Did I get what I wanted to see out of this game?

I wrote a fanpost earlier today on what I would like to see out of this game, lets go take a look back and go over what I saw. And for those interested here's the link to that post. 

I'll go through one by one and say what I feel and then I'm going to go over the game as a whole and what I'd like to see going forward.


Offensive Line VS Steelers front 7:

I wasn't impressed with our Offensive line tonight, aside from Peters, Herremans and Watkins we still have no answers. Here's my thoughts player by player:


  1. Peters- He was his typical self, he did his job and did it well. Not gripes here.
  2. Herremans- Once again Herremans did well, however on that sweep play where he pulled he failed to turn up the field and seal the inside, he went out instead when I felt a block on the LB would've gotten us more yards. Otherwise I'm very happy with his performance.
  3. Jamaal Jackson- I don't know why but for some reason I think he's going to be gone. He was solid but a little inconsistent, he did get blown back a good 3-4 times from what I saw and I don't like seeing my C back 5 yards. He's still going to be pushed by Kelce.
  4. Watkins- I'm so happy to have this guy, even with the Center and RT position in flux he did produce well and my favorite thing is that he gets to the 2nd level and gets good blocks, I don't worry about the RG position.
  5. Dunlap- I can't wait to see him get cut, he literally couldn't have looked any worse, he had 1 decent block on a McCoy run and it was a hold which the ref's didn't see or didn't call. He's garbage.
  6. Evan Mathis- I'm glad to have him as a backup, I think he did decent tonight, after watching Dunlap at RT I vote Mathis gets a few more looks there, but as a backup he's as good as it gets.
  7. Howard- Another guy who didn't look to good. He's going to get cut. The loser at RT between Justice and Harris is likely the swing tackle for this team. Howard was better tonight than he was last week though.
  8. Kelce- I'm happy with is performance, he was about as good as Jamaal was and his snaps were good. He still has a nice shot at that starting C position.


Linebackers vs Steelers Running game: 

I don't even know where to begin here. Our LB core could be our Achilles heel, there was a lot to be left wanting however there were some good things worth mentioning. So let me go through each starter and who impressed me:

  1. Moise Fokou- I don't know how people couldn't be happy with his play he had 4 tackles and 1 pass defense and he seemed to be in the right place at the right time. I was happy with his run defense and I was happy with what he did against the pass. He's our best LB as of now.
  2. Jamar Chaney- He had 4 tackles last night and seemed to have a hang of things. I'm happy with his growth and ability as of right now. If he continues his growth and continues to play as he does I can see big things out of him. I think there's a possibility he could be moving back to the middle (more on that later)
  3. Casey Matthews- Casey had 3 tackles last night and didn't impress me against the run, I stated in my fanpost yesterday that I'd like to see him shed blockers and get to the ball, I only saw 1 play where he shed an offensive lineman and got to Redman. And while most people will blast him and say we need to bring somebody else in I don't think he did entirely bad, he was good in coverage and didn't give up much there which makes me happy, and there were a few plays where he read the play right but just missed the tackle which is fixable. I'm beginning to think that Matthews would be better suited at WLB right now, and that would allow Fokou to move to SLB and Chaney to move to MLB.
  4. Akeem Jordan- I said I wanted him back and for a good reason, he looks like our main backup at OLB which is a very good thing due to his experience, I think Clayton's no longer the #1 backup. Jordan did well against the run and pass which makes me really happy to have some decent depth.

Any WR not named Desean or Avant vs Steeler secondary:
I think our WR's did a decent job out there, they got open it's just Vick and Young couldn't hit them. Desean was double teamed, I didn't hear Avant's name called once and Cooper had a few good plays. But let's take a look at those I listed plus a few:
  1. Chad Hall- I actually felt he did good week 1 of the preseason but last night not so much, guys like Jones and Higgens gained on him quite a bit. Hall had a few plays where I felt he should have made the catch but in all he wasn't targeted as much as last week. Week 3 is probably a huge one for Hall, it could make or break him.
  2. Sinorice Moss- He's got 1 catch for 7 yards all preseason, he's gone. Not even worth writing about.
  3. Higgins- I'm happy for Higgins, he actually stepped up and made some plays. He turned in 7 catches for 54 yards, and had a few on key plays. He made this a competition between himself and Hall for that 5th WR spot.
  4. Gerald Jones- I know it's just 1 game but the kid came up and made some plays. He had 3 catches for 36 yards and the teams 2 TD's. He ran some good routes and got open in the endzone twice which is more than Hall and Higgins can account for. He just made the battle for 5th WR a bit more interesting.

Running game vs Steelers front 7:
Our RB's pretty much put up just 69 yards rushing against the Steelers, however they did put up a nice 60 yards on 3 catches. Let's go over who looked good and who's most likely gone.
  1. McCoy- McCoy ran hard and looked good, he only had 4 carries but really did his part, he looked elusive and fast. I can't wait to see what he does this season.
  2. Ronnie Brown- Brown looked pretty good, he had a nice 14 yard run which got us a 1st down. He looks good out there (aside from that number 36 jersey). I have no complaints about him.
  3. Dion Lewis- I mentioned in my post yesterday that Locke, Cooper or Dion needed to separate themselves and step up, I also mentioned I wasn't to high on Dion. But he did produce while Locke and Cooper are likely the first among cuts. Lewis looked good aside from the fact he got manhandled on that fumble.
  4. Buckley- He had a decent catch but did nothing as far as running the ball, he's likely gone.

Secondary VS Steelers WR's
I don't even know what to say. Our secondary looked pretty bad, to many blown assignments and to many plays given up. I'm not happy with their performance and I'm especially disappointed in Asante for that TD he gave up. Now lets look at some players who caught my eye for good and bad reasons:
  1. Asante- He looked like he was completely lost on that TD he gave up, I know Nate shouldn't have hesitated or jumped but Asante still should've stuck with his man and made it a challenge. Still though, Asante is Asante and he's one of the best period.
  2. Nnamdi- He tackled well, I was excited when I saw him out there, he looked good, really good. And he tackled. Exciting stuff.
  3. Rodger-Cromartie- He tackled too, I saw a few plays where he needed to make the tackle and he did. I was surprised that there were solid hits too. Also when blitzing they need to line up up further outside, let him use his speed to get to the QB, but I feel his blitzing is something people will underrate.
  4. Hanson- I didn't see anything good from Hanson, I don't think he's going to be on this team whether he's traded or cut, I don't understand all this "best slot CB" hype around him, he sucks.
  5. Nate Allen- I don't like what he did last night, he fucked up a few times. Let's hope he learns and improves.
  6. Coleman- He looks pretty good out there, he tackles well and looks much much faster, I'm happy to have him on this football team. 

Our DL vs the Steelers OL and Big Ben:
I'm not even angry at how they played I'm more upset at the containment here, even in the wide 9 they need to run some sort of contain on the QB, Big Ben moved around and made plays which made us look bad. Babin and Jenkins did pretty well, Cole got pressure and Te'o actually looked good. No need to single anybody out from this group.

Random Notes from wild_eagles for last night:
  • Vick had 1 bad half of football, lets please not flip out, it is going to happen, he was given little time and had to rush a few passes. It happens. Let's move on.
  • McCoy looks damn good, he's running strong.
  • It looks like Castillo's using this preseason to experiment with the CB's and DB's. That's probably why we're getting burned, so don't freak out, I think he's just playing mad scientist right now, I expect our DB's to be good-great once the season starts.
  • I'm glad nobody really got hurt, I know the Steelers lost a few players and I wish them the best of luck in their return but as far as the Eagles go I don't remember anybody being hurt and that's a good thing.
  • Jenkins looks beastly, I'm glad to have him.
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