My 2011 Eagles Preview...

Three pre-season games in the books. We pretty much know our team by know. The rosters pretty much set, roles are too, guys are starting to get into football shape. Im bored, had nothing else to do, so i did this. Looking back, it is a bit lengthy, but again, no ones forcing you to read this. 

I have to say this. All the thoughts and opinions are MINE and MINE only. They dont reflect the entire Eagles fanbase. Im a bit confident, but anyone that tells you they wouldnt be with our roster is lying. I know things like injuries(please no), luck, bad calls can change the outcome of games that ive predicted. 


QB: Mike Vick, Vince Young, MIke Kafka 

Thoughts: None really. Vince will be the #2 guy, hes getting paid like one. 

RB: Shady, Ronnie Brown, Dion Lewis

Thoughts: Like everyone else, i think Shady's gonna have a good year. Maybe not a MONSTER year like people are saying because i think we throw a lot with our receiving core. Im so glad we got a big back like Ronnie instead of getting Sproels like some people said, perfect change of pace. Dion Lewis is a fuckin beast, call me crazy, i think the kids gonna be a star. Hes quick, great feet, great balance, doesnt go down, and changes direction like a all-pro.

FB: Schmidt  

Thoughts: None. 

WR's: Desean, Maclin, Avant/Smith, Avant/Smith, Riley

Thoughts: Deseans gonna have a better year than last year. I could see MAclin having a good year, but i could also see his #'s decline because of all the new guys. Avant/Smith are going to do wonders in the red-zone/3rd downs. Riley's improved. 

TE's: Celek, Harbor, Donald Lee

Thoughts: Honestly i dont know if well keep 3 TE's, but Lee's a good veteran guy to have, good blocker, reliable. Harbor looks better too. 

O-Line:(If everyones healthy) Peters-Herremans-Jackson-Watkins-Harris...(if not) Peters-Mathis-Jackson-Watkins-Herremans

Thoughts: Back injuries are a bitch. Know we know why a guy with his talent came so cheap. If hes healthy, he should be the guy(but has he even practiced?). I dont know whats going on with Winston, but if hes healthy id rather have him in their then Dunlap. If neither are healthy, you have to break the emergency glass, and putt Herremans to protect our QB's blindside. 

Watkins is gonna be good. Hes only been practicing for like a month, hell be fine. I thought Kelce could win the starting C job, not so much after tonight, but i wouldnt be completely shocked if started week 1 because the staff seems to like him. 



D-Line: Cole-Patterson/Dixon-Jenkins/Dixon-Babin   Bench: Tapp, Hargrove, Landri, Hunt

Thoughts: We know Cole/Babin will get the starting DE spots. We know Jenkins will get one of the DT spots. Who gets the other one? Itll be situational, the d-line will be rotating guys in-and-out. Trent's a fuckin beast, specially playing out wide, Babin should be good in this system, but hasnt shown much in pre-season.

Jenkins is awesome, nice to have an inside pass rusher. Hargrove was a good pickup, Landri was a GREAT pickup, probably took Law's spot on the team. The guys everywhere. Hunt bets DTN, but i could see it flipped too.

LB's: Fokou-Casey-Jamar 

Thoughts:  I like our LB's. Theyre not GREAT, but they dont need to be. We need to have LB's that can cover the pass, because everyones throwing the ball so much. Plus, playing against our offense, teams will be playing from behind a lot forcing them to throw. Jimmy said something like: 

If the Packers/Saints want to go away from their strengths and run the ball every play on us, then im fine with that


I couldnt agree more. Falcons, Saints, Packers, Chargers, Pats, even the Steelers all throw the ball at a high rate. 

DB's:  Nnamdi-Nate/Page-Kurt-Asante    Bench: DRC, Marsh, Hanson, Lindley

Thoughts: What can i say? I mean we have 2 all-pro cb's, 1 pro-bowler. DRC has the potential to be the best CB in the league. You dont believe me, go watch film of his from his pro-bowl season, the guys 6-2, runs a 4.2, has a 40 inch vert. I love that he gets to learn from Nnamdi/Asante and play behind our d-line. Never believe we would trade Asante, not unless we got someone good(pat willis....lmao). 

Kurts a beast. But Jarret has potential. Right now its Kurts spot no doubt. I dont know about the whole Nate situation, i think hell be healthy enough to start week 1. I havent seen enough of him to say something about his play. Page was supposed to just be here for depth, and special teams. Not to start on defense. 


A couple bullet points:


  • Lets get the things we know out of the way. We KNOW our offense is going to be good, and by offense i mean our QB, RB's, WR's, TE's. 
  • Our O-line is a concern. LT is fine, LG is fine, im fine with Jamaal starting at C, and i think Watkins will struggle a bit early on, but pick it up as the season progresses. I dont know whats going on with Justice/Harris. I cnt rely on either one, and that leaves Dunalp. Not good. We'd have to move Todd to RT, and put Mathis at LG. 
  • Mike Vicks gonna have a GREAT year. Yes, better than last year. 
  • Like i said, i think Dion's a stud. We gotta get him some touches, its gonna be hard with guys like Desean, Maclin, Avant, Steve Smith, Celek, Shady, Ronnie Brown. Wow were stacked. 
  • Its unbelievable how much opposing fan bases used that Pittsburgh game as evidence as to why we wont do well this year. But you know had we blown Pitt out, everyone would be saying "Its only the pre-season". 
  • I think Juan being the DC has its positives. First the guys a HARD worker. When you put time into something, anything, your going to do good. Hes going to spend countless hours game planning, watching film, studying habits of opposing offenses. The other is that, having a rookie DC gives Washburn more power on the defense(hes got a headset, did Rory Segrest have one?). And Washburn might be the best signing of all, so thats great. 
  • Jamar and Kurt are both 7th rounders, and they might be playing the best so far this pre-season. DRC, Landri, Dion, Jenkins have also played well. 
  • I see us going shotgun a lot more this year and just spreading it out. Imagine having Desean-Maclin-Avant-Smith-Shady on the field at once. With Mike at QB. Wow. 
  • Vick, DeSean, Peters, Herremans make the pro-bowl on "O". Trent(finally), Nnamdi, Jenkins, Asante, make it on "D". 

WK1 (@ STL): W 37-13

Rams defense is awful. Their WR's arent anything our CB's cant deal with. Bradfords good, but not enough. 1-0

WK2 (@ ATL): W 27-20 

This game is going to be hyped up the ass. Thats a good thing for us though, because Mike Vick going to ATL in primetime = something special. Hell either have a BEAST game and well win, or hell try and do too much, force it, and we lose a close one. I choose the former. 2-0

WK3 (Vs. NYG) W 34-16

Home opener. Giants are dinged up, BAD. Not a good mix for them. 3-0

WK4 (Vs. 49ers) W 40-10

9ers stink. Were at home. 4-0

WK5 (@ Buffalo) W 33-9

Same as above, except its on the road and i think buffalo is gonna be a bit better. 5-0

WK6 (@ Wash) W 20-10

There gonna come out pissed because of "the madden game" last year. Its in DC too. Close divisonal game on the road. We come out on top. 6-0!

WK8 (Vs. Dallas) W 30-17

I think Andy's still undefeated after a BYE. Its Dallas, at the Linc, with this new squad. You dont think the new guys will want to impress the fans against the cowboys? 7-0!

WK9 (Vs. Bears) W 26-20

Monday night game against the bears. I think we've lost 3 out of 4 against them(all probably in Chicago). This time we get them in Philly, in primetime(what i say about Mike VIck and primetime?). Done. 8-0!

WK10 (Vs. Cards) W 33-20

I see this as a trap game. Dont know why. We'd be 8-0, plyaing against what everyone will be calling an inferior team, at home. Guys could get lazy. Kolb will want to do well, his teammates will want him to do well too. I could see a loss if the Cards werent so terrible.  9-0

WK11 (@ NYG) L 23-13

At this point, wed have won 7 starigt againt the Giants going into "Metlife stadium"(lmao). I dont see us coming out on top. This is one of those, "theyll want this one more than us" games. Theyres gonna be a lot of trolling going on after that first loss. More then weve ever seen before.  9-1

WK12 (Vs. Pats) W 37-33

Im going to this game. Have my tickets and everything. Very much like the Indy game last year. I just dont see us losing to fucking New England again. Very good game.  10-1

WK13 (@ Seattle) L 20-17

Coming off a huge win vs the Pats we have to play on Thursday all the way in Seattle. Trap game. Probably rainy, gonna be a sloppy dirty game.  10-2

WK14 (@ Miami) W 23-6 

Almost like a BYE week. Miamis terrible, its not really a road game because its in Miami and they dont have "fans" in Florida. They have a solid "D" and a good run game so i dont think itll be a blowout.  11-2

WK 15 (Vs. Jets) W 20-16

This game will be hyped like crazy. What separates these two teams is the QB. Mark Sanchez is nowhere near Vicks level. They settle for FG's instead of TD's.  12-2

WK16 (@ Dallas) L 30-20

Not much to say. Dallas is a division foe, were playing them on the road coming off a huge win. I could see a win, but i doubt it.  12-3

WK17 (Vs. Wash) W 20-13

If we need a win, this is the score. If we have a BYE locked up or something and we rest our guys then we prolly lose.  13-3

Final Record: 13-3 or 12-4 if we rest the last game.  We went 11-5 last year, and in my opinion we have a better team and an easier schedule. So maybe im crazy for thinking we go 13-3, maybe im not. I dont think i am. 

Random Thoughts:

  •  AFC Division winners are: Chargers-Steelers-Jets-Colts Wildcard: Pats-Texans 
  • NFC Division winners are: Eagles-Packers-Saints-Cards Wildcard: Falcons-Cowboys/Tampa 
  • Redskins will surprise some people. I dont think theyll be that bad. What if Giants finish last in the beast?! Gasp....
  • Plax will have a good year. AJ Green/Julio Jones will impress too.
  • I think Baltimore took a step back. Chicago last year in my opinion had a lot of luck breaks. They wont this year. 
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