My View of Last Nights Game from the Game

In Erie PA for business and decided let's get some tickets to the Eagles and Steelers Game.

So last night our favorite football team the Philadelphia Eagles set out for its second pre-season football game against the co-state occupants, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The results were a bit hard to stomach and to say the least a bit disconcerting. After the Jump I give you my view on the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of last nights game from my view of being at the game. More after the jump

Two hour drive to Pittsburgh, (goodness I hate the way that city is laid out) the night was one for football. I wore My white Shady jersey ready for all the "Ring" smack talk and convicted QB comments. I was excited to see how the Eagles would do against one of the more Elite teams in the NFL. So after some tailgating, friendly bantering and a very ummm “Dedicated” female search agent at the gate, it was time for some football.

The Good:

Right side of the Offensive line: Okay maybe Good might be TOO strong but they actually played pretty well as it appeared that a lot of the pressure that came through was on the Left side of the O line. I know “King Dunlap starting” is often a string of words that makes Eagles fans cringe, but on this night he moved his 6’9 330 (as per program) pretty well and he did a decent job of sustaining blocks. Although I did note his struggles with turning, pushing, or pulling his assignment to open up running lanes but he did a decent job of keeping Vick’s jersey clean without a full troop of aid from the TE and RB position.

The Secondary on Paper: There was A LOT of dink and dunks going on by the Steelers. Yes I know some big pass plays were given up but you can clearly see in the early stages of the game there were MAJOR reservations about throwing against our corners. Also Curtis Marsh, I know I have liked the kid and was giddy that we drafted him. He does a very good job of breaking up pass plays and he seems to be continuing his strong play from camp.

Wanna Be Like Mike: Kafka that is. Mike Kafka looks pretty good out there granted he was not throwing passes against the first unit defense but he looked to make some smart choices with the ball and showed some scramble ability. (Did throw a bad one to JLH).

Notable Others: Kurt Coleman 11 tackles first half; not a good sign when he has to be a part of that many plays but at least he was around the ball. J.L.Higgins had some catches (7 for 54) in some shine time. Shady continues to look good (4 carries 25 yards one catch for 12) and is really becoming a threat in the screen game. Little kids football at half time. Kid lines up at MLB or I guess blitzing Safety and comes right up behind the D line hair just a blowing in the breeze reads the snap perfectly DIVES OVER THE line for a QB sack, very Troy P. like and even had the matching mane.

The Bad and The Ugly:

Play Calling: We looked really predictable in the play calling area and the adjustments did not seem to be there. Granted this is preseason and you are not going to show your whole hand. Not to mention a lot of experimenting with personnel attributed to this. 

Casey, Casey, Casey: JasonB did a fine write up about his level of suckiness so please de sure to give that a read.

Don’t Wanna Be Like Mike… Kinda: Vick that is, 5 of 12 for 47 yards three picks. I have no doubt in my mind that some of those throws would not have been made during regular season. There were some running lanes. *Note* A LOT of people Like Vick, even Steeler fans were talking him up and I even heard “Man I wish we had him” .

Nate Not So Great: Nate Allen really looked lost out there on a lot of plays particularly to the pass at the back of the end zone to Hines “dancing with the stars” Ward.

Refs: Yes holding occurs on every play but dammmmmnnnnn.

Announcers: Who kept calling Chad Hall and Sunshine, Jeremy Maclin!!!

Castillo: Screen pass was killing us; I mean it looked like the old Bwest was playing for Pittsburgh. NO BUENO.

 I know this is preseason so it can all be fixed, but I think the shortened season and expanded rosters are going to make final cuts REALLY hard. There are guys who are not really sniffing the field long enough to showcase what they can do. Tough year ahead, so I know this was not a full run down of the game and you may have noticed some stuff I missed so please share your thoughts.

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