WarGeist's take on the Eagles free agency moves and other things

Alright, I haven't made a fan post in a while but I've been commenting and involved with conversation for the past week. Today is a slow day what with no Eagles live on and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we're pretty much done in FA so I'm not expecting much news. I got injured playing ball, partially tore a head in my calf and I'm done for the rest of our season unfortunately but it gives me time to type shit up like this. Needless to say, like most of you, I'm fuckin' pumped from all the moves we've made.

The first 2 days of free agency were boring as shit and full of speculation. We all expected Kolb to be out of Philly day one but that didn't happen. We all knew the price of Kolb and exactly what we were going to get but when it happened, oh man was it great news. Then we all know what played out next. Howie Roseman and Joe Banner KILLED it the rest of free agency. If for whatever reason they ever get a chance to read this, on behalf of myself and all the other Eagles fans on here, sorry for talking shit about you guys and the way our FO goes about things and thank you for the early Christmas gifts.

Now onto the free agency acquisitions:

Nnamdi Asomugha- The Holy Grail of free agents. I remember I was watching NFL network and they had the whole "Asom-watch" segment and there was a huge conversation about Namdi and how the Jets and Cowboys were the two teams trying to recruit him and then the Cowboys had dropped out. Rich Eisen cuts everyone off and says, "Sorry guys I have to interrupt, the team that has gotten Nnamdi Asomugha is not the Cowboys or the Jets. It is int fact, the Philadelphia Eagles." My jaw dropped. I didn't know whether to be confused about having 2 elite corners and 1 up-and-coming good corner or just be unbelievably happy. I went with the second one. I let the confusion sink in later but then Juan Castillo cleared all that up for us. If we let any QB finish a game against us with more than 1 passing touchdown and 150 yards and NO interceptions, I think it'll be a letdown. 2 shut down corners and then Rodgers-Cromartie who said he has no problem playing in the slot can match up against the better route runners due to his footwork. I think we should average 3 picks a game. Go ahead, tear me apart for that prediction, I don't care.

Cullen Jenkins- Ok, after getting Nnamdi, I thought we were either going for a linebacker or OT. Did not see us going after Jenkins. When I was on twitter and read, "Eagles agree to terms with Jenkins" I thought, "Who did we sign? Probably not Cullen Jenkins. No way in hell." Got on BGN and saw it and said, "God damn we're going balls to the wall with these signings." I always liked the way Cullen Jenkins played in Green Bay. Granted he played DE in a 3-4 but he's a very intelligent defensive lineman. He can pass rush as well as stuff the run. Moving him inside in Washburns system, I'm sure he and Trent Cole will be demanding double teams. Not sure how easy the double team on Cole will be with him playing so wide though. I think Jenkins is going to kill it for us up front this season though. Can't wait to see our DL play.

Jason Babin- not going to lie to you, I was less than excited about this pick up. I was on the, "Babins a one year wonder" boat. Now I'm coming around to the Washburn philosophy and how Jason Babin is an excellent fit for the defensive line scheme. If we manage two double-digit sack artists, that'd be great. I don't see why we shouldn't. The DNA should force a lot of coverage sacks and the NFL is a passing league. I'm really hoping he isn't a one-year wonder. Theres no reason our sack total shouldn't be through the roof this season. Maybe neither Cole nor Babin lead the league in sacks but I feel they should be able to combine for a league high. We'll see Rob Ryan's "bullies" and raise him a handful of Conquerors in Jenkins, Babin and Cole. Again, I cannot wait to see our DL in action.

Vince Young- We knew this was coming and his first day here he dropped that god forsaken dream team line which in my opinion is getting really out of line. I like the pick up though, I think Andy and co. can get him back to form and feel that god forbid, if Vick were to go down for a few games, Young could pick up the slack. He wants to be here, we wanted him here and I feel he's an excellent fit here as a back up. Although not as mobile as Vick, he can still move and make solid enough throws to win games. I doubt his baggage from Tenn. comes with him to Philly. I'm sure he's checked it at the door. Happy to have Young on board with us while we make this championship run.

Evan Mathis- a back up from Cincinnati who plays like a starter according to sources. I don't know much about this guy but from what I've read on here, I'm happy to have him on. I wish I could write more on the guy but I don't know enough about him. Happy to have him behind Watkins and Herremans. Seems to be a solid pickup.

Johnnie Lee Higgins- I feel like Higgins was brought in here strictly to compete for a KR/PR spot while just adding depth to the WR core. Doubt he ever sees the field at WR.

Donald Lee- I think he's a solid player but I'm behind the Celek-Harbor-Ingram depth chart. I don't see Donald Lee staying here unless Ingram gets injured again.

Thats all for the free agent pick ups. I think I may have missed two but if I have, I'm guessing they're insignificant.

Now, my impressions from camp:

On offense: LeSean McCoy and Graig Cooper are the best running backs in camp right now in my opinion. Graig Cooper moves like he's never had an injury. Shady looks excellent, better than last years camp. Dion Lewis looks ok for the most part but he seems to have a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, Jeremy Maclin just reported to camp today and DeSean is expected to report soon so we haven't gotten a chance to see either of them in action against the first team D.

The left side of the OL looks solid but I'm worried about that right side. Too many times the RT was beat off the edge and flushed Vick out of the pocket. I like to think with Watkins at RG he can help and upgrade the RT play but I still wish we would have went after a serviceable RT. King Dunlap pisses me off because he looks the part but cannot maintain the edge rush for shit. In the one on ones, the only ones looking very good are Peters Herremans and Jackson. Everyone else seems to be giving too much ground too quickly. Lets hope when Watkins suits up, that isn't the case.

Vick looked off on some throws and better on others. Hope this is just him shaking off the rust from the lockout and whatnot. Even then, it was with second team WR's. I'm sure it'll be different when Jackson and Maclin line up on the outside. Kafka looked decent. Want to see what Vince Young does once he can participate.

As for WR's, it's a mixed bag. Cooper Hall and Avant look OK. Havent seen enough of anyone else though.

On Defense: DRC has blanketed every WR he went against so far. He looks very solid. Joselio Hanson looked pretty good as well. Jorrick Calvin fought off a block and broke up a screen the other day as well. Nate Allen looks like he was never injured, either. Jarrett is getting reps with the ones now and looks pretty solid. I believe he had a pick the other day as well.

Our LB's look solid. Chaney Matthews Fokou seems to be a decent combo in the 4-3. In the nickel, Chaney and Matthews look solid and in dime, Matthews looks solid. Matthews communicates well on defense and is an intelligent player. Read and called "Watch the trap!" which was a correct call and resulted in the defense stuffing the trap. I don't want to be the guy to count the chickens before they hatch but I think Matthews is going to be an impact player in the middle. He's not Clay by any means but from a leadership and vocal standpoint, they're very similar. Casey is always around the ball and he's a true football player. I like Chaney at SAM. I didn't really think he was as big as he is but for a guy of his size, he can move very well and at the SAM position, he can play the run well as well as cover. I like that move for sure. Fokou, I've never had anything bad to say about him and I still don't. He looks to have improved in coverage. Overall, I'm very happy with our linebackers.

Our D-line looks excellent. One person who surprised me with a clearly visible improvement was Laws. I knew he was a good player but the improvement from last season to this season's camp is impressive. Laws has looked VERY good in camp so far. Even if he hasn't gotten off the block, he's still pushed around some of the OL(including Herremans) far enough to bring significant pressure to the QB. Trent Cole looks good as usual but I feel like he's got the motor on too high too soon. He looks too relentless for training camp right now. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Practice the way you play, I suppose. Dixon looks decent and pretty much anyone playing the left DE spot has gotten past the RT. Parker and Hunt have been FLYING off that right side from what I've seen through Eagles live. Can't wait to see Jenkins in the lineup.

I haven't seen special teams so I'm not sure how thats going but I hope Henery is killing it. I'm drafting him in fantasy so he better be an automatic 3 all the time.

As for defensive predictions, I would like to see us with a league leader in interceptions. I'm sure with this trio of CB's and then Nate Allen, Coleman and Jarrett rotating at the safety positions that it's more than doable. I think Matthews or Chaney will be the tackle machines on our team. I'm thinking Chaney comes away with more tackles. As for sacks, I think it'll be Trent Cole with Babin as a nice compliment. Can't wait to see this defense on September 11th.

Now let's get to comments, disagreements and full blown arguments with some news sprinkled in between.

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