The backup QB situation should Kolb be traded.

I see a lot of people arguing over who we go after.. Favre, Hasselback, Wallace, McGrounder, Thigpen etc... Now here's a vote for a guy who's often times overlooked....

First off, what do we need out of a backup QB?


Us Eagles fan have been spoiled over the past few years. Once Kolb came in for a few weeks in 09 when McNabb hurt his ribs and proved he was a viable option to run this offense we never had to worry to much about what would happen if our starter went down. Then McNabb was traded, Kolb was promoted and we had Vick, who nobody questioned would be a decent backup, and few questioned he'd be a great starter.. Then last season happened and now we're stuck with 2 starting caliber QB's, one with once in a lifetime talent and one who seems good enough to lead a team... The point is we've been super spoiled.

Now, we're going to trade Kolb. Unless some kind of crazy bullshit happens (Vick get raped, Vick goes back to jail, Vick dies, Vick breaks a leg etc) Kolb is gone... Now the question becomes who backs up Vick who seems to miss time every year? Now lets go over what the "average" backup QB needs to be:


  1. They need to have an adequate arm.
  2. They need to be able to run the offense.
  3. They need to take care of the rock.
  4. They need to be able to rely on the team around them.


Now who's my guy?

Mike Kafka. The Northwestern product seems to have picked up the Offense pretty quickly, Marty actually applauded him and said he picked up the system faster than any QB he's every had so knowing the system isn't a big issue. He's got a decent arm, his arms perfect for the WCO. He's a bit of a dual threat, he's not McNabb-like, he kinda reminds me of Favre, Romo or Garcia as far as mobility goes, which is good enough for the Eagles.
Now wild_eagle, you're crazy!!!
No I am not my friends. I've learned to suppress the voices and formulate coherent thoughts.... Let's take a look as to why I feel Kafka could come in for 2-3 games, or even take on a streak of 5-6 games.

  1. The Eagles have an improved OL. Whether the OL is Peters-Herremans-Jackson-Watkins-Justice or Peters-Herremans-McGlynn-Watkins-Justice or if you replace Justice with a guy like Free or Clabo or hell anybody... we still have a better OL than we did last season. What does this mean? Well it means that Kafka won't have to run for his life should he need to play, it means that when he throws he'll be able to sit back there for a good amount of time and make his reads.
  2. The Eagles have a good running game. McCoy is probably the most underrated RB from last season. Just like when Garcia was in when McNabb went down I'd expect the Eagles to turn to a more balanced Offense should Kafka play. McCoy can carry the load, he's shown that he can do that in many games last season, and with only 207 carries he broke 1000 yards rushing, I'm sure with more carries he'd do much more damage... Point is that the Eagles don't have to rely on the passing game to succeed.
  3. The Weapons around Kafka.. Maclin, Jackson, Celek, Avant, McCoy. Kafka will have time to find these guys (see improved OL above) and I'm sure that he could have a few good games with those guys to throw to.


Final points...
What I'm trying to say is that Kafka deserves a shot to be the backup if/when Kolb is dealt. We as fans need to realize that a backup QB isn't suppose to come in and win games for us (like Vick did) instead they need to come in and not lose them and rely on the guys around them to win the game... 
Plus if Kafka comes in next season, throws for a few 200 yard games and gets a good TD:INT ratio and wins us a few games we could probably deal him for a decent pick in 2012 or 2013.


Oh and fuck Favre, that geriatric piece of shit can keep his broken down ass in backwoods Mississippi where the only time I have to see him is when they play his Wranglers commercials which are about as bad as his play last season with the Vikings. I don't care about his "ironman" status, I don't care if he's the TD leader.. He's done, he's got nothing left, him as the Eagles backup would be worse than if Vick we went with Chad Hall as our starting RB AND kept Dimitri Patterson as our starting RCB for the 2011-2012 season... I repeat FUCK FAVRE.

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