wild_eagles's 53 man roster.

I've seen all these 53 man rosters so I figured I'd make one since I've always had 1-2 disagreements with all of them, that's not a knock on anybody's fanpost or anything it's just there are some players I'd rather have than others.

I'm going to list the position. Then I'm listing the depth from Left (starters) to Right (last on the depth chart) then I'll leave a description. 

So I guess I'll just jump right into it.

Quarterback (3)

Mike Vick - Vince Young - Mike Kafka

This one is pretty straight forward. Vick's obviously the starter here, and if Young has a grip on the playbook he clearly gives us a better chance to win than Kafka should (hopefully not) Vick go down. I do have to say Kafka has played very well this preseason even if he's going against 2nd and 3rd stringers.


Running Back (3)

Lesean McCoy - Ronnie Brown - Dion Lewis

Once again this is pretty straight forward. All three of these guys have been impressive and all three of them have produced. McCoy's the obvious starter, he's the offensive player on the team. Brown's over Dion because of experience and his ability to spell McCoy. Should McCoy go down I'm positive it'd be a mixture of Brown and Dion, but I'll be praying our best player stays healthy.


Fullback (1)

Owen Schmitt 

I feel he's done well this preseason, we can expect him to be a little better than he was last season but honestly he's exactly what we need out of the fullback position. The whole Weaver being gone thing really hit home right about now, he was a special guy and a special player.


Wide Receiver (6) *After the first 3, depth position isn't really important*

Jeremy Maclin - Desean Jackson - Jason Avant - Steve Smith - Riley Cooper - Chad Hall

Once again the starters and slot guy are no brainers. Smith, Cooper and Hall will most likely be used as situational guys and all be considered a "4th guy" based upon what the Eagles are looking for. I know I'm going to take Flak for Chad Hall but I feel he's had a better preseason than the rest of the scrubs. And let's be honest anybody outside of Maclin and Jackson are pretty much trade-able and in years past the Eagles have been active around that deadline.


Tight End (2)

Brent Celek - Clay Harbor

Celek's the incumbent starter and I'm going to go out on a limb and say he has a good year. But the backup position is going to be important, I expect them to play a lot throughout the year so Harbor's the guy I'm looking to. He's young, he's athletic and from what I've watched of him his blocking has improved. I know a lot of you guys want Lee but you just don't give up on a 4th rounder like Harbor especially when he's got quite a bit of talent he brings to the table.


Left Tackle (2)

Jason Peters - King Dunlap

Pretty straight forward. It's Jason Peters, he and Todd make the best left side in football. Dunlap is a swing tackle. Not much to go over here.


Left Guard (2)

Todd Herremans - Evan Mathis - Mike McGlynn

Todd's the starter, no debating that. Mathis is the primary backup at both OG spots, with McGlynn there in case something awful happens and we need a guy to back up all 3 interior positions. And honestly out of who's left he's been playing the best, he's barely the 10th lineman though.


Center (3)

Jason Kelce - Jamaal Jackson - Mike McGlynn

I think Kelce did a great job against the Browns, outside of when he got beat for that sack and 1 other play where I felt he could've done better he did his job well. If you look back at the Ronnie Brown TD run you'll see Kelce get down the field and take his guy all the way to the endzone, that's what Mudd looks for in his center, and his other lineman for that matter, that's some Jamaal can't do. As of now Jamaal and Kelce are still tied but I give the edge to Kelce right now. Once again McGlynn is there for emergency purposes.


Right Guard (1) 

Danny Watkins - Evan Mathis - Mike McGlynn

Danny's our 27 year old 1st round pick from this year. He did struggle early on in the Browns game, he is going to struggle a bit early in the season but I think he's going to be fine, I like what he brings to the table. He's the starter here... Mathis is just the primary OG backup while McGlynn again is there in case of emergency. 


Right Tackle (2)

Winston Justice - Ryan Harris

I think it's going to be one of these two who end up starting.. The other will be the primary OT backup. I really don't have much faith in Dunlap.


Offensive Total: 25 players


Right Defensive End (3)

Trent Cole - Darryl Tapp - Te'o-Nesheim 

Trent's the no brainer here, he needs no description.. Tapp's probably going to be the primary backup on both sides really, outside of Babin and Cole he's the best DE on the roster who can play. Te'o says he feels more comfortable on the Right Side so you play him where he seems to fit, and he's done enough to make this roster.


Right Defensive Tackle (2)

Cullen Jenkins - Trevor Laws

I sorta make RDT the pass rushers and LDT the run stuffers. Jenkin's is going to be a beast, after his preseason he's clearly the starter here and will be probably all year long. That's not a bad thing for Laws, his game is close to Jenkins' game in a lot of ways and he can learn a lot, also with Washburns rotation Laws will get starter reps anyway.


Left Defensive Tackle (2)

Mike Patterson - Antonio Dixon

As stated above RDT I made more the pass rushers where LDT was more the run stuffers, it was just a way to keep apple to apples and oranges to oranges. Patterson looked good last night, he had me excited and he was extremely active. Dixon's just to talented to cut, even if he hasn't practiced in a while. Both of these guys will play a lot, both will play well and we'll all be happy about our defense.


Left Defensive End (2)

Jason Babin - Darryl Tapp - Philip Hunt

Pretty much Babin's the starter right now. I think Tapp passes him at some point but that may take a while. Anyway Babin starts, Tapp's the main backup at both DE spots and Hunt's the 3rd man in line at LDE. But once again he'll get a decent amount of snaps due to the rotation and it'll likely be between him and Te'o to see who's inactive week to week. 


WILL Linebacker (3)

Moise Fokou - Keenan Clayton - Brian Rolle

Fokou's been very good at WILL LB this preseason, he's the starter and nobody's questioning that.. Clayton's the backup at WILL LB has been all preseason, I don't have an issue with him in this role. Rolle's played his way into 1st team Nickel defense reps, he's probably solidified a position on this roster.


MIKE Linebacker (2)

Casey Matthews - Akeem Jordan

Casey looked much improved against the Browns, I have faith that he'll be fine this season, and I have faith the Coaches know what they're doing.. As for Akeem Jordan backup up MIKE I saw him play there both against the Steelers and Browns when the Eagles took out their starters, I think he did a good enough job to back up the position. But I still believe that if Matthews got hurt or wasn't progressing that they'd slide Chaney down to MIKE and insert whomever they feel is best suited at SAM, but for no I have to go off of what I've seen not what I think Andy Reid is plotting because that guy's mindfucked us all many times.


SAM Linebacker (2) 

Jamar Chaney - Rashad Jeanty - Akeem Jordan

Chaney's looking very good, I think him and Fokou are vying for that top LB spot on our team and both are making strong cases. He's been perfect for what we need out of the SAM LB position and he's played very well. I think Jeanty is going to be the backup because once again he's been going in once the starters have been pulled, and I feel he's done a very good job when he's been in there. And of coarse you have Jordan who pretty much can play all 3 LB positions.


Left Cornerback (3)

Asante Samuel - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - Trevard Lindley

Asante is the the clear starter, without a doubt he's going to have a great year. DRC backs up both CB positions and will likely play a ton in the slot this season, he really needs no explanation either. Lindley makes the team, I feel he's done pretty good this preseason and I really haven't heard anything about Hanson's amazing slot abilities since TC closed.


Right Cornerback (2)

Nnamdi Asomugha - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - Curtis Marsh

Nnamdi is a boss, he's the clear starter, I'm not even going to go in depth on him. DRC's the backup, read above. Marsh the rookie 3rd round pick makes the team, he's young and talented, won't play much but giving him a few years on the bench until he's ready isn't a bad thing.


Strong Safety (2)

Nate Allen - Jarrad Page 

Nate's our most physically gifted Safety and I think he may be our best Safety once he's healthy. He'll probably be the starter week 1 against the Rams but Page will likely play a lot to keep some stress off of him for the first couple of weeks.


Free Safety (2)

Kurt Coleman - Jaiquawn Jarrett

Coleman's been our best Safety so far this preseason, he's make a ton of tackles (17) and has played extremely well, this is a guy I had slated to have a big year over the offseason and I'm sticking by that. Jarrett will likely get a lot of playing time, I think he's played pretty well for a rookie and I think he'll end up getting more snaps as the year goes on but I think Coleman's going to make it very hard on the Rookie to get to much time.


Defensive Total: 25


Long Snapper (1):  Jon Dorenbos

Punter (1): Chas Henry

Kicker (1): Alex Henery

Holder (0): Chas Henry


Team Total: 53


Some players I feel get "redshirted" (IR'd):

Graig Cooper- He's a perfect example of a Reid redshirt, busted up his knee in college, came in and showed flashes early but sputtered out as of late. I'm sure Reid will IR him and take another look next season.

Greg Lloyd- Once again, torn up knee late in college career, big body who had a ton of potential before injury. Reid will give him another shot next year after he "redshirts" him.


Some Practice Squad options:

Brandon Peguese- I saw him play a little bit in college, he's talented, I think a year on the practice squad would help him, he reminds me of Andy Studenbaker though.

Cedric Thornton- He's been alright throughout this preseason, with my roster only keeping 4 DT's it's key to get a guy on the PS at that position, Thornton knows the system, he's getting comfortable with it and we need a guy ready incase an injury pops up.

Marlon Favorite- Same as Thornton, we need to keep a DT on the PS, possibly two. He's 25 but only has 1 year of experience so he can still be placed on the practice squad. 

Martell Webb- Going light at TE on the 53 man roster means we most likely will bring in a TE, Webb's the only one to my knowledge that can be placed on the PS.

Derrick Locke- We're going to need a guy who can take the beatings in practice. I'm sad he didn't produce how I expected, hopefully he'll land on the practice squad and turn some heads.

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