Guide for the new BGNers.

This is something I wrote as a suggestion (take it seriously) for the new guys who keep posting... So for those of you who are new, please read this whole thing.

Part 1, the overview:


Listen I realize you guys are all Eagles fans. I'm not going to question your fanhood but us here do find it odd you've come out of the woodwork now that we're the Superbowl Favorites. We realize you want to post your thoughts and we realize you have the right to do so as a new member of BGN. Here are some tips.


  1. Make sure your posts are actually readable. Please use some sort of punctuation, hell even a paragraph would be great. Most of us here are very well spoken (written?) and like to read things that are easy on the eyes. Now we know not everybody is a grammar god, spelling scientist or punctuation pussy but for the love of god please make an attempt at making thing readable.
  2. Make sure your posts aren't the same as every single other post. I know you have this shiny new account, you're ready to grace the people of BGN with this shitpatch you call a thought but please, go onto some of the other things written (stuff by d-jackfan10, macjack09 and Number5 are some of my favorite recent posts) and see how they did it, look at the comments and if they covered something you were barely going to write about (150 words isn't a fanpost, it's an annoyance) go ahead and make a comment there, people will see it, people will comment on your comment, it's what we do here.
  3. Please don't post 150 fanposts, as stated above they're probably as annoying as the lockout itself was.. Make something with some depth please, I know we're not all great writers, I myself am not a good one, but you can't post something that's 1 paragraph which is over something 12 other people posted 1 paragraph as a fanpost and thing we're going to care..


Part 2, the Community:
I may have covered this above a little but it's a fair thing to say.. Here at BGN we pretty much are a family, we fight, we tell each other to fuck off, we threaten each others health, we bitch and whine. But do not come on here and pick a fight with one of us, it's a quick way to get on everybody's shit list and from the on it's very hard to redeem yourself, very few have done it, the only one I've seen able to do it was eagladelphia who's a very productive member here.
Now, come in here and stand your ground, but use facts. When all else fails use and use the stats from there. We're all stats guys, if you're going to come in here and say Plaxico is better than Maclin then you sure as hell need some numbers to support that.. YOUR OPINIONS ARE NOT FACTS... Please remember this when you post.


Part 3, Impress us:
You have something to say? By all means say it please.. You have an idea about a move the Eagles should make? Please share... This is what we're here for, to share ideas and talk not only Eagles but football in general. How can you impress us a little? Well here's 3 quick ways.

  1. If you have an idea, say you want to pick up a player.. Give us some background on him (age, experience, previous teams, etc) then follow it up with why you'd like to see us sign him and how you see him fitting within the Eagles.
  2. Be organized, don't be afraid to use a paragraph, or 5... An organized, nice looking fanpost gets more comments than some clusterfuck somebody wrote in 2 minutes.
  3. If you see a link and want to share it post is as a fanshot, it's for links, you can summarize then post your opinion in those also, you don't need a fanshot to say "Caplan says we're going after Randy Moss"


Part 4, well wild_eagle why should I listen to you?
Simple. I'd love to see some new guys come in here and incorporate into the community, you can never have to many football guys in one place, you can never have to many good fanposts, and you can never have to many Eagles fans. New guys=New ideas=Learning, say you find a new way to track a DE's play by the amount of yardage he gets by each stat, that'd be something I'd love to know about.

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