss a single game.

Now I live in North Jersey surrounded by Giants fans, who only seem to want to tell me how much the Eagles suck, having to shell out a small fortune every year to DirecTV to get the Sunday Ticket (I live in an apartment so I don't even get the dish I just pay for the "to go" option which sucks). Last year it was a choice between watching the game and getting a new car. I took the bus to work for half the year cause it meant I could watch the Eagles play last season.

With all of that said I'm about to admit something I never have before, and part of me things I might be a fraudulent fan for saying this:

I don't honestly care if the Eagles win the Super Bowl.

There I said it. I seriously do not care. Am I happy they are loaded up to do so this year? Absolutely. Do I think they will? Yes. Do I want them to and will I be ecstatic that I will be able to celebrate it with my dad if they do? You bet. But if they don't I've never been the person who has screamed and lamented over not winning.

To me every year the Eagles put us in the hunt and from my perspective that's all I can ask them to do as a fan. This year is going to be simply amazing to me regardless of the outcome. Just thinking of being able to watch the caliber of players we have makes me consider moving back to South Jersey and figuring out a way to commute to work. As long as they play their hearts out I'll stay a happy and loyal fan.

Oh yeah and as long as they beat the crap out of the Cowboys...

To all of the recent Eagle haters and "championship buyers" out there why don't you worry about your own team?Players do not a championship make, playing and winning does. Yes the Eagles have put themselves in a fantastic position to win it all, but how about you spend less time crying about it on BGN, and more time on thinking about how your team is going to do. It's sad and frankly a little pathetic to read someone hating on our team just because they can. Every team had the same chance to sign these guys, and the Eagles beat them to the punch. Deal with it.

So does just watching the Eagles play and not caring about Super Bowl wins make me a fraud? Am I not a passionate Eagles fan? Am I just a sideliner? Personally I don't think so, but obviously I'm a bit biased so I present the question to the readers.

Anyway that's enough from me for now. Thanks for reading and for giving me something fantastic to read at work. 

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