The Linc - Eagles Fans, We're Not So Bad!

JACKSONVILLE FL - SEPTEMBER 26: Eagles fans cheer late in the game as the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field on September 26 2010 in Jacksonville Florida. The Eagles defeated the Jaguars 28-3. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Jason Gay: You Brought a Child to an NFL Game?! -
An unflattering article in a national newspaper about the fans and atmosphere in an NFL stadium and it's not about us! In fact we're not even mentioned!

Eagles fans look much better after West Coast violence: Fan commentary - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The Eagles have a reputation for having some of the roughest fans in football. Yet that is harder to make sense out of every time another fan base goes even more over the top. In the case of the Oakland Raiders, it seems sometimes that their fans exist only to make others look good, like the Eagles. For all of the insanity that Philadelphia sports fans show, at least they have never shot anyone, like a few Raiders followers did after last weekend's preseason game with the San Francisco 49ers.

Is the NFC the league's new power conference? | National Football Post
Talent, youth lead the way in Green Bay, Philadelphia and more.

Philadelphia Eagles team report: DeSean Jackson will get plenty of snaps vs. Browns - NFL - Sporting News
WR DeSean Jackson will play his second preseason game Thursday against Cleveland and get much more work in than he did last Thursday against Pittsburgh, when he played just a few series even though the starting offense played the entire first half.

Denver Broncos Safety Rahim Moore Fined $20,000 - Mile High Report
So we debated the legality of that big hit in the Broncos vs Bills game this week. The NFL says it was not ok.

Kafka might be ahead of Young as Eagles backup | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/25/2011
Mike Kafka has an impressive .711 completion percentage and 99.9 passer rating in the preseason. He's played pretty well. Well enough to beat out Vince Young for the backup job? We'll see.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " The 2011 Eagles Feel Like?
After Howie Roseman, Joe Banner, and Andy Reid delivered free agents left and right and added a lot of star power, the comparisons to 2004 were rampant. That makes plenty of sense. Back in 2004 the Eagles added elite players Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse. The 1st round pick was a RG who was projected to start (Shawn Andrews). There are some serious parallels in the 2 seasons.

Giants offseason timeline of awfulness – Blogging the bEast
Giants fans have had a rough offseason. It kinda reminds me of the Eagles’ 2009 season, which was replete with injuries and front office gaffes.

Test #3 for Vince Young | 5 more cheat notes for him to use. | Tracking Vince Young
On last week, I gave Vince Young some cheat notes to use versus the Steelers. I thought that I would continue that idea for the upcoming game against the Browns.


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