And DRC is in?

So John Clayton reported this morning that a deal for Kolb to Arizona for DRC and a draft pick (no mention on what pick) is all but done just waiting on some signatures for the CBA.  This would be perfectly suiting for me and the Eagles team.  This way we have tons of money to sign other needs and keeping some of our other guys with out breaking the bank.

Ok ok ok  I know I have been on the NA bandwagon and would have loved to see this happen but this may make more sense for us.  With all the money saved on not sign NA who could we get now that will most likely hlep us now.  Lets run through and get excited again because free agency  is here (hopefully this time) and football start right away.  I cant wait. 

LB - We re-sign Bradley and we have enough young hungry guys on this roster to include rookies that we could have a monsterous LB corp.  I wanna see how this plays out.

DL - I know we may not need as much as some think here but in all reality what do we really need.  DE seems to me much better then we get credit for and with the signing of Philip Hunt, whom no one talks about, could be a blessing.  If this guy is half of what he was in the CFL we can expect 6-8 sacks from him and what kind of world does that open up for the rest of the line.

CB / Safety - If the trade does happen like it is expected then we sure up our secondary, I still feel Hanson is gone jsut because of cap room, patterson becomes out backup/nickel CB.  This guy can be solid for the next few years in this role.  I still wanna see Mikell re-signed but may not happen.  Any thoughts on a safety because I believe we need a VET or a solid back-up here. 

OL - We have some depth now and could afford to add 1 more guy any thoughts on who this should be?  I feel much better about this now then I have in the last 4 yrs.

WR/RB - No need to get in to this.  We are set, just need to sign a solid backup at RB, Harrison could be solid for next few years, Reggie Bush?, awesome change of pace, 3rd down back for us.  Or even bring Westbrook back for 1 more season so he can finish up with us, Still some juice left in the tank if it is a limited roll.

QB - This has been debated over and over and over - what happens when Kolb is traded?   Who will be our backup?  Well this is simple, Kafka's job to lose at this point.  The kid is going to be a descent player in the league but can he make the step forward this year to be that guy?  My guess as of right now would be no because of the lockout.  If he had the whole offseason as normal then hell yes I say he would have been but now you have to get someone for at least 1 yr to step in, I am not even going to guess this at all to many variable;s and now Favre is in the mix?>  How the fuck did this happen? 

Who in your mind do we go after?  And lets be serious, who could we logically see on this team this year.

My order of need, Safety, backup QB, backup RB, interior DL, and then solid OL wether it be to replace Justice or be there if he stumbles again 

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