The Eagles Looking to Soar to Unprecedented Heights With Loaded Roster

Well, after getting done with the Oakland Raiders' preview (ugh, I feel dirty) I now move on to the Philadelphia Eagles, a team with all the high expectations in the world.


As all we devout NFL fans know by now, Michael Vick has just been awarded a rich new contract and there is sufficient evidence to suggest that he will not go JaMarcus Russell and squander this chance, especially since he gets to be a bonzo millionaire for the second time in an NFL career.


Vick, while not having his best game of the preseason against Pittsburgh in Week 2, appears to have more of a command of Andy Reid's meticulous version of the West Coast offense and puts in the film study time to prove it.


Vick, with his embarrassment of riches (LeSean McCoy really deserves to be #1 in my Fantasy draft, so I should oblige him) will not be wanting for friends to throw the ball to even if Jeremy Maclin isn't back for the Week 1 game at St. Louis.


Whenever I watch film of DeSean Jackson, I am just astounded at his speed, while Brent Celek, Jason Avant and newcomer to the fold Ronnie Brown all bring sufficiently prodigious skills which will make Philadelphia a nightmare for opposing defenses as the season progresses.


As a sidenote, Cornelius Ingram really intrigues me, but with all of this weaponry Philadelphia boasts, one must wonder if he'll even be active every week.


Defensively, Trent Cole is a monster and never seems to get the credit he deserves. His prolific pass-rushing skills will once again prove invaluable to any success Philadelphia will experience on that side of the ball.


As for the secondary, we all know Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie are all extremely hard to throw on and while the Cardinals are elated with Kevin Kolb at this stage, I think all Eagles fans know Mike Kafka will be better as Vick's backup anyway.


Once again, Eagles management is playing chess while other front offices seem to be playing checkers.


With all of this said, the NFC East will be tough this season, as it always is (the Giants are better than they showed against the Jets Monday, I'm certain) but just so long as the Cowboys finish last, that's all an NFL fan with integrity can hope for!


Thanks for reading and I expect nothing but a deep playoff run for the Eagles. As always, we shall see what happens.

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