NFL Lockout: The Movie

Lets face it, right now the lockout makes life beyond boring right now.  However, I can't help but think when this finally ends and we all look back, this will be something very intriguing to watch.  Recently, I watched the HBO movie "Too Big To Fail".  While I still don't understand the banking crisis of 2008, this movie actually helped me understand it a lil bit more.

Recently, I was reflecting it a lil bit more and the thought occured to me: Could this be a movie?  Following the same formula as say "Too Big to Fail", this has potential to be a good HBOish type movie.  So, out of sheer boredom and entertainment, I share with y'all my idea of "NFL Lockout: The Movie"  (Title pending :P)

Movie opens to scenes from the Packers win over the Super Bowl, then proceeds to the various lockout locations.  Following the negotiation extensions to what was more than likely what I envision to be a very very heated negotiation table the very last day before the lockout.

Courtroom scene, more conversations, courtroom scene.  Then the NFL draft when Judge Nelson lays down her verdict right before the Draft, then the drama which ensues when the lockout is reinstated DURING the draft.  Come on, imagine that scene:  Teams are in the middle of the 1st Round, trying to figure out draft picks when this news hits the owners the lockout is back on.  Are they fist-pumping?  Did the draft rooms break out in applause?  Did DSmith have an angry outburst?

Then imagine if you will the first meeting of Goodell and DSmith since the lockout began.  The rookie symposium, the slow move back to the bargaining table.  Not to mention the ruling of today being handed out during the height of negotiations?  To me, this has all the makings of either a very good tv movie or mini-series.  Either way when this is all done, it probably makes for some very good TV.  And the ending has still yet to come!

Now for the fun part, well for me at least, is deciding the cast :)

Roger Goodell- Initially, I was thinking of William Hurt or possibly Ray Liotta after that video :P

Demaurice Smith- Jamie Foxx or Terrence Howard

Arthur Boylan- Still deciding

Susan Nelson- Laura Linney?  Edie Falco?


Those are the first four I can think of.  I empose this question upon you all for a fun debate to pass the time:  Who do you envision playing the characters of this production such as Jerry Jones or Jeff Saturday?  Please make sure to comment! :)

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