The essence of class...

Well, since the Giants fans over at BBV (with the exception of a few) tout around calling themselves classy and kind, and sit here and condemn us for things Eagles fans did decades ago... Let's take a look at some of the shit they're posting about Steve Smith our newly signed WR.

I took to his Facebook page to get some of these.

Have fun missing out on the playoffs Steve. You also lost a starting position, you dumb shit. It'd be best if you don't come back to NY when the Eagles come.

First off, I don't see us missing the playoffs, somebody's obviously ESPN deprived.. And a threat? He threatened Smith, what's this guy gonna do hate Smith for life? I think Smith will live with a few hundred thousand fans hating him while the entire Philly fanbase embraces him.
SELL OUT!!!! you could have went anywhere but you choose to go to a division rival.. so the giants didnt want you ok!!!! so you go to philly to spite them... IN MY BOOK THAT MAKES YOU A SELLOUT!!!!! ANYTHING ELSE IS JUST AN EXCUSE NOT A REASON!!!!! SELLOUT !!!!!!!!!
Oh fuck, this guy brought the hurt.. All caps, a thousand exclamation points and 2 different variations of "sellout"? He means business and thinks Smith's a sell out.. He obviously doesn't realize out of all the teams interested in a guy who had microfracture surgery the Eagles probably gave him the best chance of getting a ring.
 I did say it out of anger cause im butthurt the giants havent done crap, but c'mon steve the eagles!!!!
He anus is sore.
fuck you. die.
Nice. Telling an athlete to die after your GM refused to sign him... 
Whats the difference between Steve smith and a lying sack of shit? Trick question they're the same thing
Oh god.... He's a comedian.
Gmen should have shown loyalty? To what? His broke up ass leg??? Eagles signed him just so he couldn't re-sign wit the giants. Me made move out of desperation... Who signs a player with a fucked up leg that only has 1 probowl? He can go fuck himself, in Philly. Hope vick rapes him.
He hoped rape upon Steve Smith... Class.
 I hate how everyone is still saying your a class act. The fact is that you are a greedy, selfish, traitor. You only care about money, obviously. I just do not get ho you can talk smack on the eagles, post the empty trophy case pictures, and then go sign with the eagirls. I hope you make a fast recovry just so terrell thomas can rebreak your leg in week 3. My favorite giant to the biggest bitch in th NFL. Oh yea...FUCK YOUUUUU
LOL. Seriously?

Come on guys, let's find some more "classy" Giants comments.
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