No Excuses for eagles this year.

The Eagles had a fiery off season this year. I knew for a fact that there would be huge moves made and there should be. For too long Eagles fans have been teased with playoff runs that ended in disgust. If they are ever going to win a superbowl it has to be this year. The Eagles have the personel this year to do great things. There should not be a QB outside of the greats that should have a good day against the secondary the eagles have aquired.

The D-line looks great. I like Jason Babin he is great against the run with Cullen Jenkins moving inside he should demand double teams every play opening it up for Trent Cole and Babin to get to the QB. Not to mention the great depth. Darrell Tapp is due for a good season on any other team he is a starter.

The LB position is so so they are average and young they will make mistakes but as the season progresses I look to see vast improvement from them.

The secondary, well there isnt much to say about it they are without a doubt the best in the NFL. I just hope they dont trade Asante Samuel DRC and Asoumgha have both lobbied to keep the loaded secondary.

The offense.

I am not afraid if Mike Vick has to miss a week or two. Injuries will happen because of his style of play. this is not a bad thing, we just need to make sure that the o line does their jobs to make sure that when he is in the pocket he has the time to throw. Say what you want about Vince Young but the man is a proven winner. It may not be pretty how he goes about it but he wins. As long as he can command a drive and score atleast enough points to win the game thats all that matters.

The RB group looks good I am a huge ronnie brown fan and he gives us the 1-2 punch we need. I hate to see buckley go but I also like Dion Lewis. Lesean MCcoy will florish with the added rest. I dont see a huge split but i see an 80-20 carry split.

The WRs will be good. Johnny Lee Higgins is a good return man and he is fast he will help. Riley Cooper is a nice big target and the additon of steve smith will help; if he comes back fully healthy. Jason Avant is one of the better slot guys in the game but so is Steve Smith.

The tight ends are sound. I think Celek just had a bad season it wasnt his fault even Vick took the blame for that saying he was focused on desean and maclin. I look for him to have a 50 catch year if maclin isnt able to contribute right away. I think this is the year Ingram shows something he is having a good camp and is bound to make the roster barring any setbacks.

But this is the NFL and anything can happen week to week. I believe we have the coaches and the players to make this an unbelievable season. anything less than a superbowl appearance will be seen as a failure. But they are definitly the favorites going in along side the Packers.

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