Michael Vick's Contract: Effect on the Eagles



It is great that current Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick, received a 6 year 100 million dollar deal, with 36 million guaranteed.  He has come full circle, working as hard as anyone could ask to be at where he is now, making the most of his second opportunity in the NFL amongst the harshest critics. Truly, one of the best rise, fall, and rise stories, maybe ever. However, this contract has major implications moving foward, impacting the team indirectly for the upcoming seasons. 

1. DeSean Jackson

Jackson is looking for a payday, and legitimately so. He has outperformed his draft status and rookie contract. He could see figures of what he's asking for or higher on a open market. That's why it's imperative to sign him before the season ends. Most thought that once Vick resigned with the Eagles, much much more cap would be available for some structure for a new deal with Jackson. However Vick's pay only drops from 16.2 to 14.4 million, roughly 2 million dollars, giving us currently around 4 million free. Of course, rosters are at 80 players currently and have to be down to 53 by September 3rd. However, camp bodies and bubble players won't free enough space up even then. The following must depart in order for a new deal to commence for Jackson:

DE Juqua Parker - $4,300,000 (current salary)

CB Joseilo Hanson - $ 2,435,000 (current salary)

T Winston Justice - $3,731,000 (current salary)

G Mike McGlynn - 1,120,500 (current salary)


Do all these players have to leave? No, but about two must leave in order for anything to formulate for Jackson. While Vick's new contract doesn't make it less likely for Jackson to get a new deal, it makes it much more diffcult. And the one thing the Eagles cannot allow is Jackson on a free market.

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2. The experiment: The offensive line


Free Agency

If this current combo becomes a huge success with Herremans becoming one of the better RT in the game today, Watkins being a mini Herremans, and Jason Kelce becoming the second coming of Jeff Saturday. One name will become just as necessary as resigning of DeSean Jackson, Evan Mathis. He becomes the Eagles second priority and would want a nice chunk of change to go with protecting our 100 mill investment along with DeSean Jackson's pretty pennies during the 2012 off-season.


2012 Draft


Hawai'i homerism. Also, I'd be perfectly fine letting him rep #5 with the Eagles.

The idea of a drafting a quarterback in this extremely good quarterback class has basically become non-exsistant. Which is a real shame considering this might be the best QB class ever. The chances of high pick on a linebacker like Manti Te'o has also taken a major blow from this contract. Look for serious investment in another offensive linemen. Probably a RT if Herremans disappoints or LG this experiment doesn't work out.

Look for the Eagles to target some of these names:

Guards: Kelechi Osemele, David Castro, Gordry Glenn

Tackles: Matt Kalil, John Martin, Riley Reiff

In most classes, the Eagles wouldn't have a shot at these guys unless they had a high draft pick. However, with a quarterback class so good, look for these guys to fall to good teams.

3. Andy Reid

This ties Andy and Michael tight if not tighter than Andy and Donovan. With the next 6 years, the foreseeable future is with Vick, making it imperative that he can get Andy's ring with a Eagles logo on it rather than a Packers one.  It may or may not make or break Andy Reid, but it will make or break the roster and foundation that Reid has created up to this point. As much as Reid has his hands on this roster, so will Vick. Any and all chances this roster has of a title is now with Vick for the next six years. It gives the team the best chance to win a Superbowl hands down, but the end of Vick's career will could very well be the end of many young players like Jackson, McCoy, etc's chances of winning one after six years, if Vick stays the whole six years. Just an interesting thought.

Thanks for reading as always.

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