The value of Asante?

Been here for a little bit but this is my first fan post. If I screw up the format or don't use enough statistics or links bear with me.

So here we are. Howie, Joe, and Andy know look like the smartest guys in the room. We now have two of the top three and another corner who I will argue is in the top 10 to 15 in the league. Short of NFL Network breaking news that the Eagles have just given up Andy's favorite Hawaiian Shirt to TCU in exchange for Gary Patterson to run a 4-2-5 as our base defense, someone will be the odd man out.

Could we keep them all? Sure. If we trade Asante and then DRC or Nnamdi go down early in the season (excuse me while I go to Home Depot and knock on every piece of wood in there) we are going to burn down NovaCare.

I do not think DRC will work as a slot corner. He has long legs and is a bit of a long strider who has been known to use his speed to make up for sloppy technique at times. He can get away with that playing on the outside. That's a much different case playing in the slot where you have Danny Amendola or Wes Welker switching directions three times before running the actual route.

That leaves us with either using Nnamdi in the Charles Woodson hybrid S/WLB/CB role or using Asante in the current Hanson role. 12 million for a hybrid position in the first year under a first time NFL DC? Ya I'll pass on that. 6 million for a nickel corner? Once again, Thanks but No Thanks.

Tommy Lawlor mentioned over on Iggles Blitz that he has heard from an "Independent source" that the Jets have serious interest in Asante. That being said lets speculate on possibilities with both the Jets and other teams.


The Jets: get Asante and a third

Bird gang gets: Kyle Wilson to play slot and develop and "CANT WAIT!" himself


The Lions: Not really sure there is a player I'm dying for on their roster given our remaining holes. They will no be giving us Megatron or Suh so I'll take picks. Dear Detriot We wish you a horrible season as we will be taking your first and fourth round picks. Have a lovely day.


Texans: I know they signed JJ. That being said they have Peyton Manning in their division. I will take DeMeco Ryans and a fifth. Please play well and make the entire state of Texas forget about that tool Jerry and his girls.


The Niners: Hey, Jim Harbaugh! I know you really want Andrew Luck and all. I understand this. You have a kind of strange man crush on him. However so does Mike "John Beck is my quarterback.... Seriously guys stop laughing" Shanahan. You will now be giving us Patrick Willis. What's that? NO? Well did I mention if you act in the next twenty minutes not only will you get the talented Mr. Samuel but you will also get Arizona's second round pick for free! That's a 500 draft point value absolutely free. Imagine how good it will feel when you use your division rivals own pick to trade up to get the talented MR. LUCK? Pretty awesome right?


Ok so that is my take on the whole issue. Let the 0's and Grammar Nazi's have at it.

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