Depth Poll

This post is for discussions only. I am not sure I could do polls on a fanshot, so.....


The next few weeks will be interesting to watch. There is a lot of talent on this team, which means some of that talent will be walking out the door and potentially picked up by another team. I have laid out a few matchups that are on the bubble of making this team. I picked who I believe will mos benefit this team, please do the same and comment below. I understand that other scenarios are possible (ie some get traded, the team decides to keep an extra player at a certain position, someone gets hurt, etc.) This is only meant to be a discussion of player vs player. Please keep the other scenarios to a minimum. Thanks.

Match up #1 - WR - Hall vs Higgins

Tough call here. Higgins has return abilities. He has shown some flashes in camp, but has also dropped a few here and there. Hall has made significant strides since last year, despite what some of his dearest haters say on BGN. He has caught a lot of balls in camp and in pre-season. He also have RB versatility. My vote is HALL. With the return game becoming less and less of an issue, I think Hall brings more value than Higgins.

Match up #2 - DE - DTO vs Hunt

Another real close one. Both guys could actually start the year on the team, all depends where Graham stands at game 1.  Both have shown flashes through camp and during the Ravens game. HUnt is incredibly fast off the edge and was a sack machine last year in Canada. DTO is a washburn guy and has improved greatly from his hibernation last season. DTO does have the versatility of being a DT. My vote here is HUNT. Its such a close call that my only reasoning behind it is because, if DTO is on the practice squad (vs Hunt), teams may not be ready to take a risk on reports of him being a possible bust (practice squad 3rd rounder that couldnt make it under Washburn will give an outsider that idea) and Hunt's speed off the edge and sack ability in a professional league has been documented already.


Match up #3 - TE - Lee vs Harbour

I am assuming that they only keep 2 TEs (Celek being a lock). Lee is an older but dependable target in the passing game and good blocker. He used to be Favre's favorite target a few years back. Harbour has shown some improvent from last year and he is a future prospect. Real tough choice here. I have to vote Lee and hope that Harbour stays on practice squad. Lee gives you a lot of options and experience and I think the Eagles need a bit of experience in the lineup.


Match up #4 - DT - Hargrove vs Landri

For this matchup, I am assuming that Laws also makes this team. However, I could have easily put him up here as an option. He hasnt practice/player for a while here and these other guys have been excelling big time during his absence. Landri was one of the MVPs against the Ravens. Sure he played against second stringers but he was still impressive. Hargrove has a crazy NFL story. He has showed on many occasions that he has great talent and seems to thrive under Washburn. I vote for Landri here. But to be honest, I havent seen enough of either players (and even them compared to Laws) to be making a decision. This is solely on what I saw in the game vs Ravens.


SO there you go. My cuts (p squad) are Higgins/DTO/Harbour/Hargrove. What are your thoughts?

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