An Ode to You.....Round 3.

   Well if you've been here for a while, you know that i have done two previous tributes to BGN members.  One for for our lovely Internet Tough Guy, Wild Eagle, while the other was for our good friend, Mr Opposite, JIBTA himself.

But today, we'll be looking at our Third Honored Member.   And our first Editor to receive such an accolade......

Once again, and just like previous, please play the "Real Men of Genius" Theme song in your head as you read the article.  It makes it that much better......

Today we spotlight a man who has turned commenting and posting into a 24 hour craft.  A man who will not allow a single article to pass, without  an in-depth, thorough, and statistically proven analysis.   I would like to tell you that this man eats, breathes and sleeps Eagles.....but I cannot.   Because I am nearly certain that he does not sleep.   Here's to you, Mr JimmyK. 

This post comes at a monumental time.  JimmyK, one of our fearless leaders, is about to step into an unknown land.  A land that some of us cannot dream of.....




This is no simple task….

And many of you will ask….How many decades has JimmyK been on SBNation?  

Or perhaps, what type of auto-commenting software is he using?  

Well here are your answers folks….

JimmyK has been on SBNation for only 863 days.   His Hall of Fame Membership opened up on March 18th, 2009.  He is leading all SBNation members in comment count.   (Perhaps all sports blogs. I have searched extensively, and can’t find anyone with more…..)

I have also run several high-tech software scanning devices to prove (or disprove) the use of an auto-commenting software.   Nothing….The comments are real.   Just like the man that JimmyK is…..

What’s scary?   Consistency.   For over 123 weeks......

162 Comments per week.

That's 23 per day.

Nearly a comment every hour. 

Add to that 765 posted articles…Nearly 1 per day…

He's also personally responsible for the over-hyping and subsequest RIDICULOUS trade that the Eagles pulled in for Kevin Kolb. 

Not enough for you?  Don’t forget the maintenance and blogging on his own site,  (Shameless plug.)

Still not enough?   Jimmy is also a world class Marathon Runner, and trains in competitive gymnastics.

Yes, Jimmy, I DID track this picture down.


In honor of this lofty goal, I have contacted the Guinness Book of World Records.    I have requested JimmyK’s file be reviewed for several records. 

- Most hours logged on SBNation

- Most comments per day.

- Quickest member to 20,000 comments, on …well anything.  (And only on a sports blog.)

- Most activity on a sports blog….ever.

- Least sleep over a 2 and a half year span.

- World record for task- juggling.  Literally.   Jimmy does claim to have a full time job.  Possible?   Not sure.  (Personally I doubt it.) But Dateline Investigates next week.  Stay tuned.


Screw you Derek Jeter

27 other men have hit the ball 3,000 times or more.   But only one has hit SBNation 20,000 times or more......

So today, Jimmy, I salute you as you near this unbelievable milestone.  Pop the champagne.  Get the streamers ready.   20,000 is within reach…..And its going down before Monday.


What a day it will be.......



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