The CB post to end all of the B.S.

Ok, I'm tired of all the CB posts asking questions, I am going over my thoughts. Bare with me please.

The first question that popped into my mind when I saw we got Nnamdi was... Do we keep Asante?

The answer is yes. I'd argue Asante's a shutdown CB, QB's avoid him. I know a few of you guys are saying "He's not physical.. he can't tackle... he's a gambler... blah blah blah... the name on the back isn't Revis" well shut the fuck up because it doesn't matter why QB's avoid him they do thus he's a Shutdown Corner.

You don't get rid of a guy who had 7 INT's in 11 games.. And 7 INT's out of like 36(?) targets? That's absolutely amazing no matter how you cut it.

Very simply.. You keep Asante, you keep Nnamdi, you keep DRC..


Now you must be asking wild_eagle, what will we do with 3 probowl CB's?

This is simple. You play them. Asante tends to miss time every season, that's a thing with him, and it's not like his con's outweigh the pro's.. Also the NFL is a pass happy league you can never have to many good (or in this case Great CB's) because WR's will kill, QB's will kill you.

Now I'd say Asante in his normal position of Left Cornerback. Put Nnamdi at right cornerback and have DRC cover the slot. I don't think this will be an issue because we typically run a lot of nickel, all 3 will play a lot. My reasoning? Asante's been a stud at LCB for years, don't fix what ain't broke. Nnamdi's good enough to shut anybody down no matter where he lines up. And for DRC he's a bigger guy, and he very quick and fast I feel he'd do well in the slot which again is a position that comes with a lot of playing time (keep in mind Hanson was targeted 46 times last season).. I think Marsh and Lindley battle for 4th CB, the other get's IR'd.


So wild_eagle do we move any of them to safety?

Hell no. None of them are tacklers, we need guys who can tackle at safety for when Nnamdi, Asante and DRC don't get the tackle.. That and I'm happy with any combination involving Allen, Coleman and Jarrett back there, none of the 3 are terrible and with 3 good-great CB's that takes a ton of pressure off of them and the LB's.

None of the 3 are truly and option as a full time Safety, I'm sure for some plays here and there Castillo will tell Asante to drop back and read the QB's eyes but for the most part I don't want them back there.


Ok, so say they do trade Asante, what do you think we could potentially get for him?

Once again I don't want Asante traded, he's to good.. But if he were to be I'd say a minimum of a 2nd round pick and and maybe a later conditional pick... But I'd definitely start talks out asking for a 1st, he's the 3rd best CB in the entire NFL.


Now guys, I am thrilled as can be that we have the CB core we do now. I don't think anybody will be able to pass on us. Having Asante and Nnamdi take their men out of the game, DRC potentially shutting down the 3rd guy and 2 safety's pretty much freed up to freelance is just amazing. This also free's up the LB's a little bit more and makes me feel so much better having just 3 years of NFL experience starting at LB.


Superbowl here we come, I'll be pissing myself come February when we kick the shit out of whichever AFC team tried stealing OUR trophy.

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