Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. A story of KK's value.

Ok so since we’re anxiously awaiting the new CBA to be approved by the players, I figured we’d beat this dead horse one more time. THE VALUE OF KEVIN KOLB.


In my last post I suggested we keep Kevin this season as insurance, and most people responded with a resounding NO!! So ok, I got your point. I’d like to know what does everyone think we can/will get for him? I have heard pervious comments where people have grossly overvalued him. More often than not I’ve heard him undervalued. (IMHO) So which is it?

Quickly what does he bring to a team and what perhaps, is he lacking. 


I think he brings leadership. In front of the cameras he does and says the right things. He’s gracious in both his victories and his defeats. (even after being benched) He works hard and he wants to be great. Has good accuracy in short to intermediate passes. He’s also shown flashes of being more athletic than he’s given credit for. He’s young and hasn’t suffered any serious injury. (ok, 1 concussion) I think his resume and talents are as such that if you are a team in need of a franchise QB this is a guy, though a bit unproven, that is worth taking a shot at.


On the downside, he IS unproven. At times he does seem to rush too much and appear a bit overwhelmed by the moment. (I think its because he wants so much play well and help his team win, but no excuses, this is the NFL) He hasn’t seen the field enough and can be confused by different looks from the defense. He doesn’t have a great deep ball nor is he a great scrambler. Due to those two factors I think its hard for Eagles fans to really give him the love he deserves. Our previous two QBs have left him huge shoes to fill. Does he have the cannon arm to throw the deep ball like McNabb or Vick. No way. (few others do) Is he as athletic, or allusive in the pocket. HELL NO. (Only  the other Eagles QBs are that allusive 5, 7, & 12) So when we consider his value I think our perspective is a bit skewed.


So value. I view his value by this truism, “Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.” (or value is in the eye of the beholder) To explain, you’ll have to follow me on this hypothetical journey. 



Say your a fan (or ownership/staff) of the Philadelphia Eagles. This Eagles team has all of the current players we have on the roster. We have Desean, and Jeremy. We have Lesean, Trent, & Asante. The only difference is our only two QBs are,...say.. John Skelton and Max Hall. We’ve got a pretty good team in place. Damn good in certain spots, but in a really competitive NFC East we know with our QBs we’d struggle to reach 500. Now, we see that a young Kevin Kolb is potentially on the market. Someone who could be the solution at QB for the next 8-10 years. We know with the QBs currently on our roster, we’re not going far at all. If we were to get a good starting caliber QB,...well? 


Now, In making that hypothetical scenario I don’t mean to say that Arizona, or Seattle or SF, or Miami have the talent we have on our roster. I just mean to illustrate the point that if you already have some talented pieces in place, or if you have a great all-round team, without a good QB all of the other talent means next to nothing. 


My questions are, if you are the GM of such a team in the afore mentioned scenario, what is Kevin Kolb worth? Who else is potentially available that you would prefer? Would you look to add a veteran this season and take your chances drafting a QB next year?

As Eagles fans, we know what Kevin Kolb is worth, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is what he’s worth to someone else’s team.

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