How are we not the clear cut favorite to win the divison?

First off, let's start with the Redskins


Redskins - OK this team has more holes in it then the valley ranch in Nevada. It's not even worth discussing this team, although, I do think they actually got decent FAs this off season. They're still going to be jockeying for  a 3rd place finish at best.


Giants - OK this is a team who had not one, but two mid season collapses in a row.  How did they improve so far this year? IMO, not much.They are now extremely thin at O-line like the Eagles with no talent to immediately step in. Unluckily for them Andrews decided to test the market and sorry I'm not buying WB as a top talent to replace their losses. Imagine if Diehl or McKenzie goes down? Ouch.


Secondly, as much as our LBs are touted as horrible, the Giants are just as unsesnsational as ours. The only difference? They actually paid Boley a lot of money to be par.

Their secondary is interesting. I think their safeties are good and Kenny Phillips should be better now that he's more removed from his injury. CB can can be a question mark because they have a rookie who may or may not be stellar and Terrell Thomas who really wasn't all that great last year. Corey Webster had a monster season in 08 and played well in 07 but has since to duplicate that level of play. He's very good, but top talent can beat him.

Skill positions? They have Brandon Jacobs and it doesn't look like they are willing to play Bradshaw. Meaning they have a guy who's a powerback who played really well back when the Giants run blocking could blow up some serious holes, but can't catch or make something out of nothing like a smaller , shiftier back could. Giants also have to be worried about his style of play. Marion Barber went from very feared to back up very fast.

Giants also may not be able to resign Steve Smith who's a great possession WR and  Eli's favorite target. Nicks is a stud, I hate to admit that, Manningham is good too even though his football instincts are poor and have costed the Giants a few TDs...


TE is interesting as they have an underachieving player in Beckum and a very average Kevin Boss who may not even come back to the team.

And perhaps their biggest loss? DT Coefield who had a very fine season last year. Canty is just OK and they're going to hope one of 2 DT second rounders can produce.

If they can't resign some of their FAs or get some more help on the line, I don't see them being able to win more than the Eagles


Cowboys - The Cowboys could quite possibly be the Skins rival. Their secondary is awful. Newman is another year older and unless Jenkins returns to pro bowl fom they are going to really struggle this year. Oh and who are their safeties? lol. They couldn't resign Bowen which hurts their depth there.

On the offensive side of the ball they do have stacked skill posistions and even though Romos team struggled last year I think he'll bounce back a bit this year. Dez Bryant is going to be a stud and Miles Austin has a great blend of speed and power. Witten is the leagues best and most consistent TE.

I was praying they couldn't resign Doug Free as that would've been a huge blow to a line that has questions at a few spots, mainly center and it's expected that a #9 pick overall produces at a high level, but its never guaranteed.

Bottom line? We should be thanking Banner , Roseman and Reid (Hey evilbanner did it) But the Giants and the Cowboys are struggling due to poor cap management, while we were able to sign a flurry of talent and trade for more draft picks.


This season feels very special already.

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