This pre-season shit is driving me crazy... and Advanced Scouting

 For real ?  Come on now.  We still have 2 more pre-season games to go ??  First the lockout and now these meaningless games.   I can't wait for the real games to start. 

The End

Since I could care less about the next 2 games, we're gonna jump right into Week 1 of the regular season.  The Rams, again, now who schedules the Rams as our week 1 opponent, that's the second time now in recent memory, can't we get an exciting matchup to start the season.  We win game 1, hands down.  If we lose then we have problems.  Nothing more needs to be said about week 1 except for 1 - 0.  I'm still bored.

Week 2:  Oh, look at what we have here.  A Sunday Night game against Atlanta.  When is that - september 18th at 8:20 pm.  You know they start us off with a softee and then just throw us in against Atlanta.  Storylines: Vick back in ATL and their receivers vs our cb's.  This is a good early test for us, if we can keep up and pull out a Vicktory here, that will be a good start to the season.  2 - 0.  If not, then it depends on how we lose the game.  But this road game will be a reality check for how good our pass defense will be this year.  Hopefully the safeties and LB's are ready to go by week 2. 

Then we have the Giants, 49ers, Bills, Redskins, Cowboys, Bears, Cardinals and Giants.  That's 8 straight winnable games.  Chance to be 10 - 0 or 7 - 3 at the worst (even if we lose a game or two or three).  But I'm sure all these teams will test different aspects of our game and will only help us get better.  Which leads us to....

Week 12 (11th game) vs the New England Patriots :  This will be the second big test for our squad.  All the new players should be acclimated with the scheme and their role on the team by this time.  There should be no excuses for this game, except for injuries.  If we can somehow keep up and squeak by with a Vicktory at home, then that would be sweet.  I would be concerned if we were blown out or horribly mismatched / outcoached.  A close defeat would be a hit to our pride, but would still be acceptable, leaving us with a record of 10 - 1 or 7 - 4 at the worst. 

Next 2 weeks at Seahawks (thursday night game) and at the Dolphins.  Again, both winnable games.  Leaving us at 12 - 1 or 9 - 4 at the least. 

Week 15 (game # 14):  Again, at home, against a tough team: the Jets.  So we have two of our tougher games at home, against the Pats and now the Jets.  The other tough game against the Falcons is away, but it's gonna be like a home game for Mr. Vicktorious.  So 3 tough games in a friendly setting, couldn't have asked for anything more.  The Jets will be another great test before the playoffs to measure where we are at compared to an AFC upper echelon team.  Hopefully the Eagles can pass the tests against both the Pats and the Jets and if nothing else, then at least be competitive in both games. 

Then the schedule makers again gave us a nice way to end the regular season against the Girls and the Lols.  We might not even have all our starters playing for the last game. 

So all in all, not a really tough schedule.  We should be somewhere in the ball park of 11 to 13 wins by the time it's all said and done.  Maybe a bye and home-field advantage till the end.  The playoffs are a whole different story, and we'll get into that near the end of the regular season.  But until then our motto should be to win all the winnable games (13) and maybe take a game or two from the 3 tough games.  I can't wait till we play the Falcons, Patriots and the Jets, that will be the highlight of the year, hopefully the Birds show up to play.  Injuries, lack of experience and depth at some positions are all going to be factors as well, but every team has to deal with those issues.  What I am interested in seeing is if Vick and Co. can build on their success from last year or if they regress, that will be the key along with the defense matching the play of our offense.  I hope to see a lot of sacks / pressures resulting in turnovers / pick 6's.  Our run defense and ability to stop the screen play will be a work in progress this year, but hopefully the defense can do enough things to neutralize that weakness.  The only big question mark on offense is the right tackle at this point, hopefully Ryan Harris will get back in there and be ready to play for Week 1. 

Until then, let's hope we can remain injury free and get to see some more exciting plays like this one from Dion Lewis.  I mean what he did to # 35 is just not fair.  He's my x factor for this year. 



 What do you think ?? Do you agree or disagree with my shallow assessment of the season ??  What are your predictions ??

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