#5's Off-Season Rant: A Blast From the Past, Gloxico Burress, Vietnam vs DRC, and More!

After an abrupt ending to TD's N Beer's BGN Tournament season, I've decided to get back to making some fanposts. I had a multitude of ideas, however I couldn't find a perfect way to start and/or end them. So why not mesh them! I'm giving my opinion on some hot topics that we've fantasied about.

(And no, McNabb fantasies for number5 in this fanposts.)

"You mean there's a chance!"


(Yes, they do look unhappier than a old couple.)

Do both even care about the prosperity of the league at this point? It's been a roller-coaster ride of sadness and fury for the past 115 days that have most wondering when this shitty ride will end, cause you and I have been not only on this crap ride, but had stood in line with a bunch of crying kids while eating cheesy nachos that nobody likes. They have been fucking up 160 mil that NFL cities make a year and 115,000 jobs held by folks like you and I while the fight like my brother and I. But enough with the pessimism and frustration. We all know once they find out how to share that 9 billion in revenue that butterflies and rainbows will come out of their asses and fans can't be angry at those beautiful faces for long right? Yep, things will be back to normal. And look at it this way, the final two weeks before camp will be so fun with all these signings happening left and right. 

So when does this lockout finally end like Justin Bieber career? "The world may never know..." Nah, fireworks will definitely be going of on the Fourth of July, but they might seem just a little brighter with the lockout officially lifted. This gives teams maybe a light team practices, about two weeks of free agency, and no training camp time lost.

This brings the Eagles to their biggest decision of the off-season, whether or not to resign top safety Quintin Mikell. Most fans agree that he is one of the better safeties in the league, in the top ten discussion. But resigning Mikell might be harder that we thought.


PFF focus came out with an interesting article in May of free-agents. Look where they rated Mikell with the other safety free-agents.


1. Quintin Mikell, Philadelphia Eagles

Age as of September 1st, 2011: 30

2010 Grade: +17.6

Key Stat: PFF’s top-rated safety in 2010, he broke-up or intercepted 14 passes and earned 33 "stops".

Behind the numbers: The oldest guy on this list is at #1? Yes, his age has to be considered, but the performance he turned in this season trumps all else. Mikell was equally impressive as a run defender and as a cover man, leading our grading in both departments. With most safeties clearly stronger in one area or the other, Mikell stands out as a legit all-around talent and his eight seasons of experience position him well as a mentor if surrounded by youth. Because of his age, he won’t get the long deal that some others on this list will, but he’ll find a suitor happily willing to pay him handsomely to solidify their secondary.  


He's in front of some interesting names such as Michael Huff, Eric Weddle, Dawan Landry, and Roman Harper, whom are all younger. Also, look at some saftey needy teams: Colts (release of Sanders and Bullets injury problems, which most Colts fans are seeing as their Nnamdi of free agency at Stampede Blue.), Bills (losing Donte Whitner), Cowboys (always needed one), Vikings (needed one since Darren Sharper), Jets, and Lions are some obvious ones.

But do we really need him? Kurt Colman was our rookie of the year, stepping up big time making all his tackles and playing solid coverage. He could have  be the long term answer, but signing Jaquan Jarrett killed those chances, whom also seems to have killed the Eagles interest in Mikell. Jarrett passed lots of the eye tests and is honestly the best rookie for the Eagles next year. He has an impact in all dimensions of the game, stuffing the run, playing above average pass defense, a huge hitter, and has a ball hawk mentality. He was the MVP for the Owls' last year with 74 tackles, 2 INT's, and 2 pass deflections while starting every game at FS. He projects as a SS, but knowledge and experience won't hurt him with last years second round safety, Nate Allen. Although suffering a major knee injury with the Eagles (like it was herpes, that shit stays with you). He showed much promise being a ball hawking safety that can play the runs rather well. However, the likely hood of Allen starting week 1 of the season is as close as me taking Desean Jacksons spot at WR for the Eagles. So we do have a hole at the starting and backup position. Coleman can play rather effectively until Allen is 100%. However, depth behind him would be minimal to none. Bringing Mikell back would be to play FS would be smart, he essentially played that role while being teamed up with Brian Dawkins. A knowledgeable vet in the back half is never a bad thing. For the past two seasons, Mikell has led the team in tackles and almost did in 2008 if it wasn't for Steward Bradley's breakout season. His veteran presence and on field production makes him a no brainier to re-sign and the starting safety combo should be FS - Mikell SS - Jarett if Allen is not ready. The question is are we able to get him back for a reasonable price? Sorry, folks we saw the ending to this tale in 2008 :(. Look for Coleman to start week 1 for Allen.



Sticking to the back-end, lets address Nnamdi vs DRC, which has turned into another twilight faction on BGN. Nnamdi is a top tier defensive player and arguably the best CB in all of football. He plays off, man, bump and run extremely well. I'd say that he plays off coverage much better than Revis. As I said in the past "If Revis has an island, Nnamdi has a continent." Nnamdi's 13 allowed completions aids our defense significantly from its poor RCB play from 2010. Let's put this into perspective.


One more tidbit for today. Here are the stats for two top cornerbacks who did not have enough targets to be ranked above:


Yd/Pass Success
Avg. Pass
Nnamdi Asomugha 31 5.9 61% 15.4 3.7
Asante Samuel 36 3.2 78% 15.0 1.9


With four more pass targets, Samuel would rank as the top cornerback in both Success Rate and yards per pass. (He will inFootball Outsiders Almanac 2011, since our ratings in the book generally waive the minimum for cornerbacks who had at least eight starts.)

*Success Rate, to remind everyone, is the percentage of passes that don't manage to get at least 45 percent of needed yards on first down, 60 percent of needed yards on second down, or 100 percent of needed yards on third down.

They didn't make the rankings becuase of the number of targets but Nnamdi would be tied for tenth in their success rankings and would have a better YAC than some impressive names such as:  Darrelle Revis, Stanford Routt,  Tramon Williams, and Sean Smith.

Both Hobbs and Patterson are ineffective starters for a Superbowl team. DRC may be a extremely talented player, but his work ethic is similar to Jamarcus Russell and last year he and Ellis Hobbs shared the extremely high number of burns by passing attacks. He finished among the worst 5 DB’s in the league with 40 or more tackles when comparing their broken tackles as a percentage of tackles attempted, DRC’s 18.9% (43 tackles, 10 missed) was the worst among all NFL DB’s. Rather than potential and talent, the Eagles need consistent guys that can shut down any receiver that the are assigned. Cardinal fans attest that DRC would under perform and "fall asleep" allowing less talented receivers to best him. Eagles fans say that we could develop him into a amazing corner. But why not get Nnamdi and coach up Lindley? Lindley was a top prospect coming out of college before his knee injury. The biggest question is compensation for DRC. A trade Kevin Kolb for DRC has been reported, but would not be favorable for Eagles fans. Why not get picks from Arizona for Kolb and sign Nnamdi?


Let's do some hypothetical, since this off-season has been effed up anyway and hypothetical are all we have. Eagles sign Nnamdi Asomugha and trade Kevin Kolb for a 1st round pick (a little low, I know but the 1st is what I want to deal with only). Even with adding Kevin Kolb to their offense, I see it hard for them to get to 8-8 let alone win their division. Allen Faneca has retired, Levi Brown isn't very good, Bradon Keith is coming off an injury, and the Cardinals could lose Sendlein and Lutui, their best offensive linemen. We know that if Kolb has time, he has shown that he can pick apart even the better secondaries in the league with amazing accuracy and a solid arm. However, without a good offensive line to protect him, he struggles with throws, holding the ball too long and making poor decisions. On top of that, the Cardinals running game is abysmal with Beanie Wells (a bust) and Tim Hightower (decent). Arizona was the worst in yards per game (86.6), last in 1st downs from runs (67), and 24th in scoring from rushing (9). No running game and no protection equals a win for the Eagles who will get a top 15 pick thanks to the Cardinals. 2012's defensive back class is extremely strong: Dre Kirkpatrick, Jayron Hosley, Cliff Harris, Alfonzo Dennard, and Morris Claiborne highlight the cornerback class. One or more of these names will fall to us, giving us Nnamdi, improved Lindley, and a top rookie cornerback. How is DRC in the question?


I know Albert has been a popular name here, and believe I'm for it if we do get him. However, Cullen Jenkins is much more interesting if you ask me. Coming off playing in a 3-4 might turn fans away, however he way extremely productive back when the Packers played in the 4-3 defense. From 2008 - 2010 he is the #1 in pass rushing productivity for interior defensive linemen. He has a PRP (Pass Rushing Proficiency) of 8.25.  PRP accounts for sacks, hits,  and hurries and divided by snaps. Haynesworth is ranked 5th, which doesn't surprise me. While in Tennessee, he was often lazy and acted similarly to his attitude is Washington, not giving it all on every play and playing his best on his contract year. This year Jenkins ranked 3rd in PRP with 8.88. 

They're both 30 and both hitting the market. Haynesworth may have the bigger name and stats, but at this point in both of their careers Jenkins seems like a better option, playing the run as well as the pass (something Haynesworth has never been a fan of) and plays through injury, something Haynesworth isn't known for as well. Hell, I'd like my newly aquried free-agents to come to practice in shape and not confuse Herremans...


With more free-agent thoughts, the hype with Burress needs to stop now! He doesn't fit with this Eagle team.


But number5 he's a red zone target! He's really an overrated target that's 6'5" and also Riley Cooper anyone? I really like Riley Copper offers for us: size, speed, and a much better route runner. Speaking of which, let's look at what our current starters bring to the table each sunday. Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson, both have blinding speed and use breaks to get an advantage with their opponent (more so Maclin, but Desean does this as well). That's not what Burress does well. Jason Avant, above average hands and excellent route runner that isn't a big YAC receiver. Sorry, Burress doesn't do that either. Gloxico is a big receiver  that uses his frame and long strides to make catches, that doesn't fit the Eagles current MO on offense. But number5, he could be another steal like Vick, hell Vick wants to play with him! Mike Vick actually HAS TO make that statement.. If he decides to not comment or say the opposite, that would reflect badly on him who also was in a similar situation. And most importantly while prison can change people, it doesn't have the same effect on each individual, this isn't a scientific formula where you follow every step and you should get the same outcome, this is life. So thanks, but no thanks.


Sticking with wide receivers, the Chad Hall experience should end. Really, enough's enough. He doesn't make an impact on special teams, isn't a deep threat, isn't a big time route runner, and doesn't posses a pair of amazing hands. I know we are trying to find a quick shifty guy or the next "Wes Welker" , but so far the only WR that has been the next "Wes" is Danny Amendola. Yeah the guy that used to be on the Eagles and traded to the Rams. Why do we send young and talented receivers to the Rams? We sent Amendola who blew up with Bradford and also Brandon Gibson, someone with real potential. I know we need Witherspoon (whom we should have kept longer!), but just imagine our depth at receiver as Amendola, Gibson, and Cooper? That would be insane. I'd like to ask for trade backs like we did in elementary school with Pokemon or Yugio, but I feel like the rule "no trade backs" would also be in effect. I say develop a young guy to take Hall's place at 5th WR or bring back Kelley Washington whom can make a impact on special teams. Don't take it personally Hall, your not the only white WR trying to make it in the NFL that has failed. 

With Jerome Harrison probably leaving the Eagles next season, it leaves a rather large back between the 3rd down/change of pace back and our current 3rd string running backs. Currently we just signed Dion Lewis, who was Pitt's two punch while McCoy was the one punch in college. After taking over for McCoy at Pitt with a strong season, Lewis joins the Eagles as a shifty back that can be a major receiving threat. The Eagles also currently have Eldra Bunkley, who has been on the Eagles squad for two years now. He's seen limited time and is a between the tackle runner. It make a lot of sense for the Eagles to bring in a veteran to complement this explosive offense. And with all these new faces I'd say it be nice to see a familiar number with these young guns...


Yes Brian Westbrook, the best weapon the Eagles had this decade and the second best running back in the history of the Eagles. One of the more prolific players to play under Reid, Westbrook brought the Eagles that game changer ability that now Desean has brought. He'd bring a veteran presence to the Eagles young offense and would probably finish his career here, which everyone would like to see. But here are some reasons outside of leadership that makes sense for the Eagles.

1. McCoy has taken over as the Eagles featured runner


One of the biggest reasons why the Eagles cut Westbrook two seasons ago was to give McCoy the opportunity to shine. With Westbrook here, that couldn't be accomplished. But with an impressive season with big time stats such as being the best RB with a loaded box and one of the best with multipurpose yards, McCoy has firmly positioned himself as the #1 back for the Eagles for a long time, bring Westbrook wouldn't change that. Westbrook stated that he would have been willing to stay with the Eagles if given the opportunity and he'd be open to returning for a fairly cheap price might I'd add.

2. He's proven he has gas in the tank at the age of 31


After a brutal 2009 with the Eagles that was marked with two concussions, many thought he was done like most running backs at the age of 30. However, Westbrook proved to be instrumental with the 49ners and took over for an injured Frank Gore with solid production.

2010 Regular Season 77 340 4.4 30 4 17 16 150 9.4 62 1 0 0


He showed a solid average,  solid yardage for a backup, good number of TD's for a backup, and as usual a threat in the passing game. But also he went off while playing in significant time, especially against Arizona. The first was for 23 attempts for 136 yards and 1 TD. In that game he averaged 5.9 per carry! Amazingly he had another game with 13 carries for 79 yards and 2 TD's rushing. Oh, and he averaged 6.1 per carry, showing that given carries he can make the most of them. I'd feel confident if McCoy gets hurt and Westbrook once again puts on his superman cape and receives the most carries.

3. He knows the scheme and fits it extremely well


(Side-note: I loved how he always burned Pierce, I'm sure that he's BBI's least favorite Eagle.)

Little to no terminology has changed since he left Philadelphia in 2009, giving him the best opportunities from any other available back. he could easily fit right into third down situations, where he is an amazing blocker and is still a better blocker than McCoy at this point, giving Vick a lot of help considering the blocking problems down the stretch. And he is still a very dangerous threat as a receiver, probably not as good as he once was but I'd say as good as McCoy is now. His route running and catching killed linebackers covering him, career wise he averages 8.9 yards per catch, that gives us a very short 2nd down. Oh, not to mention that this year he averaged 9.4 yards per reception. Remember that went we drafted McCoy we were comparing him to Westbrook and having two of them is a thought that many at BGN could get use to.

4. Mentor


Dion Lewis has a long way to go before becoming a #2 back in the NFL, his game projects to have a Brian Westbrook style, so why not develop under him? Lewis shifty speed and elusiveness tends to how Westbrook would sneak around big defensive linemen while running or run past slow linebackers in a route. Also lets remember that McCoy isn't fully developed and learning from route 36 would even bring more hype to this upcoming season.

Quick Summary: Cheap, effective, healthy, elusive, and still a great blocker and catcher that can help develop both McCoy and Lewis. In my dream off-season, aside from Nnamdi, Westbrook is my top wish list guy.


While the Eagles should work on bringing an old face, they should also work on keeping a current Eagle. The Eagles should resign Stewart Bradley immediately. Why? Because we've seen what a productive Stewart Bradley can do with a full season.

Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
2010 Philadelphia Eagles 12 12 60 49 11 1.0 -- 6 1 0 0.0 0 0 0
2008 Philadelphia Eagles 16 16 108 86 22 1.0 -- 6 1 17 17.0 17 0 1
2007 Philadelphia Eagles 16 1 18 14 4 1.0 -- 1 1 13 13.0 13 0 0
TOTAL 186 149 37 3.0 0 13 3 30 -- 17 0

That 2008 season was no fluke. 2009's Flight night set his potential on hold, but after a season where he showed decent production and was only hampered by injuries not related to his knee (concussion, dislocated elbow), I'd say the best of Stewart is yet to come. And while the Eagles have invested to improve their linebackers, there is much more uncertainty with some up and comers. Jamar Chanley wow'ed fans with dominating physical play, however he struggled much more is pass coverage than Stewart, something that had always been a problem for the Eagles under the Reid Era. Bradley is much more suited to Jim Washburn scheme, using a big MLB to take on and shed blocks. Chanley's frame is quite undersized for this task. Also, I see him even taking over the SAM spot. While Fokou has shown flashes of brilliance, he hans't done more than Bradley has done yet, and Bradley's true potential could shine is he played a full year at the SAM position. Bottom Line: We may wanna reconsider the hype we've been giving some of these guys just yet, especially when Bradley still has such a high potential.

With Kevin Kolb on the go to either Seattle or Arizona, the Eagles will no doubt at least add a body along with Kafka for "insurance". Probably the abort all chaos button of the NFL, he doesn't get blamed for the first loss after action and is a bigger hero that the starting quarterback when he wins. So whether Kafka is the answer or not, here are three names I would really consider (no particular order).

Matt Moore, CAROLINA, 6'3" 203lbs, Age: 26


Matt Moore (CAR) – The collapse of the Panthers still remains an enigma to me. In the past, the team responded well to Matt Moore at quarterback. He fitted nice passes and protected the football, two things he absolutely didn’t do this year. To top it off, he suffered a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder in November, which won’t allow him to throw until March. He’s played the back-up role well in the past, so it seems that’s what he’s best suited to do.

Numer5's Thoughts: HIs career in carolina is over with both Jimmy Clausen and Cam Newton in Carolina. He is a very accurate passer that really shined in 2009 with 61.6 completion %, 1,053 yards, 8 TD's and 2 INT's in relief for Jake Delhomme. However, everything is bad in Carolina so I would throw out his career yet. Plug him in with Andy and Marty and we might have found a future with this kid.

Tyler Thigpen, MIAMI, 6'1" 224lbs, Age: 27


Wild_Eagles Thoughts: This is Tyler Thigpen, he's actually not a Chiefs player anymore but whatever.. This guy is one of my favorite guys to watch play, I remember I watched a Chiefs game where he threw a TD, ran for a TD and caught a TD pass and was the first one to do so in like 10-15 years. There's nothing spectacular about Thiggy, but he takes care of the ball well enough (17 INT's in 22 games, but has 21 TD's). He's pretty good at buying time, but he's not McNabb or Vick, probably a bit closer to a Seneca Wallace. And his arm isn't terrible but would be great for the WCO we run. Here's some stats from 2008 when he started 11 games and played in 14 for KC: 


 12 games, 11 Starts. 230/420 with 2,608 yards, 18TD's and 12 INT's. He added 62 rushing attempts for 386 yards and 3 TD's.. Also caught 1 pass for 37 yards and a TD. 
As you can tell he's not a terrible player, I have confidence that if he were to come to Philly and play 4-5 games we'd be in all of them and would win a few.

Numer5's Thoughts: A career backup, is very athletic, fitting well with our scheme with down the field passes. I'd say that he's Kafka's stepping stone if Kafka were to be the future.

Troy Smith, SAN FRANSICO, 6'1" 217lbs, Age: 26


(Troy Smith: Well, at least it's not Darren Sharper, one of da most hardest hittin safety's in da league...)

Number5's Thoughts: A serviceable backup that could win us 3-4 games if need be. A deep ball for Desean Jackson and an athletic ability similar to Vick's. Could really emerge with quarterback gurus Andy and Marty.



Quick Thoughts:

The Kelly Green jerseys should replace the Eagles black jersey.

The most improved player next year will be Mike McGlynn

DROTY for the Eagles will be Casey Matthews

Where is Route_36 and Joe_D?

(Sorry if the jokes were all stanky)

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