Let's talk about the Giants again post #454

I'll be honest, since the Giants have been our most heated rivalry the past 6-7 years, I really like reading their posts when they either lose or see us succeed by winning games or acquiring top talent in FA.

Needless to say, their blind Giant bias has to be some of the BEST reading material since MM2.


Pre free agency while the Eagles were one of the richest teams in cap space, Gmen fans were saying "Yeah but they have to resign Vick and Jackson, no way they have money to do everything and then go sign anyone." As if 25 million below the cap wasn't much money or something. And I guess they haven't learned that the Eagles are masters of the cap these past 10 years have they?

After the Eagles sign Babin

Gmen Fans: Oh he's only had one good year, he'll suck this year

After the Eagles trade Kolb for DRC and a 2nd

Gmen Fans: DRC is a sub par corner and now they have no backup QB, so it's a good trade for us

After the Eagles fans acquire NA

Gmen Fans: They have no LBs (who are the giants Lbs lol), safeties, and Dline? They are weak in the front 7.

After the Eagles sign Jenkins

Gmen fans: He was a 3-4 player only 1 good year.


Some other good tid bits:

- Vick isn't any good, he only had one "decent" season, he'll probably get injured

- They signed TOO MANY FAs and they won't have any chemistry like the Giants do lol


Mind you, this is AFTER the fact that the Eagles beat them 6x in a row, upgraded their personnel significantly more than the Giants have, while the Giants did nothing but cut half o their line (which sucked last year anyway, almost as bad as ours), lost Coefield, and still have a hard time with the cap. Speaking of which while the Giants were SIX MILLION over the cap they were so sure that they were going to find ways to sign good FAs while the Eagles were to struggle being 25 under LMAO....


The other posts are great. The Giants are so sure that their roster is better than ours in every aspect. They do concede that we have a SLIGHT advantage in the CB department LOL!!!!!!!! 2 all pro corners and 1 pro bowl corner or a rookie, Webster and lol terrell thomas. That's more than a SLIGHT difference brothers from up North.

And alas, there would be no Giants pep rally without a 2007 reference. Since the Giants defeated the Pats when David Tyree caught the ball on his head by a hail mary by Eli, they can beat anybody!!


Sorry Giants fans, you're cash strapped, your O-line is waifer thin, your WRs will be no match for our secondary and your defense once again, will not stop our offense. You can pencil in 2 more losses onn your schedule. You might as well start busting out the SB 42 videos cause it's going to be Philly all day every day in 2011. Fuck New York!

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