Fantasy Football: WR Rankings

Hey everybody, this is the second post of the new fantasy football section of BGN. In case you missed it here is the first post breaking down the QBs and the RBs. It seemed to get positives reviews so here is part II.

Before I start, I once again want to let everyone know that if anyone has an additional question feel free to email me at birdsfan95@yahoo and I will get back to you as soon as possible. So without further ado my WR Rankings are after the jump.

Tier 1

C. Johnson

A. Johnson

G. Jennings

R White

L. Fitzgerald

M. Wallace

H. Nicks

Tier 2

V. Jackson

M. Austin

D. Jackson

D. Bowe

M. Williams

R. Wayne

D. Bryant

Tier 3

M. Manningham

J. Maclin

S. Holmes

M. Colston

C. Ochocinco

K. Britt

A. Boldin

P. Harvin

S. Johnson

W. Welker

B. Lloyd

B. Marshall

Tier 4

S. Rice

P. Garcon

S.Moss (WASH)

A. Collie

P. Burress

R. Williams (CHI)

J. Knox

M. Floyd

L. Moore

J. Jones (ATL)

S. Smith (CAR)

Tier 5

D. Amendola

M. Sims-Walker

AJ Green

J. Ford (OAK)

M. Thomas (JAX)

L. Evans (BAL)


R. Meacham

J. Jones (GB)

J. Nelson (GB)

D. Bess (MIA)


The first thing you'll notice is the top player. Instead of Andre Johnson, who seems to be the consensus number 1 WR, I opted for a different Johnson: Calvin Johnson. The first thing I'll admit is that Andre Johnson is the much safer choice. I would be very surprised if Andre Johnson doesn't finish the year as a top 5 WR, however Calvin Johnson has top 5 overall upside. Last year Matthew Stafford played 3 games but in the only game he finished, Calvin Johnson had 28 points. Now, Matthew Stafford staying healthy is a big IF but if he does don't be surprised if Calvin Johnson finishes the year a top 5 player. 

3 other guys I'm high on are Mario Manningham, Chad Ochocinco and Mike Sims-Walker.  I have seen Manningham going in the 6th or 7th round. I think that is way to low. I think he is a top 15 WR with top 10 upside. The giants lost Steve Smith and Kevin Boss, which means there are a lot more passes to go around. In Monday Night's game Manningham was targeted 7 times in the first half and while preseason doesn't mean a lot it shows that Eli was looking for him often. Manningham is not only a high upside guy but also a guy with great value. Chad Ochocinco also is great value. I was in a draft the other night and he went in the 8th round. Tom Brady's number 1 WR going in the 8th round. That's what I call Value. I think he is a player that could be this years Brandon Lloyd and finish the year a top 10 WR. The last WR I'm high on is Mike Sims-Walker. This is more of a gut feeling than anything else but as a late flyer, I think he could be a steal. Last year, no one saw Brandon Lloyd coming. He had been a journeyman for years and had never been a productive WR. And then Boom! He finishes as a top WR. A big reason for his success was Josh McDaniel's offensive system and I think MSW could have similar success since McDaniel is now in St. Louis.  

Some WRs I am down on are Reggie Wayne, Brandon Lloyd, Sidney Rice and Steve Smith of Carolina. As more and more information comes out about Peyton Manning's injury the more I get worried about all the Colts. I know that they signed Kerry Collins but I am still staying away from all the colts, especially their aging WR Reggie Wayne. A WR at 32 with a hurt QB being drafted in the top 10, no thank you.

Just as I was high on Mike Sims-Walker for being in a Josh McDaniel Offense, its one of the reasons I'm down on Lloyd. Another main reason I'm down on Lloyd is that I think the Broncos want Tebow to play and when that time comes, I don't want any part of the Broncos passing game. Two Words describe why Im down on this next guy: Tarvaris Jackson. That's why I'm down on Sidney Rice do I need to say any more. Lastly, the final player I'm down on is Steve Smith of Carolina. This again because of his QB, when your starting QB is Cam Newton or Jimmy Clausen I think it's going to be a tough year for any of his WRs. That's it for the WRs.  

Lastly, Tonight is my draft fir my big league and I am struggling finding the perfect name so in the comment section give me your favorite fantasy football name. Please I need help.   

Next time I will finish my preseason preview breaking down the TEs, DEFs and Kickers.  

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