Kudos and Wet Willies BGN Edition

If I had to do a kudos and wet willies BGN style from last nights game here's what it would look like:




Mike Patterson - Limited reps, got a sack, welcome back Mike. He has been called mediocre his whole career by fans here. I personally think he was an unsung hero.

Phillip Hunt - Nice move for the sack. I loved Juqua Parker (Thomas) because he was a good role player with us for quite a while but with Hunt's upside and Parker's cap # the writing is on the wall here.

Trent Cole - Joe Thomas got him good a couple of times, but he still nabbed a sack. This guy is  an all pro and the most under rated Eagle in recent times next to Quintin Mikell and Sheldon Brown (in his prime of course)

Casey Matthews - The first few plays and I was thinking to myself "Oh not again," but he bounced back nicely after getting stiff armed pretty hard and seemed to be in the right spots at the right time. He needs some more reps, the lockout didn't do him any good.

Jason Peters - WOW, this guy is such a monster. Eats up lineman in the pass and run, we simply can't afford to lose him at any point this season, he's irreplaceable.

The Thee Headed Monster - Asante looked AWESOME in coverage, obviously so did NA, and DRC didn't seam to make any mistakes out there either. If we get a solid pass rush going this year , good luck trying to pass on us.

Ronnie Brown/Shady McCoy - I honestly thought McCoy got to many reps. He looked great, why was he out there anymore than he had to? Ronnie looked good again too.

Jamar Chaney - Fastest 40 time and Al Davis didn't nab him in the 2nd round? Weird. Peyton Hillis beat him on a slant otherwise he did a great job in coverage and I imagine he's going to tested a lot this year.

Brent Celek - Nice blocking dude


Wet Willies


Danny Watkins/Jason Kelce - Oh how wonderful it isn't, because this line still has question marks. Vick to an enormous beating against a team that wasn't exactly bringing the heat every single down and the weak links were these two guys. I think these two will be fine, fine players and the lockout obviously hurt BIG TIME but Howard Mudd has some serious work to do to get these guys ready. We simply can't afford to have Vick run for his life every play like he did last year and it really hurts our versatility in utilizing Celek.


Riley Cooper - BGN's favorite hype machine was invincible

DeSean Jackson - I didn't watch any tape so I couldn't tell if he was just getting doubled and phased out of the game but he like Cooper wasn't much of a factor.

D'Qwell Jackson - Hey douche, it's preseason, why are you spearing the QB? What's the gain?


Mike Vick - Granted his line did him ZERO favors but he did force a few throws and threw a ton of check down passes. That could be on the WRs as well (see Riley Cooper), but he still doesn't look comfortable back there as he did last year (and who would with that kind of protection?). Did not like when he just launched the ball into coverage. I think Mike is going to be fine once the regular season rolls around, but he did throw a few head scratchers this preseason.

Jarrad Page - We would be pissed had t the wide-out not dropped a TD that Page seemed to have covered well, but completely whiffed in a jumping attempt to break it up.  He did seem solid after that, but ouch please don't whiff so hard in the regular season Jarrad!!!

I will certainly wait until the regular season starts to pass any type of real judgment. The lockout is going to hurt some things, like the young guys development, but let's see how this thing shakes out

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