What's left to do?

Like just about every other Eagles fan, I'm truly excited about what they've accomplished this past week.

Having said that, potential problems remain. Let's take a look.

The To-Do list:

  1. Make DeSean Jackson happy.
  2. Sign Danny Watkins.
  3. Add some experienced competition for LB (any position).
  4. Add some competition for RT (and possibly RG if Watkins doesn't get to camp soon).
  5. Add some experienced competition for S.
  6. Add some competition for backup RB.

My thoughts:

  1. DeSean: Jackson has clearly outplayed his contract. If you can't extend him, at least find a way to throw some cash at him. And if the new CBA won't allow it, just have DeSean do the wording for the contract himself Twitter-style. No NFL lawyer will ever understand it.

  2. Watkins: I'm not sure what the problem is here. He was pencilled in as the starting RG, and neither side of the negotiation can afford for him to be missing camp. He said he wouldn't, and it's not like the guy is getting any younger.


  3. LB: 3 total years of experience for 3 starters. One 4th round and two 7th round picks. I realize the Eagles don't traditionally value LB all that highly, but at least get someone who won't need coaching to find the field. They might be fine, especially with the defensive line and CB situation. But some veteran competition would make me feel a lot better.

  4. RT/RG: The left side of the line is good, assuming Jason Peters doesn't have a cheesesteak-induced heart attack during camp. Center may not be set, but there are at least 2 former starters available. On the right there's a rookie guard who hasn't signed and a RT on the PUP list. Winston Justice and King Dunlap may have it covered, but some competition would be nice. Jared Gaither perhaps? He's got a history of injuries, so he sounds like an ideal Eagles target.

  5. S: Marlin Jackson has more years on IR than the other 3 top safeties on the depth chart have NFL experience. Two second-year players, a rookie, and a veteran who last played a full season during the Nixon administration does not a secondary make. Colt Anderson may be a special teams god, but I don't want him covering Hakeem Nicks or Dez Bryant when Asante goes gambling for picks.

  6. RB: Jerome Harrison would be nice to keep, and Dion Lewis may show something in camp. Stanley Havili and Owen Schmitt should have FB covered. The non-LeSean McCoy backfield may be fine, but there are way too many veteran RBs out there not to bring in some competition. Who is going to pound the ball on 3rd and 2, assuming the Eagles ever try?

Your thoughts?

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