I apologize for this.

Ok, well I wasn't on BGN much yesterday and I missed the signings of Ronnie Brown, Ryan Harris and Jarrad Page.. And I really would like to share my thoughts on them all in one place..

The new signings...


Ronnie Brown: 

I got to see a lot of Ronnie being down here in Florida, even though he's not as effective as he should be, he does do damage, and he did help Miami win a lot of games. Last season he had 734 rushing yards on 200 carries and 5 TD's, combine that with 33 rec for 242 yards and that's a very respectable number for a guy who splits time with Ricky Williams. Also if you would like somebody to compare him to I'd have to say Buckhalter, the way he runs, the way he catches, and probably the way he will be used.

Adding Brown to the Eagles backfield makes a lot of sense, he puts up good numbers and can catch the ball out of the backfield. Should (please god no) McCoy miss a few games Ronnie will be able to carry the load and produce nicely for us, he won't be to the level of McCoy, but he's a step up from Harrison in every aspect of the game. 


Jarrad Page:

Page is a guy I wanted after his probowl year, but then he held out and got traded to the Pats. Page is a guy I see who has good speed and will lay into somebody. I'm not sure how good he will be for us now, but adding him to Coleman, Anderson, Allen and Jarrett makes our young safety core a little more experienced.

I'm thinking at this point barring something great from Page that the jobs are Nate's, Coleman's and Jarrett's to lose. I think Page is depth at this point as insurance for if Nate or one of the other two get hurt. Not saying he won't start but I don't see a guy who barely played last season before getting injured comes in and unseats anybody especially when by all accounts Jarrett and Coleman have been doing pretty good in practice. At worst this is good depth, at best we have a solid starter with good upside.


Ryan Harris:

Let me start this by saying I absolutely love this signing. Earlier in the offseason I listed him as a possibility for OT but between Gaither, Free and all the others out there he just got lost in the shuffle. Harris is as athletic as they come at RT, he's got the footwork and athletic ability to not only be a good tackle but a GREAT one. I have no doubt that if he can get and stay healthy that he'll protect Vick's blindside as well as Peters would if he were the blindside OT. Now the big issue is that injuries kinda derailed his career a little bit, had he not had those issues he would've been the top OT prospect on the market this Offseason.

Harris will compete with Justice most likely, but I'm sure he's going to win. This is a great pickup if Harris returns to form and can stay healthy. I'm not so sure this means the end of Justice, he's still a great option for a swing tackle as a backup and as insurance for is Harris gets hurt.



For a team who's added Nnamdi, Babin and Jenkins as major signings, then picked up Vince Young to come in and back up Vick they know that the big names, and starters aren't the only thing that wins a Championship, you have to have great depth, and great competition.. Ronnie comes in and provides some great depth at RB, if (god forbid) McCoy missed a few games the drop off from McCoy to Ronnie is about the same as it was from Westbrook to Buckhalter, where as the drop off from McCoy to Lewis/Cooper/Locke/Buckley was like committing suicide.. Page comes in and is veteran leadership at Safety, and competition, maybe he starts maybe he doesn't... Then Harris, that's an improvement right there, and moving Justice down a peg isn't bad, that improves the depth greatly also.

This team's absolutely loading up for a run. With the big time signings on Friday, to the lesser known signings yesterday.. The Eagles are gearing up for something great... So lets all sit back and enjoy this ride as one, 2011 is going to be a good one.

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