Some Thoughts on the Preseason Opener

When I got back from the game I had so many thoughts in my head I had to write them down. First off, the game was awesome. So happy football is back what would I do without. Also, if you ever get a chance go to a preseason game it was not that expensive and it is a great atmosphere. After the jump are my thoughts on the game bear in mind that I wrote this at 1 AM so their may be some typos and I apologize in advance.


- Riley Cooper still has it. For all of those saying he looked poor in Training Camp, he looked great out there tonight. He was consistently open and this is your 4/5 WR a sign of how deep the Eagles are.

- The First team offense looked very good and Vick threw very well did not seem to be very rusty and keep in mind this is without your 1 and 2 WR. 

- Vick should get a lot more time to throw this year as the line did a solid job against a very good ravens D.

- Ryan Harris, who I watched particularly, played well but was flat out beat once.

- Watkins looked very solid as did Peters and the rest of the 1st team line.

- The second team interior line looked great however both tackles struggled on the edge blitz (the one play that comes to mind is the blind side rush on VY).

- Ronnie Brown looked good tonight. He was shedding block after block and took a number a hard hits. His stat line doesn’t truly show how good he was.

- Dion Lewis I thought looked okay. He showed nice burst through the line but failed to break tackles

- Chad Hall could make this team. He looked great out there. He made a number of nice catches and showed some speed. I was one of his biggest haters but tonights game started to change my mind. Unfortunately, for him we have a number of better WRs so he still could easily get cut.

- Vince Young looked bad to me. I know his stats are good but watching him play it is clear he doesn’t know the playbook well. The first sign was the fact that his first three or so plays were runs to Brown. Then on third down he called a timeout. VY did show his big arm and elusiveness on a long pass to Chad Hall.

- Mike Kafka did some good things and some bad things tonight. On the positive side was his high completion percentage and the accuracy he threw his passes with. He also showed some mobility escaping the rush and even scrambling for yards. His negatives were his arm strength and his motion. On his interception, it was clear that he doesn’t have enough arm strength right now. He is great on short to mid passes but didn’t show the ability to stretch the field. Also, after watching him throw I noticed he has a very awkward throwing motion that may hinder his ability to throw the deep ball.



Wow, I feel bad for opposing QBs. First, lets start with the Defensive Line.

- Trent Cole is going to have a monster season. He looked good and had 1 sack.

- The player of the game IMO was Daryl Tapp. I called him our breakout player and tonight he showed why. He looked much quicker than the tackles and was in the Ravens backfield whenever he was on the field.

- Another guy who I thought was in their backfield all night was Derek Landri. I know his stat line is only okay but Landri disrupted so many plays and set others up for sacks.

- Did Cullen Jenkins even play (for real) I didn’t hear his name mentioned one time.

- Quiet night for Babin and Parker as well

- DTO looked solid. He should be a solid rotational guy.

- DNA all three looked good but all played less than 2 series.

- Nate Allen looks healthy which is a great sign

- Jarrett played very well besides the pick that was great he was in a lot of plays and looked better than I thought a rookie would.

- Jamar Chaney was very quiet which disappointed me as I expected him to be a bigger factor.

- Casey Mathews: He looked okay if not worse in coverage and absolutely lost in tackling. He was having a lot of trouble getting off blocks and looked lost at times. Look it was his first NFL minutes so I'm going to give him a break however don’t be surprised if we add a LB before the year starts.

- Jarrod Page had a nice pick and looked good in coverage, I expect him to make the team.

- I felt so bad for Colt Anderson. He makes a great INT the crowd goes crazy and then the Ref overturns it. He played well but is still mostly a special teamer.

 Special Teams

-Alex Henery looked solid making 2 easy FGs and a extra point.

- Chas Henry punted extremely well. 2 of his kicks should have been inside the 5 but awful coverage made them result in touchbacks. People sometimes downgrade the importance of a good punter but ask the Giants if punting matters (Matt Dodge for President).

- The new rule was clearly evident as only 1 kick was returned so nothing on JLH to report.

Overall, I thought while we were clearly rusty we looked good and showed a lot of good things. The D-Line was clearly the highlight of the night while the LBs were the low point. After the game I still am just as excited for this season I think it will be a one for the ages. Go Eagles! 




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